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  1. Mike_LA

    First time paying for a guitar setup, what a waste of $$$$$ Dunable Guitars

    Greetings all, I own over 24 instruments and as such, I always do my own setups, never had a problem with my work. However; a local luthier opened a shop close by (Dunable Guitars) and since I was having tuning issues with open chords I thought the nut may need a bit of work so I brought...
  2. Mike_LA

    True Men of Genius

    Carry on.
  3. Mike_LA

    What bridge is this?

    Greetings, From Post So I have been trying to find replacement screws for my Korean made Fender FTM. I have bought 2 sets of allen screws trying to get ones the sit flush with the saddles Not Sticking up...
  4. Mike_LA

    Options for live usage of a VST

    Greetings, Since seeing Satriani a couple of days ago I have been researching how he sounds the way that he does. This vid led me to his collaboration with amplitude to create a VST of his rig. He stands by it, it's only $100, in the name of learning more about tone, why not? I don't want to...
  5. Mike_LA

    Todays Wierd guitar on CL

    A Musicvox Spaceranger CL ad
  6. Mike_LA

    Am I being " taken for a ride" on this one?

    Saifun Bean Threads What the Heck? Pea and potato?????? Edna! Wheres the beans?
  7. Mike_LA

    What makes a P90 a P90?

    Greetings, Well, I want to replace the pups in my Parker Fly. Have to use DiMarzios cuz they make the proper baseplate and mounting hardware. I want the P90 sound of my Seymore Duncan Phat Cats. After searching the DiMarzio site it seems most of the P90s there are mid heavy with the treble and...
  8. Mike_LA

    We have the Welcome Wagon Forum Now Time for the Meat Wagon forum

    Ok Maybe Meat Wagon is a bit crass, but can we Please have a forum to post the daily people who pass away so that i don't have to read the obituaries every time I search New Posts? I am approaching retirement as many of you are here. The constant drum beat of the people passing does not need to...
  9. Mike_LA

    Would you believe this relic job if it was for sale online?

    Check out the "wear" on Mr Shepherd's guitar at 1:33. If I saw it for sale I might think someone went too far . . . Is that what sweat does ? ? ? ?
  10. Mike_LA

    NAD Blews Jr Killer

    NAD Marshall AVT50 Oh wow Oh wow Oh wow Found this for Under $100 I've had 2 Blews Jrs, ok pedal platform, anemic reverb. This amp is waaaaaay better 50 Watts 12" Speaker 2 Channels .......... 1 Clean ......... 2 Real Marshall tone FX loop Real Spring Reverb Emulated Speaker out Audio in...
  11. Mike_LA

    My favorite instrument doesn't have the right pickups anymore and I'm somewhat crushed.

    P 90 Pick Ups For around 6 or 7 years now I have been a solid Parker player. I have a non-midi fly that I love. Recently I put a set of P90s in a tele and, well, the Parker hangs on the wall. Parker Pups are proprietary and custom made for the instrument by Dimarzio. Smaller base plate...
  12. Mike_LA

    Wagakki Band - 焔 (Homura) + 暁ノ糸 (Akatsuki no Ito)

    Wagakki Band - 焔 (Homura) + 暁ノ糸 (Akatsuki no Ito) If you like Satriani type stuff, this kind of blew my mind. The girl playing with the putty knife is crazy Alas the other stuff with a vocalist that I found is a little more tame . . . .
  13. Mike_LA

    The Holy Paisley Les Paul or has this relic job gone too far?

    Some things can't be unseen, my apologies From the ad, "This was a project guitar using a gibson tribute les paul. Guitar is as much a piece of art as it is a playable instrament. Used all lacquer...
  14. Mike_LA

    The Anti-Pickguard

    Never thought about a negative pickguard before Westone XA 1630 Metallic Green Burst
  15. Mike_LA

    Fender Excelsior what's different in a Fender Excelsior Pro?

    I was thinking about a Fender Excelsior and see 2 versions but can't really see a difference. Are they all the same and some just list them as pro? Thnx
  16. Mike_LA

    Oh Pete! Ya done me wrong . . . .

    Oh Pete! Ya done me wrong . . . . Ha! sounds like a country song, alas no, this is a tale of physics and how they are working against me. As many of you, I have been playing for quite a while, and for most of it, with my guitar pretty low. Like Pete Townshend I have been woodshedding quite...
  17. Mike_LA

    How do you unsolder a pickup cover form the base plate?

    How do you unsolder a pickup cover from the base plate? Greetings Gang, Trying to unsoldering a cover from a Tim Shaw Humbucker. Yah, pretty much like trying to unsolder a pot, need a bunch of heat. My question is, "how do you do it without melting and loosing all of the wax "? I...
  18. Mike_LA

    Right hand / Left hand concentration while playing

    Right hand / Left hand concentration while playing Ok, so I'm not trying to be Satriani or Vai but I do want to be able to crank out a nice little burst of speed now and then. I know start slow and build up speed Michael Angelo Batio helped by saying , "yes slow to fast BUT also practice...
  19. Mike_LA

    Sahara new tune from Satch

    You Tube Link Joe Satriani just released "Sahara" I rather like it.....
  20. Mike_LA

    OMG Satriani If I Could Fly Video

    Wow totally sick vid
  21. Mike_LA

    PSA Tube sale Altadena CA

    Hi gang, Saw this CL ad for, as the ad says, "a metric sh#t ton of old tubes" Not too many 12A*7s but may have value to someone.
  22. Mike_LA

    Ahhhh, Quick pick up question . --->> .Question answered . .

    Hi Gang, So I am about to buy a set of Gibson Tim Shaw Humbuckers I have seen that the 1986ish era have ones that are around 7ohms and others that are closer to 15ish ohms. My question is, "Is the higher ohm pick up, higher output?" Thanks in advance
  23. Mike_LA

    Telecaster FMT topples Parker as my daily player

    WOW! Ok, well for years I was a daily telecaster player until I got my Parker Fly sorted out. Then I've been playing the Parker for about 4 years now while my other guitars languish in cases and on the wall. So a few weeks ago I took out my FMT that I put Phat Cat P90's in. I did the pick up...
  24. Mike_LA

    Tim Shaw Humbucker which is which?

    Greetings all, I have a set of mid 80's Tim Shaw Humbuckers. The only markings are the standard pat number 2737842. One is 7.64 ohms the other 7.39 ohms . Which is neck and which is bridge? I sold my '86 LP custom and I kind of miss those pups, so they are...
  25. Mike_LA

    Backlund model R-800 on Reverb

    Hi, Well even with the purchase of my modern flying V I am still following the Backlund line on reverb. Still thinking about a model 400 but this one came up today. Not an Eastwood but a Retronix...