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    Musikraft nut width question

    So I'm about to order a Musikraft neck. I have a neck on my strat from them w/a nut width of 1 and 11/16. I have smaller hands so it's just a little bit wide for me. Not horrible, but not super comfortable either. I have two tele's, one with a squier CV 50s neck and one with a modern player...
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    Anyone know what kind of finish is on a Squier CV 50s tele maple neck?

    I'm assuming the clear coat on the maple neck of my 2011 Squier CV 50s tele (made in China) is poly, but can anyone confirm? It feels just like the clear coat on the modern player tele I have too, so I'm guessing they're both the same?
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    Checking my logic with guitar build

    Ok, I need to check my logic with a custom tele project. I’m having someone cut a custom body for me in swamp ash. First I’m ordering a Musikraft neck, which I‘ll also have finished in a vintage tint. I plan to have the neck complete first. First question: this will involve having a maple neck...
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    Any luck routing a Squier pine CV50s body?

    Just curious, has anyone routed one of the pine body squier CV50s tele's? I'm thinking of putting a bucker in the bridge and a strat pup in the middle. Just want to make sure I won't run into any issues routing.
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    Custom build: cut tele body first or order neck?

    Having a partscaster built and I just want to see if there's something I'm not thinking of. Going to be a custom cut body and a Musikraft neck. Should I have the body cut first or order the neck first? I'm assuming get the neck first to make sure the neck pocket in the body is nice and snug?
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    Losing thickness of blank to sanding

    Question for all of you who have built a tele from a blank. As we go through all of the sanding throughout the whole project, from blank to final painted guitar, how much thickness should I expect to lose? The blank is starting out at 1.75 inches.
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    Please help me double check my math re: body weight cut from blank

    Ok, so I just ordered a blank to cut a tele body out of. I'm aiming for a final body weight of about 4 lbs 3 oz, or thereabouts. The blank I ordered is 8.6 pounds. Here are the dimensions: width: 14.5 inches length: 20.5 inches thickness: 1.75 inches I followed the formula in another thread...
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    Are all the 57 Deluxe RI amps from Fender handwired?

    Anyone know?
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    Concerns about warping with body blank?

    Hey if I buy a swamp ash body blank, should I try to get it cut and finished pretty quickly to avoid warping, or is that really just a concern with necks?
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    Weight of a body cut from blank

    Quick question. If I buy a typical swamp ash body blank from Allparts or Stew Mac, and it's listed at just over 8 pounds, about how much would the cut down, sanded body weigh?
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    Do all attenuators cut treble?

    Even the reactive ones like the Tone King?
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    Tele out of a fence post - which tone wood are those pickets?

    Best video I've seen in a while.
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    Roy Buchanan straight into amp?

    So is Roy's tone here just tele straight into amp? Doesn't look like he has any pedals anywhere.
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    When is someone going to offer an onboard preamp for tele pups?

    So when is someone going to design an onboard preamp specifically designed for tele pups? Something like the Lincoln brewster preamp that notches up certain frequencies to sound more humbucker like, but one that is really tailored for tele pups, especially the bridge, rather than strat pups...
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    Which Duncan tele pups are closest to their vintage stacks?

    Dropped a pair of duncan vintage noiseless stacks into a Tele because I needed a backup guitar that's noiseless. They sound surprisingly good, though they feel pretty stiff. Anyway the sound of them got me wondering which standard (non-noiseless) Duncan pups do they sound the closest to? The...
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    Relaxing arm during tremolo picking?

    Hi all, need help. For the past few months I've been working on tremolo picking and other fast picking drills. One thing I've noticed is that in all the tutorial videos I've watched the one thing they all stress is you have to keep your picking arm really relaxed. And I'm having a really hard...
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    Anyone know how to reach Bruce Zinky these days?

    I'm checking out a used Blue Velvet but I want to ask him about potential mods, and I also want to see if he's still available for repairs if it needs work at some point.
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    Perceived loudness of 2x10 cab vs 1x12 combo

    So I know that when running something like an old fender champ into a 1x12 cab we "perceive" it as louder because the sound is coming from a larger cab with a larger speaker. What if I was going from a 1x12 combo into a 2x10 cab? I'd assume that would still be true because I'd then be using...
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    Tweed Harvard question

    Will a tweed Harvard sound more like a tweed Deluxe or more like a Princeton?
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    Anyone use these wallmounts for a tele?

    My daughter got me this for Christmas. It's one of those Snigjat dual guitar wall mounts. I know the holder can turn but I'm still scared to death of hanging a tele on this because of how slim the headstock is. I tried it today and even though I angled the holder it still seems like the tele is...
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    Rolling Stone piece re: Springsteen tele

    Old but pretty cool piece on Springsteen's #1 from rolling stone. Surprisingly accurate.
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    Man get me this tone...

    This is the tone for me. I know this is a legit '52, but which currently produced pickup gets this kind of sound? The Fender original vintage or whatever they call the ones in the 52 reissues? Any others you can think of? This is sweet. That middle position is one of the best I've heard, and...
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    What's the go-to brass compensated saddles people are using?

    Thoughts? This is for a vintage tele bridge plate of course.
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    Frenzel vs Lil Dawg?

    Any thoughts? Both seem very reasonably priced, cheaper than some other boutique builders, with lots of customizable options.
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    Victoria Ivy League vs. 20112

    Does anyone know if the Victoria Ivy League stays cleaner longer than the 20112? I like the basic tonality of the 20112 but it breaks up really early. If they're roughly the same, is there any way to increase the headroom in the 20112?