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  1. archtop_fjk

    Favorite Christine McVie Songs

    I've heard all her hits but this one from the white FM album is one of my favorites (Lindsey Buckingham's guitar parts are so great):
  2. archtop_fjk

    Low e string issue

    I currently have this issue on one of my Telecasters with a brand new Fender neck (frets are basically untouched). The low E string rattles when fretting the first five or so frets. I've seen this to varying degrees on other guitars of mine and after adjusting the saddles, truss rod, and...
  3. archtop_fjk

    Christine McVie, RIP

    Sad to hear. I was traveling last weekend and listening to old Fleetwood Mac albums. I have to say that “Mystery to Me” is one their best Bob Welch era albums with great songs and guitar tones. Here’s one of the cool but obscure tracks from that album, sung by Christine MacVie.
  4. archtop_fjk Tele fell face down!

    Basses give you more leverage when you want a good smash…
  5. archtop_fjk

    12-String Fever?

    My latest acquisition … a circa 2000 Dearmond S-73-12 electric 12 string with the 2K single coil pickups. Has a wide nut (1 7/8”), low action, and with a compressor has an authentic Byrds tone. The main thing I will change eventually is the bridge, swapping for one with 12 saddles so I can...
  6. archtop_fjk

    Vox Escort vintage amp

    OK. Then it may be this little battery-powered amp:
  7. archtop_fjk

    Vox Escort vintage amp

    Is it an Escort Lead 30? It was a solid state amp produced by Vox from the 70s and early 80s. More at the link below.
  8. archtop_fjk

    Isn't it amazing anyone plays in bands anymore?

    You know, as I was enjoying listening to a Mozart orchestral piece on my phone, I was wondering where all the new classical players are coming from. Maybe they’re taking up violin in school and learning how to play the ancient wooden instrument live for a human audience…;) Also…went to bar...
  9. archtop_fjk

    5-way rotary switch on Strat?

    This^^^ I once had a Fender 51 Pawn Shop guitar which used a three way rotary pickup selector switch. It was too difficult to switch pickups in the middle of a song, so I swapped it for a Gibson-style toggle switch. Not perfect but much better.
  10. archtop_fjk

    The 70's vs 80's solo progression?

    You know, these debates will rage on and that's OK. Everyone has different musical tastes. I'm glad that rock music spans a very broad range of solos, from "I Wanna Be Sedated" by the Ramones (a repeated one note solo) to "Eruption" by VH (where the entire song is a highly technical solo)...
  11. archtop_fjk

    Anyone know about this odd Fender Sergio Vallin model 2017-2019? Anything at all? It's very hard to find any information about them.

    Love the guitar! Reminds me of an updated Fender ‘51 Pawn Shop model with three pickups and an interesting bridge vibrato system. Apparently Sergio has moved to Gibson now.!
  12. archtop_fjk

    Best practice for recording guitar videos over backing tracks

    One thing you can do is to make a loud noise at the beginning of your video (e.g. clapping your hands) which should allow the video editor’s audio sync to align your audio tracks. I’ve seen people do this so they could visually align the audio tracks in the editor then delete the audio from the...
  13. archtop_fjk

    Christmas Songs

    Here’s a Christmas instrumental I recorded a few years ago. Christmas songs are always fun to put your personal spin on old favorites. :)
  14. archtop_fjk

    "I'm Only Sleeping" Animated Video

    Very cool! The evolution of the song as displayed in the outtakes in the Super Deluxe “Revolver” package is quite interesting. Early takes we’re faster and less “dreamy” than the final track.
  15. archtop_fjk

    Vega Trem for Telecaster

    This looks like a great idea to me. Maybe a future project for one of my partscasters.
  16. archtop_fjk

    I just lost my job (should I get into the gear business?)

    From my many years of home ownership, I have observed that some of the most destructive things that can happen to your home (outside of fire) are all plumbing related. I had a boiler valve fail in the middle of the night and woke up to a flooded basement. And right now a friend is having a...
  17. archtop_fjk

    Beatles - Got To Get You Into My Life (Second Version)

    Of course, I've already ordered the super deluxe version of "Revolver", and as teasers, along with a remix for "Taxman", they just dropped this version of "Got To Get You Into My Life." At first I thought this was some sort of phony, recent mash-up, but actually it's from their recording...
  18. archtop_fjk

    Thank you VW. Let's hope other auto makers follow soon to ditch or improve capacitive controls.

    This is a general problem with IOT devices (in my opinion). For example - “smart” thermostats, ovens, light bulbs, toilets… I mean these things really only have a few basic functions that I need. Why add cameras, mics, internet connectivity??!
  19. archtop_fjk

    This week's Apple software releases - I'm a fan so far.

    Big iPhone/iPad fan here though my laptop is a Windows PC. Still at iOS 15.7 on my phone. I keep thinking about upgrading my laptop for DAW and recording, maybe next year...
  20. archtop_fjk

    Rampant Outsourcing Destroying Value?

    All of my solid bodies are partscasters, and I don’t build them to save money but rather to have a guitar that has all the features I want. This is especially true for things like bridges, tuners, pickups, and wiring components. One thing that seems to be a constant in my years of modding is...
  21. archtop_fjk

    NGD: Italia Rimini 12

    Thanks. Interesting that they would make each nut slot equal sized, perhaps thinking folks would eventually decide on octave orientation and then get/make a new nut.
  22. archtop_fjk

    NGD: Italia Rimini 12

    Looks nice! Did you have to make a new nut for the Rickenbacker string orientation? Also, how is the intonation at the 12th fret? That becomes a compromise when you have the two strings on a saddle tune-o-matic bridge.
  23. archtop_fjk

    Single Coil vs Humbucker Overdrive

    Wow, that Booker T and MG's track is way cool, and from 1965! Sounds like Steve Cropper was using a fuzz? Superb tone!
  24. archtop_fjk

    Is there anywhere else to go with guitars, distortion, and skill?

    The Who did this in 1969 with the album “Tommy”. Maybe the rock opera is making a comeback? :)
  25. archtop_fjk

    Tonewood Sources in Vermont?

    I live in New Hampshire and my favorite locally sourced wood is walnut. Maple is plentiful too and you can get some figured woods if you look around. Check Craig’s List, you might see some local vendors there.