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  1. Alex W

    Squeeze on "Sunday Night" circa 1989

  2. Alex W

    best small guitar speaker?

    I am looking to build an extension cabinet with a speaker in the 4-6" range. The speaker should be 4 or 8 ohms and it needs to handle no more than 5 watts, although if it can handle 15-20 watts that's good too. Any recommendations? Thanks.
  3. Alex W

    is there any reason why I shouldn't use an empty amp cabinet as an extension cabinet?

    I have quite a few 10" speakers lying around that I'd like to put to use in an open-back extension cab. I am considering purchasing a cabinet for this purpose and am leaning toward a combo amplifier cabinet rather than a proper extension cabinet. My reasoning is that even though I am not...
  4. Alex W

    Finally got to try out a rosewood Telecaster and...

    Played a new, Custom Shop rosewood Telecaster at the Guitar Center Cincinnati last night. I have long coveted one of these guitars. Observations: (1) It wasn't THAT heavy. Nothing about the weight would have given me any qualms about buying it. (2) I thought it sounded too bright. Not really a...
  5. Alex W

    wife got a new couch...

    ...So of course it's time for a new couch shot of the Telecasters.
  6. Alex W

    Caitlin Rose

  7. Alex W

    Camper Van Beethoven appreciation thread

    One of the best shows I ever saw was Camper Van Beethoven in 1989. IMO their music holds up great.
  8. Alex W

    Squeeze "Black Coffee In Bed" live (telecaster content)

    Glenn Tillbrook and Chris Difford both playing telecasters in this uptempo version of Black Coffee In Bed.
  9. Alex W

    Rosewood neck

    I was playing around with the fender mod shop site last night and they offer an all rosewood neck, which I am curious about. The main appeals to me are the feel of the neck and, hopefully, it would have a nice sound with some good overtones. Not necessarily a classic telecaster sound but I’m...
  10. Alex W

    is the Jimmy Page "mirror" telecaster about as close as I can get to a non-custom shop 1959 tele?

    I had long hoped to see Fender release a 1959 Telecaster as part of their AV lineup. That is, one with a rosewood fingerboard. (I think they may have offered a maple neck 59 reissue at one point but that wasn't what I was looking for.) The closest they came was the 64 reissue telecaster. I was...
  11. Alex W

    Is there any reason why I shouldn't use a combo cabinet, without chassis, as an extension cab?

    I have some 10" speakers lying around and I am thinking of getting an unloaded cabinet to serve as a 2x10 extension. (e.g. Mojotone or Mather cabinet.) I like the idea of getting a tweed Super cab and using that as my extension cab. That way, if I ever want to, I can order a tweed Super clone...
  12. Alex W

    I generally don’t get bent out of shape over pricing but ... WTF?

    Fender "Custom Shop Master Built 1957 Champ 1x10 Relic Tweed "Auto Shop Jam" (Serial #AB040607) Fender Custom Shop Master Built 1957 Champ 1x10 Relic Tweed...
  13. Alex W

    NGD Martin 0-18

    It's been about a month since I brought this 0-18 home. I traded away a really nice baritone Larrivee guitar (BT-60 model) that I had had for maybe 15 years or so and which I practically never played because the large neck just hurt my hands. In the past few weeks I've played the Martin more...
  14. Alex W

    "Transparent wood" for your next Telecaster project? I thought this was pretty cool. They remove the lignin from the wood, which gives it its yellowish color, and replace it with epoxy. Excerpt: (CNN) Wood has been the building block of some of the world's greatest...
  15. Alex W

    NGD -- 52 RI

    After a long period of watchful waiting I am now the proud papa of this copper 1997 52 RI , aka "coppercaster." And here are the pics:
  16. Alex W

    Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, 1994

    wnCnF900GrY TP & the HBs on David Letterman, 1994. Obviously recorded on VHS so the audio and visual is so-so but it's a great performance of one of my favorite Tom Petty songs.
  17. Alex W

    noob question re: vintage style tuner bushings

    I recently purchased a set of Fender (made by Gotoh) vintage style tuners (link to the set I bought) intending to use them on a vintage 1960s Fender Duo Sonic neck. I have installed such tuners before on another vintage DuoSonic neck and had no problems. This set, the bushings seem too big. I...
  18. Alex W

    anybody ever done a double bound tele in copper? got pics?

    Hoping to see pics of a double bound tele in copper. Thinking about this as a partscaster project and am trying to decide if black or white binding is better. If anyone has pics to share please do so. If no pics of bound coppercaster, then just post pics of Elizabeth Hurley or something...
  19. Alex W

    Headstock paint removal advice sought

    So I got this 1958 DuoSonic neck off fleabay for a good price, but as you can see it not only lacks the Fender decal, it has a hand-painted logo applied at some point in its 57 year life by some well meaning person. I would like to remove the red paint, apply a Fender decal, and generally get...
  20. Alex W

    1961 6G3 Deluxe

    "Honestly, honey, it followed me home!"
  21. Alex W

    Hipshot G-bender?

    pardon my ignorance, but can the Hipshot B-bender be installed as a G-bender instead, or do they make a separate product for that? I can't seem to answer this question from perusing the Hipshot website. Can anyone help a newbie out? Thanks.
  22. Alex W

    what, this old thing?

    My 1995 MIJ Telecaster has been through some changes in the past 19 years. Thought I'd share a pic in its current incarnation. The neck is a 1963 Fender Musicmaster neck, which is about 22.7" scale. (Basically like a Strat or Tele with a capo at the 2nd fret.) The nut width is about 1.5". To...
  23. Alex W

    some guy on the internet KILLIN' it on a Squier strat (Steely Dan content)

    flfL9Z9JdFA Found this while searching for live videos of Steely Dan, which it turns out are far and few between. Anyway, next time I find myself GASing too much I'll have to remember this guy wailing and nailing on his Squier. Just amazing IMO.
  24. Alex W

    which Tele bridge pickup for P90-ish sort of sound

    Suppose you're not particularly concerned with a classic Tele style twang and you're looking for something in the direction of a P90 sound, or maybe even something like a Lollar Chicago Steel, in a pickup that will drop right in to a vintage style tele bridge with no modifications. What would...