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  1. gmm52

    Low profile onboard guitar tuner?

    I'm looking for a tuner to mount on electric guitars, and I'm not finding exactly what I want. I want a semi-permanent solution that stays on the guitar, perhaps stuck to the pickguard. The ones I'm finding at Amazon are clip on. I want something lower profile and mounted somewhere on the body.
  2. gmm52

    Examples of good slide guitar in standard tuning?

    I'm not a slide guitar aficionado per say, but I certainly appreciate good slide. I'd be curious to hear examples of good blues or rock slide guitar in standard tuning.
  3. gmm52

    Stewmac is a major disappointment.

    I've been buying from Stewmac for thirty years. One of the things I liked about them was they were reachable by phone. Not any longer. No phone support whatsoever. Not only have they stopped phone support, they don't even have a live chat on the website. Not only do they not have a live chat or...
  4. gmm52

    Unplugging cabinets while on standby?

    I know that tube amps want to see a load and that they shouldn't be turned on without a speaker connected, but what about standby? Can one safely unplug and change cabinets while an amp is on standby?
  5. gmm52

    Counterfeit "Made in England" Greenbacks?

    I stumbled onto this ebay listing for Celestion Greenback labels: Ebay listing I can't see there being a big market for those who have Greenbacks with labels so worn that they'd need replacing, so I'm imaging people are putting these on Celestion International speakers and selling them as Made...
  6. gmm52

    Stiff Bigsby?

    I just bought and received a B11 to go on a Godin Fifth Avenue. I've never handled a Bigsby off a guitar, but in handling this one I find the bearings stiff, so much so that the bar can support itself, and it takes about another quarter pound of force to move it. Could this be normal? I expected...
  7. gmm52

    Celestion G12T-75's. When did they change to un-vented?

    I read a comment somewhere that older Celestion G12T-75's were vented, but the new ones are not. When did Celestion make the change?
  8. gmm52

    Bigsby B3 & B30 - Some questions.

    Some reading indicates the B3 and B30 are the same, except the B3 is American made sand cast and the B30 is die cast and made offshore. However, it seems plausible that they use a different aluminum alloys for the two units, which in theory could affect tone. Any thoughts on this? Also, roughly...
  9. gmm52

    Tremolo unit for archtop?

    I want to put a trem on my Godin Fifth Avenue Kingpin archtop. I'm not holding out much hope of finding one that suits me (searching the internet has turned up nothing so far), but has anyone seen any tremolo units for archtop guitars other than Bigsby? I find the bar on their units doesn't come...
  10. gmm52

    Density of Swamp Ash?

    I'm going to build a guitar. I'd like to use the lightest Swamp Ash I can find. This source: The Wood Database a density of 30 to 33.6 lbs per cubic foot. Has anyone here noted the densities of various samples of swamp ash, and if so, have they fallen in line with that value?
  11. gmm52

    What are the top four 5 note chords?

    My understanding of theory is weak. My intuition is the vast majority of chords used by guitar players are either three or four note chords, but I'm curious about any essential five note chords for guitar. What would be the top four five note chords that a guitarist might want to know?
  12. gmm52

    A question for those who have seen/tried many different tremolo systems.

    As we all know, when one depresses the bar, the strings de-tune at different rates. It's not a problem for single note lines, but chords - of course - are often way off. I have a vague recollection of seeing an advertisement for a particular trem (many years ago) that was designed to stay...
  13. gmm52

    Roller nut for 7.25" radius board?

    I cannot find a roller nut for a 7.25" radius board. Is it really possible with today's glut of aftermarket guitar products that not one manufacturer has bothered to cater to the vintage radius crowd?
  14. gmm52

    Vintage style parchment pickguards?

    I'd like to find a vintage one ply parchment pickguard, like found on early Stratocasters. Callaham used to sell them, but I don't see them on the website. Is there another source for them?
  15. gmm52

    Radius of the bottom of nuts for Stratocasters?

    I've replaced a few nuts on my Stratocasters, and they've always been 7 1/4" radius, just like the necks, but what about other Fender Stratocasters that have necks that are 10" 12" radius, etc? What is the radius of the bottom of those?
  16. gmm52

    Strat build - Suggestions for aftermarket Tremolo?

    I'm putting a mutt together, black Strat body of unknown age (guess mid 80's based on info from seller) early MIJ Foto flame neck w/rosewood board, custom wound pickups, etc., but I'm wondering about a tremolo. I'm leaning toward something aftermarket, just to switch things up a bit. The only...
  17. gmm52

    Supplier of ceramic magnets for Gibson Dirty Fingers?

    I'd like to make some copies of Gibson Dirty Fingers humbuckers. Apparently, they use three narrow ceramic magnets. I haven't been able to find a supplier that sells these magnets. Any ideas of where to try? I just read that Gibson 500T and the Seymour Duncan Invader also use this magnet...
  18. gmm52

    Humbucker keeper bar - Function?

    In continuing my research into pickups that started with this thread: Pickup wire thread I'm wondering about the function of the 10 hole keeper bar found in humbuckers. It seems to me that if the primary function is to make the bottom of the two coils the same level as the magnet, so everything...
  19. gmm52

    Pickups known to be wound with 43ga wire?

    I made a few pickups a long time ago, and I'm now interested in making more. Ages ago, I stumbled onto a few rolls of 43ga wire at a reasonable price, and since that's what I've got here, I'm inclined to use it. For this reason, I'm curious to learn about pickups that are known to be wound with...
  20. gmm52

    Anyone ever seen one of these? (Guitar-Tech Floyd Rose style bar for Stratocaster)

    Of late I've been playing a Sterling AX40 with a Floyd Rose (lic.) tremolo, and I really like it, especially the bar shape. I decided I wanted Floyd Rose styled bars for my Strats. Out of sheer luck, I went to a Long and McQuade sale, and there on the table were two bars, exactly what I'd been...
  21. gmm52

    Question for resonator guitar owners who've tinkered with cones.

    I have a Johnson all metal resonator. It plays well, and the mids and highs are decent for an inexpensive resonator, but the low end is lean. I know I read somewhere in the past that metal resonators can be improved with an aftermarket cone, so I thought I'd solicit the opinion of the good...
  22. gmm52

    Question for those who have experimented with a rheostat for EVH brown sound

    I recently picked up a 50w Marshall JCM800/JTM45 clone (preamp is JCM800, power amp is tube rectified JTM45 circuit) that I really like. It's got tons of gain and is very sensitive when used with a 4x12 loaded with G12M's (two Pulsonic and two RIC cones). In any event, I've been savoring the...
  23. gmm52

    Mechanical tube rattle in brand new Gold Lion KT77's. Opinions?

    I just received two Gold Lion KT77's for use in my new 50W Marshall JCM800/JTM45 hybrid clone, and one of the tubes has a pretty distinct metallic sounding rattle with very gentle back and forth motion. I called the vendor, and they're perfectly fine with replacing it, but they thought I should...
  24. gmm52

    Amp guru's - thoughts on this mistake?

    I recently picked up a really nice 50 watt Marshall clone, purportedly half JCM800, half JTM45 (tube rectified). I've always known that you shouldn't run tube amps without a load. So what did I do? I forgot to connect a speaker cable after I moved it. The sequence looked like this. Power on, ten...
  25. gmm52

    Sealed 2x12's. A question.

    I just picked up an empty Traynor 2x12. It's a cool and well built cabinet, and I'm about to load it with a G12-80 and a GT12-75, although I have other speakers I might also try. The cabinet has two 1" holes drilled in the front. I find this odd, as I thought a sealed cabinet is a sealed...

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