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    Really getting tired of Firefox...

    ...I've used the Firefox browser for must be the past 5 years at least, but I think that is fast coming to an end. It seems like every few days now I find another website -that I've used problem-free all that time- will no longer work properly. It always comes down to Firefox blocking it "for...
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    Using a combo amp as speaker cab for head?

    This must have been covered before, but can't find anything... Could I use one of these: to connect a combo amp's speaker jack to a speaker cable and hence into a head? Thanks in advance
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    Amp with "Slave output jack"

    Apologies if this is a stupid question, or if I've posted in the wrong forum. I've just taken a punt on an old 80's Vox Venue 50 ss amp, which has the aforesaid slave out: Can someone please explain how this functions- and give an example scenario of how to use it? Thanks in advance.
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    Hamilton v Verstappen

    On the final race , with points even but Verstappen one win ahead, all he needs to win the F1 world championship is for Hamilton not to finish... Even if Verstappen also did not finish, he would be crowned champion. So, does anyone else think they know how this is going to play out? I hope I'm...
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    Cort G290 FAT: Thoughts anyone?

    These have been out a couple of years now, so has anyone got any hands-on experience, or even opinions? ;) ...Asking for a friend:lol:
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    Code 100H: Can anyone give a DEFINITIVE answer?

    Simple question with flatly contradictory info online... "Can I plug this Marshall head into a 16 Ohm speaker cab?" Thanks in advance.
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    Anyone else having problems with the latest Firefox browser update?

    ...I am! Specifically, I can no longer bid on any item in ebay! (The pages display correctly, but if I submit a bid I just get the endless spinning wheel.) This only started after Firefox updated itself to the "super" new version, 89.0 (64-bit). Ebay is working normally with other browsers...
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    Secondhand prices on ebay (UK)

    So, I'm looking at the Thorpy fallout cloud fuzz pedal, which costs £180-185 new depending on retailer. There are a couple listed on ebay uk for £160 or best offer. What would YOU offer? :twisted:
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    Fender Paramount PM-2 Tuner Problem...

    Recently took a punt on ebay for this Parlor with Fishman pickup system. I'm happy enough with it but have found it has a fault (not disclosed of course) with the onboard tuner: If the 9V battery compartment is opened and the battery disconnected- then re-inserted- the tuner will work. After it...
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    Star Trek: Enterprise. Season 3 Episode 1

    Watched this episode last night- that must be THE best EVER cure for insomnia... :twisted::lol:
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    Anyone recommend a suitable soldering iron to buy in UK?

    Hi folks. Fairly self-explanatory request... I'm looking for something able to tackle the occasional basic guitar repair, so am hoping someone can point me at a reasonably cost effective solution? Any online retailer? Cheers.
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    From the current crop, who would you cast as...

    Travis McGee? I finished re-reading "The Deep Blue Goodbye" last night as the first step in re-doing the whole series in chronological order. :cool: The thought occurred: Who could do the role justice today? The only name I came up with was Mathew McConaughey- I think he'd do well! Anyone else?
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    What's the situation re. Positive Grid Spark delivery delays? (I'm in UK)

    I pre-ordered one of these and am now left wondering how safe my money is, given the current world situation... The updates from Positive Grid are few and far between and bland and uninformative. Has anyone got any info or advice? Cheers folks
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    Al Stewart... I'm Falling

    One of the best, from a superb songwriter and lyricist
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    DSL40CR ( the latest version) problem...

    I've had this for about 18 months, bought it nearly new and it has performed faultlessly until yesterday. A great amp for my purposes. When I turned it on I discovered that it was hissing loudly (all channels and settings) and had lost about 75% of volume. :cry: It sits in my music room at home...
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    Superb customer service from Hercules guitar stands. UK

    Title says it all really... Last week I posted a thread here describing an issue I had with my two stands. I also contacted Hercules, although with no real expectation that it would lead anywhere. However, I received a prompt reply and a request I send pics and serial numbers, which I duly did...
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    My guitar stand self destructed today! Beware..

    ...I am in the process of rearranging the room and, honestly, all I did was lift the stand up and it fell to bits! Lucky I hadn't tried to move it with the SG still mounted. :eek: If you know your Greek mythology you will be able to identify the make, not sure if I should name it here. It's the...
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    Enterprise ... Is it worth the effort?

    A Star Trek offshoot that I just never got into, so I thought I might give it another try. Well, I've struggled through the first three episodes of season one- and I now certainly recall why I never got into it originally! :eek::lol::rolleyes: Reviews online for the entire show are "pretty...
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    Brian Protheroe "Pinball" (Album)

    Just to get our weekend off to a good start, I thought I'd post a link to this almost forgotten minor classic from the '70s... Some great songwriting here IMO. Give it a listen if you have the time.
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    Help identifying a Guild archtop on ebay uk?

    Here it is, I don't recognise this model... Can anyone chip in? Thanks
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    Site sloooowing to a crawl...

    Site so slow as to be simply unusable at times over past week. Much worse today. Desktop pc- no issue at this end.
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    "Family Pics"

    Hi Everyone! To celebrate my 1000th post on here, I did something I've been meaning to do for quite a while... I got all my guitars together and took some family pics. :rolleyes: Sorry for this self-indulgence, but you only get one 1000th post, right? :lol: (You may notice a bit of a...
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    Star Trek The Original Series

    Why did I never really notice this before? :rolleyes: Here's the deal... TOS is on the Sci Fi satellite tv channel here in the UK -"digitally re-mastered." As someone who remembers when this originally aired in the UK, I tuned in, partly out of simple nostalgia and partly to see if re-mastering...
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    Very quick response from Laney customer service!

    So, I picked up an old Laney TF400 a year or so ago and discovered there is very little info available online. I even posted on here and (unusually) drew a blank... Anyway, today I contacted Laney customer service with an email query and got my answer and a pdf of the manual back from them...
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    Another ebay story- and a lesson to be learned. I'd appreciate your input...

    Ok, I'll TRY to keep this concise and put what may be the moral of the story at the end, but I would certainly be very interested in hearing other peoples' take on this situation... So, I buy a valve amp at around the going rate, the big plus point being the seller was willing to courier it to...

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