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  1. DeepDangler

    Making a guitar pick more grippy

    I’m experimenting with other picks but have issues with them being slippery. My grip is on the light side because I’m used to thick 3mm picks. I’ve been experiment with 1-2mm and find they are just thin enough that they slip. What do you do to make a pick more grippy?
  2. DeepDangler

    Pointed guitar picks that stay sharp

    I’ve been on an endless guitar pick journey. I enjoy pointed, rigid, and thick guitar picks. I was using Ultex Jazz III 2mm but they weren’t quite thick enough for me but I enjoyed the feel. I was enjoying V-picks for a while but discovered the edge wears down to a rounded shape due to my...
  3. DeepDangler

    Grote Jazz guitar hollow single p90

    This thing rocks! Saw the name come up in the good deals thread and took the plunge. 200 bucks with shipping from Amazon and it’s in my office today. Quality is good! The frets are smooth with no sharp edges and are even across the the neck. It needs a little higher bridge to raise the action...
  4. DeepDangler

    Phasers: use case suggestions

    I picked up a phaser a few months ago and have since removed it from my board. It was kind of neat but I found it was always too “in your face” to integrate into my rig. What are some good ways to use a phaser?
  5. DeepDangler

    Are you a guitar, amp, or effect guy?

    My thing is effects. I have 3 guitars, 1 amp, and 10 effects. Not all are on the board. What’s your favorite piece of gear to have around? Guitars, amps, or effects?
  6. DeepDangler

    I sold my last tube amp. Who else loves solid state?

    My AC15HW1 just exchanged hands and now has a new home. I officially am down to one amp and no longer have tubes. I got to hear the AC one last time giving a rundown of the features and tones albeit at a heavily reduced volume. I know most guitarist are weary of transistors and new technology...
  7. DeepDangler

    Stereo: worth the hassle?

    I’ve sold my last tube amp and am considering getting a stereo setup for my rig but I’m on the fence. My current amp has a stereo extension cab output or I could just buy a Roland Jazz Chorus for a bit more. Who uses stereo? Is it worth the trouble? Do you hear the difference in a rehearsal...
  8. DeepDangler

    The Boss says things are getting out of hand...

    Running out of space currently. The DS2 and Phaser aren’t really my sound but I’ll keep them around for fun. I used to be a cable to amp guy and recently discovered the magic of effects again. Less is more has been my approach but things have gotten out of hand as of late. I at least don’t...
  9. DeepDangler

    Boss MO-2 Multi Overtone: who’s got it?

    Who has the Boss MO-2 in here? I’ve been GASing for one and just got mine in the mail. It really is a new effect and sound. It’s a mix of chorus, octave , and harmonizer if I try and pick it apart. The sounds you get are reminiscent of organs, sympathetic strings, and some synths stuff when...
  10. DeepDangler

    Baby’s first Martin

    Already playing better than me. I might try his approach on the Backpacker. I can barely play it...
  11. DeepDangler

    Boss pedal LED replacement

    I picked up a boss pedal on eBay with a bad LED. I’d return it but I got the CE5 for 50 used and didn’t want to go through the hassle. What size LED do boss pedals use? Does anyone have a good website to pick them up on?
  12. DeepDangler

    HSS pickup set: balanced output or imbalanced?

    I need to order a whole new set of pickups for my HSS guitar. It’s dark for a bolt on style guitar. I removed the factory pickups long ago and lost then sadly and am over the single humbucker style. I’ve been going back and forth about what kind of pickups to get. Should I get a lower output...
  13. DeepDangler

    Pick Swap Thread

    Pick prices have gone up to about 50 cents a piece which is the same as a stamp. Why not trade picks with eachother? Post what you have to trade and what picks you’re seeking. Use direct messages to coordinate mailing.
  14. DeepDangler

    Confirming guitar grounding?

    I’ve been trying to figure out how to confirm if my guitar bridge is the ground in my circuit. I see the wires but I’m getting random buzzing intermittently. My bridge is chrome plated brass so it should be conductive enough. Is there a way I can use a multimeter to determine if the bridge plate...
  15. DeepDangler

    Should I change my pick guard?

    I’ve been considering a new pick guard for a long time. I’ve wanted a black pick guard but the celluloid has grown on me over the years. I also considered tortoise maroon and a clear acrylic guard. Thoughts?
  16. DeepDangler

    Filling body holes after a Bigsby removal

    What’s the best way? I have a pine tele I removed the Bigsby from and want to fill the screw mount holes.
  17. DeepDangler

    Favorite amp to play on the rocks

    What’s your favorite amp to play “on the rocks?” I’m referring to that amp that’s so good that effects would take away from the experience. Mine would be my AC15HW1. The guitar plugged straight it and the channels jumped is perfect.
  18. DeepDangler

    Best mini tuning pedal?

    I’m looking for a mini pedal tuner currently. I’m leaning towards the Korg Pitchblack Mini but I’m open to anything at or under 100 bucks.
  19. DeepDangler

    NAD ZT Lunchbox Jr

    Just got my ZT Lunchbox Jr used at music go round with the zipper bag for a steal! Couldn’t turn the little guy away after playing him. Crazy loud for the size and could probably play a really small venue. Punchy and warm and a good base for pedals from what I can tell. If you crank the gain it...
  20. DeepDangler

    Selling last tube amp

    I’m at a cross road right now. I recently picked up a Vox MVX150C to have an amp that could work at low and high volume. It uses the Korg nutube technology and it sounds great! The clean channel is similar to a Vox AC: volume, tone cut, master volume, bright switch, fat switch. With tweaking I...
  21. DeepDangler

    Chorus Pedal recommendations

    I've sold my MXR Analog Chorus recently and that was last chorus pedal. I liked it distorted but it wasn't wet enough running clean and a slight distortion to the sound. I tinkered quite a bit with the dials and was never satisfied so I let it go. I'm leaning towards making an all Boss pedal...
  22. DeepDangler

    Am I the only person who doesn't like delay pedals?

    I've been tinkering with delay on and off and I just can't get into it. I dialed in a little slap back sound I don't mind but overall I'm not digging the effect. The pedal is running in front of the amp with no loop and when the distortion gets high, the delay repeats sound terrible. How did the...
  23. DeepDangler

    Just one more pedal...

    I have a Boss Phaser in the mail right now so I just need one more pedal to complete my board. My tele has quarter pound pickups so I don’t need more boost than the SD-1 and my amp has a good clean and high gain channel. Any ideas for the final pedal?
  24. DeepDangler

    NGD: vintage Gretsch Electromatic Lap Steel

    My grandma just gave me this old Gretsch Electromatic lap steel. She used to play but forgot over the years and wanted me to have it. She picked it up years ago but never found the time to play again. I’m going to learn how to play lap steel but first I need to clean it up. All the electronics...
  25. DeepDangler

    Any reason to keep an extension cab these days?

    I’ve had my trusty Peavey 8 ohm extension cab collection dust for a couple years now. I used to have a micro head but sold it and kept the cab around. With the purchase of my MVX150C, I don’t need other amps for a long time as it covers all the bases I need. is there a reason to keep an...