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  1. lewis

    1960 reissue

    The perfect amount of “relicking”.
  2. lewis

    70th anniversary Esquire

    Yes, but only if you share photos after you have it in hand. ;-)
  3. lewis

    Want to put a Glaser in one of my Teles.

    I’m not an expert but I’m sure a Glaser mechanism can be installed in Thinline bodies also.
  4. lewis

    Strange happening this morning

    Where I live every shift at every FD station has a paramedic who responds to every ambulance call, transported in a fire truck.
  5. lewis

    NGD: Goin’ on a bender with Fiesta Red ‘60s American Original Tele

    I would have whipped out the credit card had I seen this first. Huge congrats!
  6. lewis

    1980s MIJ tele custom '62 (A serial)

    I was recently given an MIJ Tele Custom. Double-bound, sunburst, just like in the above photos. It has good pickups but a low quality switch and low quality tone/volume pots. Yes, it makes a difference but is an easy fix. Mine, also, does not say "Custom Telecaster" on the headstock, just...
  7. lewis

    Master Built Wildwood Guitars

    I visit the Wildwood web site often which may be why I'm not enthusiastic about CS Fenders or Gibsons. They literally have hundreds (or more) in stock. Why pay a premium for something that's mass produced? There's no doubt they will sound and play great but so can most any non CS guitar.
  8. lewis

    AO 50s Neck - nice but fat.

    Try a replacement neck BUT it might change the sound. My most resonant Tele has a big Allparts neck.
  9. lewis

    1981 ‘52 Telecaster Vintage

    Looking forward to your photo(s). A closeup of the bridge plate with the serial number, and the dot underneath, would be cool.
  10. lewis

    Is this a ‘D’?

    The same “D” had been stamped in the neck pocket of some early ‘50s Teles.
  11. lewis

    NGD 2012 Road Worn 59s Telecaster

    Road Worn Teles are worth the hunt. Congrats.
  12. lewis

    American Original 70's Telecaster Custom in Collection

    I love every American Original Tele I see, including yours.
  13. lewis

    NGD Roasted Pine Pro II

    Awesome gits!
  14. lewis

    Neck crack

    Oh Jezzuss!
  15. lewis

    For Aircraft Enthusiasts: the rise and demise of the biggest cargo plane ever.

    It was at Denver's airport many years ago. All I remember is that everything else had to shut down while it was landing and taking off. Also, it was parked far away from the terminal for a couple days which made it easy to see on the horizon as you drove to the airport. Huge is too small of a word.
  16. lewis

    New Wildwood neck - fret buzz after luthier fret dressed it and he says "it's normal with new necks"...

    Spend your money elsewhere. Don't give him an opportunity to make it right, he doesn't deserve it.
  17. lewis

    Neck Pocket?

    Ages ago I played a '76 at Rumble Seat that had a huuuge gap yet it was a great guitar. Very light and resonant. I should have bought it but I couldn't get over its stripped finish. Shouldawouldacoulda.
  18. lewis

    NGD 67 Tele

    It will sound and feel even better once it's "played in".
  19. lewis

    The Pinecaster Book due in 2021

    "Free cat with every order!"
  20. lewis

    The Blackguard Book by Nacho Banos

    An amazing instrument, thanks for sharing your good fortune.
  21. lewis

    Lindsey Buckingham playing a butterscotch telecaster

    Could just be the lighting but the edges of the Tele look quite rounded. Is that a forearm cut?
  22. lewis

    OGD 1971 Telecaster

    I'm up in Longmont, time to take a trip to Broomfield. ;-)
  23. lewis

    On this day, a guitar was born

    I love this. Double bound + maple fretboard = Awesome!