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    Does Fendr Blues Junior IV have bad treble?

    They are known to run hot from the factory: You can see a collection of work on them here:
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    I bought a bag of Apples that don't taste them or throw them away?

    Cook. I would make make chutney.
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    DIY 3 button foot switch for Crate FXT65 amp

    These guys look like they will make you most things:
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    Yamaha G100-112

    There's a lot of miles on them now. Caps and other components can drift over time. Any amp will need a service every 20 years at the least but lots of users go beyond this until it just stops I guess.
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    Best sounding Silverface

    I like the Bassman heads from the SF era.
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    Doug and Pat & Stuff About Jimi Page’s 1959 Supro

    This guy knows a bit about the Valco family:
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    Has anyone here have their Boss DS1 modded or bought one?

    I just use a stock newer model and love it. Works best with mid-focused amps. I keep the tone at 9 ‘ o clock. As the drive knob is turned higher it adds more compression and also fizz so I push the level high instead and don’t usually push the drive knob much past 1 or 2 ‘ o clock.
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    The comeback of chorus?

    Yes -- it's also on those verse parts of Smells Like Teen Spirit.
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    The comeback of chorus?

    I don’t think it really ever went out and it isn’t always 80s sounding. The number of available pedals has continued to proliferate. It’s on a lot of Grunge tracks especially from Nirvana and Soundgarden.
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    Danelectro D-1 FAB Distortion Mystery Solved!

    That’s cool. Thanks for sharing. I’ve owned that Dano a couple of times. It’s a good drive.
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    Aussies - where to source KT66 tubes locally?

    I've purchased tube sets from Eurotubes before and they arrived safe and sound to OZ:
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    '80s Marshall Lead 20 - Anyone got experience with one?

    I had the Lead 12 combo. It really did capture the Marshall sound in minature and sounded great outputted to a bigger amp. It was cool for practicing and recording and kept up at smaller/more intimate gigs. Even when I owned one in the early to mid '90s there was gossip in guitar mags at the...
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    NPD - Nobels ODR-1

    This video has remained in my memory for years:
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    Do you have a favorite volume pedal that is dependable?

    I've use two Boss FV-50Hs (one for more than a decade) and they are reliable and do what they say on the box.
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    335 wiring shielded or not

    it’s worth doing in a 335 style guitar. Shielding cuts down on the amount of hiss type noise you hear when you take your hands off the strings. Shielding the jack and the switch as well as the wiring will give you the best noise rejection but any amount of shielding especially on the longer...
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    How do you set your Belle/ODR-1

    I use the VS Open Road in front of a Red Knob Twin’s clean channel. It gives me a basic overdrive tone. I have always thought of it sounding natural and amp-like in the way it distorts. For solos I kick in a TS style pedal on top of the Open Road. I have all the knobs on the Open Road at about 1...
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    Compressor pedals ? What do you use?

    My favourite is the Daphon E10CS. It was sold under various brands and numbers for several years. There is something about its gain structure I really like:
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    Neck Humbucker sounds “muffled”
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    Twin Reverb Questions.

    Twins are amazing and if you're happy to carry them I would always recommend getting one. They still sound good turned down low but have as much power as you could ever need. Thanks to everyone jumping on the compact amp bandwagon now you can get them for a good price. In my neck of the woods...
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    How do you use your "Rangemaster" clone/treble boost?

    I use mine to knock off some bass and get a bit more focused crunch out of an amp. Early Judas Priest guitar sounds (up to 1981) were Rangemaster into the normal channel of non-master volume Marshalls.
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    Polytone rs modulator help

    Places you could try:
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    Looking for Opinions on the Eminence V128 Speaker

    I like looking at graphs: Eminence V128: Eminence Governor: Greenback: Vintage 30: EVM 12L:
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    Should I use an 18" speaker cab for guitar?

    I love using 15" speakers for guitar but 18" may be a bit too saggy and low down. If a cab was floating around I would give it a try though -- especially in a recording situtation.
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    DS-1 with a clean amp

    I find the DS-1 to be pretty versatile and I have found it work fine in front of clean amps but you're better off starting with a midrangey amp or sound and not a scooped clean.
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    The Peavey Special 130 is crap!

    Peavey Renown for the win.