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    Excuses to buy another guitar

    I don't have one with birds yet.
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    Ever see a favorite artist perform in a bar?

    Shawn Lane several times at an old fashioned cabin-type motel dining room, in a very rural area. He was playing with Jonas Hellborg and Jeff Sipe at the time, and Jonas was dating a local girl. They were around for a good while, and living in the area, so lots of opportunities to hang.
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    Mistakes in creating rehearsal and recoding spaces...

    Good insulation, heat and AC. You want to be comfortable, and to be able to control the humidity as far as possible. Really look into the most recent developments in equipment. Also, fresh air and natural light are really good, and nice windows make the place inviting. Good heavy curtains or...
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    What do You want to be, when you grow-up?

    I'm pretty much as grown up as I'm ever gonna get. My only career goal was to not have to work anymore, and I achieved that a while back. So far, we've been able to make it in a semi-broke fashion. I hope it holds up, because I don't have any other ideas, and I'm pretty busy, what with the not...
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    Guitarists Who Inspire Through Something Magical Rather Than Extreme Speed Or Technique?

    For total magic, I'd have to say Duane & Dickey together. That band was like nothing else around at the time, and it's still hard to find a "jam band" that can just flat blow the roof off like they did. Dickey was probably the more technically astute player, and probably one of the best ever...
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    Musician Buddies Always Needing to Borrow Gear

    I try to support the local scene in any way I can, but it doesn't always work out. I loaned a nice cymbal stand to a friend in one band, and asked him to send it home with another friend who lives much closer. Didn't see him for a while, and then he texted to say he left it at a festival where...
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    I hate my laptop - esp battery management - suggestions?

    All good suggestions, but consider whether you actually need a laptop. I stopped buying laptops because of battery issues and the fact that they are very easy to kill with a spilled drink, which was a specialty of my kids and granddaughter. We never really took the thing anywhere anyway. For...
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    Lekato 5.8 Gh.. Get out of the 2.5 Gh band altogether. Roughly the same price. I'm sure other brands offer similar
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    White shirts have to be clean and pressed.

    I don't buy clothes that need ironing or dishes that can't go in the dishwasher. For the last 10 years of my working life, I had to wear a jacket and tie. To sit in my office by myself for 97% of every day. I didn't iron my shirts then either. I understand the idea, and even agree with it in...
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    Splitting solos... ideas?

    The ending is usually more important than the beginning -- finish strong. Just kinda fading away at the end sucks the energy out of the song. You want to maintain and build the energy. Rhythm is at least as important as the notes you play. Also, don't feel like you have to start your solo on the...
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    In The Golden Age Did You Actually Pay Attention To The Bar Band?

    I never went to bars to drink, because I didn't drink, and I never felt like I had the kind of money it takes to be OK with spending 6-pack money for one beer. And I can't even follow a conversation in a semi-crowded restaurant, so socializing was out. Also, I was already comfortably set up...
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    Cause And Effect

    Waiting do do the final mowing of the season, which will also shred and blow the leaves into the beds.
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    Do you always have a pick in your pocket ?

    Our washing machine has a pick dispenser behind a little door at the bottom. My wife gets me a few every now and then, and I keep them in the little pick pocket of my jeans. I don't use these when I go into a guitar store - i use theirs, and then put them in the pick pocket as a souvenir.
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    Your response to "What kind of music do you play?"

    I'm mostly playing with an old friend who plays his own originals that are kinda Gypsy, kinda classical, but not really either. We call it Gopher Baroque.
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    Hey would you tell us about your introduction to, the Telecaster Guitar if you could?

    I stumbled on what I thought was a blog post or something where this guy was seemingly wandering around his yard picking up pieces of old wood and junk, and ended up making a really nice tele out of them. I thought it was so cool, I started reading other stuff on the site - which turned out to...
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    Does your hair touch your shoulders?

    I don't remember when I last got a haircut. It does seem to be disappearing on its own, though
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    Be honest : how many of you immediately comment on a friend’s appearance if you haven’t seen them in awhile ?

    I learned a long time ago that if I'm going to be in a space with another person or people, somebody's going to set the tone, so I just go ahead and do that. I try to make it an enjoyable experience, because I want to enjoy it myself. I have some friends who respond best to (and deserve)...
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    Work woes

    All of the above. If you can apply actual numbers to your wonderfulness, do that. If they see numbers, they'll be less likely to mess with you.
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    Is there a really decent canned chili?

    Here's an easier question-- Is there any decent food that comes in cans? I'll give canned tomatoes a pass because they are just an ingredient, but otherwise I'm having a hard time coming up with anything
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    What's your from-scratch cornbread recipe? Any must haves or deal breakers?

    More butter -- use a whole stick, no kidding. And no sugar, unless you're making dessert. Also, heat your cast iron pan empty to 400, and butter it up good before you put your batter in. That gets it nice and crispy all around.
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    Sharing practicing or gigging with another drummer

    Maybe loosen up your thinking a bit - just a suggestion. I played percussion for 25 years or so - always with another drummer, and sometimes, several. You can play some pretty awesome stuff with 2 kits. A quick Googling turns up 44 bands that played at least some with 2 drummers. The...
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    Digitech / DOD will be back in action

    I still pretty much exclusively use an old RP500 that I got for $75 years ago. It's full of nice sounds, and I've figured out how to set it up for ease of use, on stage or at home. I also have an RP250 or something that is also just fine, although a bit harder to use IMO. I'm happy to hear...
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    I'm new to Being OLD - Survival Tips welcomed~

    Don't listen to people who say, "You're not old." You are. So am I, at 71 and counting. I'm trying to get the hang of it though. Just another thing to get good at. Simplifying seems to be a good idea. Enjoying the here and now instead of having big plans and a full schedule. Gratitude. Or, see...
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    Maybe it’s just me but natural finishes…

    I've always felt that if the guitar is made of wood, you should celebrate the wood. If it's an electric, and it's going to be painted, it can be made of anything, as a quick google search will attest -- even Ramen! Why waste a perfectly good tree?
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    I hit a deer last evening

    There are more deer around here now than there were 40+ years ago. I've hit an average of 1.25 per year over that time. Plus the two that ran into the side of my car on separate occasions. A friend hit one that came through his windshield and thrashed around in his lap until it died. He...