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  1. coco

    For Sale/Trade S Type Partscaster Fiesta Red Nitro HSS Floyd (24.75)

    Aged Fiesta Red nitro over one-piece Swamp Ash, HSS S type body equipped with Original Floyd Rose Trem. Fully cured body/neck UV treated nitro (not tinted lacquer) for that vintage patina, has the resonance, tone and timbre of a 40-year old guitar. Ultra thin "old school" nitro such as that...
  2. coco

    Scheltema Neck Contour Jig and Puck Discussion

    Hello Everybody, Happy New Year and much health and prosperity to all!! I've read through numerous build threads here that feature Bill's contour neck jig and while I have the basic concept together and could probably make one that looks just like it I'd like more info on the math behind the...
  3. coco

    Dakota Red Paint Recipe

    Does anyone have a good recipe for Dakota Red? I use mostly Stew Mac pigments for color and would like to see what others are using to get the darker, redder Dakota Red. I see a lot of finished from builders that say Dakota red but it still looks like Fiesta red in many cases as it's harder to...
  4. coco

    Lake Placid Blue recipe

    Anyone got a good recipe for Lake Placid Blue. I've read the recipe in Stew Mac's book "Guitar Refinishing" but that one calls for metallic powder made by Crescent Bronze, which appears hard to find. Any other ideas besides Reranch? tks
  5. coco

    Tele/Esquire Control Cavity, Wiring Harness Pics

    Does anyone know where to find pics of vintage Teles and Esquires that have detailed pics of the control cavities with up close shots of wiring etc. tks much
  6. coco

    Tele Wiring, Wax Material on Cloth Wire?

    Check this pic out, anyone know what that wax looking material is covering the cloth wire, and where to get it?
  7. coco

    How to get the 2-color Tobacco Burst?

    How do you get the 2-color tobacco burst like on so many Tele's and the Eric Johnson Strat? It's got that yellowish center to the darker edge.
  8. coco

    Buff out fine surface scratches in lacquer?

    I always find it difficult to sand out the tiny scratches invariably left in my clear coat. I usually sand up to about 1500, then buff out. It gets shiny but there's those annoying fine scratches. Help
  9. coco

    What's a good White Primer compatible with Nitro besides the Reranch primer?

    Is there a good alternative to the Reranch primer which I like a lot, but it would be nice to get something local that is compatible with nitro paint jobs? tks for reading.
  10. coco

    Alternatives to Reranch, Spray Guns/Compressor, Nitro Sources

    Everytime I hose up one of my body paint projects and need to start over, I end up having to reorder new and expensive cans of nitro from Reranch. What alternatives are there to the Reranch products, like what type of spray gun, compressor setup etc. I like to experiment with relic projects...
  11. coco

    Tips on how to simulate the Bravewood style of Relicing, almost!

    I just got done trying to simulate the Bravewood style of relicing on a USACG body that I finished in Reranch Daphne Blue and my results were mixed. I was going for the heavy relic look that you see on his website and it was not difficult to simulate the chipped paint. His style is simply a...
  12. coco

    What's a good nitro white primer besides RR?

    I've purchased many cans of paint from Reranch but would like to use a different less expensive white primer, although I like the coverage of RR primer. Any good nitro alternatives out there? I've used Bin's from Home Depot before but that didn't cover very well and I'm not sure that's nitro...
  13. coco

    Bravewood Guitars Sunburst Tele/Strat Relic Job Disected!!

    I think the coolest looking relic job I've seen on Teles/Strats or any other guitar to date is the heavily distressed sunburst Tele/Strats over at Bravewood Guitars UK . One key factor to his process for distressing bodies he openly talks about at his site, is he allows the body to cure for at...
  14. coco

    How to darken bare wood on Relic body?

    I've painted a few bodies and added the normal dings and dents and armwear for the relic look, but always looking for better ways to darken the bare wood from these processes. Normally, I spray on some neck amber from Reranch, but it's hard to control for some of those tiny areas. I've also...
  15. coco

    Anyone ever hear of the Jaden guitar bodies?

    What's the story with the, any good, how close to spec, etc?
  16. coco

    Anybody seen a Tele body like this, neck pickup rout etc?

    Check the body below, does it look right, especially the neck rout?
  17. coco

    How to Relic Metal Parts? How to pit Chrome?

    I've got some Tele parts like bridge, ferrules, tuners, all the screws etc and have tried sealing those parts in a plastic container with a few cups of fuming muriatic (HCL) acid. The fumes from the acid definitely took the shine away from the nickel parts and discolored everything somewhat but...
  18. coco

    Flat Jack area on Telecaster? What years?

    What years of Telecaster has the flat jack area on the body? tks