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  1. jim777

    What neck is this?

    A friend of mine just bought a partscaster that he thought had a "13 MIM Baja" neck on it, but the decal and string tree are completely wrong for a Baja. Does anyone recognize this decal and string tree placement as a legit fender Telecaster neck? Thanks in advance!
  2. jim777

    S1 knobs in brass?

    Does anyone know of anyone anywhere who sells the dome knob and button (or Switch Knob Assembly and Switch Knob Cap in Fenderspeak) in brass or gold? I can swap out the tone knob and baseplate with the very well worn gold/brass ones already on my MIJ 50th Ann. Tele but really would rather not...
  3. jim777

    MIJ/MIM Tele Custom with bigger that 7.5" radius?

    Thanks in advance - I'm looking for a Tele with the Hum/Single layout with that Les Paul 3 way switch, but with at least a 9.5" radius. I know there was a Japanese model like that, one of which I just missed from Ishi on Reverb (the Traditional II Tele Custom) but are there others out there...
  4. jim777

    2|5 magnets (half of each) pickups?

    Hey guys and gals, Anyone have any familiarity with these? A friend of mine has some great sounding Tone Hatch pickups in his Tele, and I was thinking of getting a set of theirs for my Strat to replace the Gen3 Fender noiseless pickups. The website says, "The 2|5 Union set uses alnico 2 on the...
  5. jim777

    Baja neck on a Strat?

    Just curious, because I love the Baja neck can you put one (or really any tele neck) easily on a Strat? I'm not a 'roll your own' type of guy (anymore anyway ;) ) so I'm not aware of possible pocket differences, etc, but I would love to swap to a Strat and keep that glorious Baja neck. Thanks...
  6. jim777

    NGD: ASAT Bluesboy (and Legacy)

    I was looking at the new Performers and found this minty '15 USA Legacy for a few hundred less on reverb so grabbed that instead. I also grabbed an NOS '14 G&L Legacy at the same time because it was just so different and cool looking :) I don't like the Seth Lover, it's simply too dark a pickup...
  7. jim777

    '72 Cusrom RIs - '10s MIM or 90's MIJ?

    Hey guys, other than the electronics, is there much difference between these two guitars? I love my MIJ 50th Anniversary, but I love my MIM Baja 50's as well. I would assume the MIJ might be a bit better build quality wise, but I am seeing the MIJs at like 800-900 used and I can grab a used MIM...
  8. jim777

    Updates to my 50th

    I know this is crazy, but I have decided to make some changes to one of my great playing Teles instead of just buying another. I know...I may need a doctor's appointment :) So, one of the changes I want to make is to put some locking tuners in it because I tend to bend a lot on this one. I DO...
  9. jim777

    Anyone tried one of these yet?
  10. jim777

    WTH is a Country Megaticket?

    I am trying to get a pair of tickets to see Brad Paisley this summer and everywhere I look I see single seat tickets going for $900 or more, and all say "Country Megatcket!" I don't want a damned ticket package, I just want 2 tickets to one show. Does that not exist anymore? Here's an example...
  11. jim777

    Brad Paisley books?

    I am looking at two books (will probably get both), does anyone have any experience with either? Brad Paisley: A Step-By-Step Breakdown of the Guitar Styles and Techniques of a Country-Rock Superstar (Guitar Signature Licks) by Dave Rubin Best of Brad Paisley (Recorded Versions Guitar) by Brad...
  12. jim777

    American Performer H/S vs G&L Bluesboy - anyone tried both?

    I'd love to get a Tele with a humbucker in the neck, has anyone got first hand knowledge of both of these guitars? I don't have a store nearby with the G&L.
  13. jim777

    Need assistance picking a 'new to me' Tele :)

    Hey all, My apologies up front, I have been researching and reading about the various Teles out there for a few weeks and there seem to be so many variations I have no idea where to look for what I want or their relative merits one to another. I've been playing mostly shredders since the late...
  14. jim777

    Hello again :)

    So, I joined years ago, but have recently gotten tired of playing most of the rock I've been listening to for years. I've moved to more Vince Gill and Johnny Hiland type of playing and it looks like so much fun :) It actually fits my abilities a lot better than shredding as well. I've got a...

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