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    Blues\Hotrod Deluxe\Deville owners, is this thing common knowledge?

    I used to own a Deville 410 and constantly fought the no master volume thing. Too much amp! I solved this issue with some other device, but this looks like a really clever way to address it. Saw it on a web ad for Etsy by an account called DrWatsonsAudio. Since I haven't owned the HRDv amp for a...
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    NPBD: Pedaltrain Novo24

    Old pedal board was a PT Classic Pro... or maybe just a pro. 32"×16". It held every pedal I have ever owned all at once (quite unnecessarily). I got tired of troubleshooting all that crap when it gave me fits. This Novo 24 forces some choices and keeps things more manageable and portable. The...
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    What piece of gear did you pick up because "so and so" uses it?

    That player that you always admired for tone or playing... is there a guitar or amp, a pedal or other piece of gear you bought because they used it? For me it is the Early sixties Supro "Super" 1606 5 watt amp i picked up last year. I've always admired Dean DeLeo's sounds on the STP and...
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    NAD - Gibson Maestro GA45T

    I'd been wanting something handwired and vintage that I could work on and learn something. Found this GA45T combo locally for next to nothing, I think. Gibson can't tell me anything more specific than the rest of the internet, it was made somewhere between 1955-1961. I took myself a 15 minute...