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  1. BassmanM

    NGD - Should have done it earlier

    I finally have a straight Tele again! Traded it plus some cash for my SG Special. It is a humble MIM made in 2017. And here she is with her sister and uncle bass. :):cool:
  2. BassmanM

    Mee too, please help me decide!

    Dear fellow tele players, I am a bass player but like playing guitar too, so I had a Squier Affinity Tele for over ten years before acquiring a MiM Cabronita last year. Shortly afterwards, I sold the Squier. I have now been thinking to add a "traditional" tele to my stable. I LOVE teles and...
  3. BassmanM


    I have been checking the net over the last couple of weeks looking for my next tele. Since I’ve already had a Squier Affinity Tele for the past 11 years, I finally decided that I would go for a model with two, at least one humbucker. And it was to be a light guitar. Last week, I played a FSR...
  4. BassmanM

    Hi from Germany

    Greetings to all you members on this great formn that I only discovered a short while ago. I am actually - apologies - a bass player :oops: but I also have (and play) a humble Squier Affinity Tele, which will hopefully receive a sibbling shortly. I will post pics in due course. The sound...