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  1. KC

    Valentine for my Valentine

    and no, it's not exactly a tele, or even exactly a t-type -- too round a shape, and the headstock is peculiar. But the Music Man Valentine is my fave tele these days. Fender scale, (roasted) maple neck with hyper-sexy wax & gun oil finish, single-coil in the bridge and a splittable humbucker in...
  2. KC

    Tim v3

    Nothing much to say except it's in the running for the best dirt box ever, to my ears. I'll confess I'm in the honeymoon phase -- had this thing a month or so -- but man is this easy to get along with. Plug a tele in & it sounds like a tele. Plug a Strat in, sounds like a Strat, ditto a Les...
  3. KC

    Helpful reminder: RTFM

    Did a gig last night with powered mains & monitors and a new-to-me Mackie compact board, everything sounded fine but I had to drive the snot out of the mains to get any level out of them. Monitor send was nice and hot but mains were not. So today I looked up the manual and discovered that (a)...
  4. KC

    Pink boys

    Shell pink 3 ways: Music Man Valentine, MIM Thinline with Lollar / GVCG pickups, MIC Squier with Lollars and tele switching / wiring. I think the tort looks especially hideous on the Barbie pink one but it sounds great, set up for slide.
  5. KC

    Three cheers for the Origin 50c

    Played an outdoor show last evening with a Strat-ish thing (a Music Man Cutlass), a small pedalboard and a bone-stock Origin 50c combo, maybe 2,000 people in attendance, of which 10% were paying any attention to us (regular food-truck-and-beer night in a park downtown). Thought the amp sounded...
  6. KC

    1939/40 Stella

    Some of you may recall an earlier round of questions about this little gem -- needed a new bridge & a neck reset & I was wondering whether it was worth it. I decided to go for it and now it's back from a nice expensive vacation at the luthier's shop. I'm very pleased with how it turned out...
  7. KC

    Hot-rodding an Origin 50 combo?

    hey all, I have a factory-stock Origin 50c that I like pretty well for a gigging amp, plenty of amp for any room, takes pedals well, nice-sounding to my ears. I may have a line on a pair of Winged C EL34s and was thinking about trying to upgrade the amp with those, some decent preamp tubes...
  8. KC

    Vintera 70s Thinline?

    apparently it's national pink day, and CME has got the 70s Vintera Thinline in shell pink. I already have the '69 thinline in this atrocious color & was contemplating getting the 70s to match. Anybody have one? How's the weight? How's the neck? The '69 is 6 pounds even and has a nice fat U neck...
  9. KC

    American Special tele -- buddy price?

    I have a 2018 American Special tele that I need to move to make way for an incoming guitar. Perfect shape. Bass player / pal is interested. Cheapest one on Reverb is $900 + shipping, with all the others in the $1000-1200 range. What's the buddy price?
  10. KC

    Stupid Deal Martin -- opinions?

    SDOTD today is a Martin Special D All-Solid Dreadnought for $699. Seems like a screaming deal on a real Martin, even if it is from Mexico and comes with a gig bag. Might need one in the near future (my 000-18 might need a neck reset, which is a long project). Anybody played one?
  11. KC

    Orange Rocker 30 noise floor

    Hey all, I have an Orange Rocker 30 combo that I got for cheep a couple of years ago, great sounding amp after I dropped a new set of tubes in there. I swapped out the old (and very tired) EL34s for 6CA7s but this is a cathode-biased amp so doesn't need biasing, right? The only problem is that...
  12. KC

    Drive pedals and batteries

    I've read a few times on the various interwebs that drive pedals sound better when they're running off of batteries, and specifically off of non-alkaline dollar store batteries. Has this been your experience? Any ideas what would make it so? I'm always going to run my gig board off a power...
  13. KC

    Pedal deal alert!

    hey, the Wampler Reflection reverb pedal is on sale for $90 as a Stupid Deal. I have one and it's a great pedal, especially the plate setting. They're doing that stupid deal of the hour thing but even if you miss the hour, I think you still get the discount when you put it in your cart if you...
  14. KC

    slot-head Stella mystery solved

    it's a 1939 or 1940 "Stella Mahogany Guitar," made by Harmony. Here's a page from the 1939-40 Harmony catalog. I'm going to go ahead & do the neck reset on the chance that this might turn out to be a pretty decent little guitar.
  15. KC

    12-fret slot-head Stella $$$ question

    So I bought a little all-mahogany Stella -- seems to have a Harmony serial number -- and the bridge cracked in half. Took it to the luthier and he fixed the bridge but says it needs a neck reset, which seems right. Action was quite high. He wants $400 for the reset. Will I ever see that money...
  16. KC

    K&K pickup improvements

    Played a gig last night with the acoustic trio & was pretty dissatisfied with the sound of my 000-18, set a small sound system up in my living room & spent the afternoon working on amplified sound. Improvement #1: put a Red-Eye preamp between guitar and board. Instantly much fuller & better...
  17. KC

    Looks like Klon prices are heading north again

    Finnegan apparently is nearly out of his stash of NOS clipping diodes & will be subbing a different one going forward: Think I'll...
  18. KC

    True story

    Once upon a time, a long long time ago, I was at a party in Missoula, Montana on a Friday night and mentioned to a young woman I had just met that The Greatest Rock and Roll Band in the World was playing Sunday night in Minneapolis and we could probably make it if we started first thing in the...
  19. KC

    '69 Thinline RI tuner replacement?

    What's the current replacement advice for the "F" style tuners in this guitar? Made in 2002. Originals have always been a weak point. Hoping for drop-in with no extra holes but that doesn't matter too much. I just want this thing to stay in tune! Saf-T-post style is fine.
  20. KC

    Dupuytren's treatments, reviewed

    Well I can't play guitar quite yet, though I did play slide for an hour last night, so here's a review of two treatments for Dupuytren's syndrome. If you don't know what this is, well, good for you. Nothing to see here. Little finger, left hand, had a needle aponeurotonomy (sp?) about five...
  21. KC

    Strat pickup numbers

    Just curious to know which number corresponds to which pickup / switch position on a standard Strat. Is the bridge pickup the 1 or the 5? I know the middle is 3 and the in-betweens are 2 and 4 but which way does it go? Been playing Strats for almost 50 years and I've never known (or needed to...
  22. KC

    "Car color" collection for sale

    somebody's selling a set of all 5 car color teles on Bay Area CL: no connection, of course -- just thought it was interesting. The pic is identical to one that a member here has posted which makes me...
  23. KC


    Well, the Spark arrived, a few months after I ordered it on the $50 deal (full-size Spark, not the mini). My conclusion so far is that this is a pretty lovable little pedal, quite a bit like the Timmy in terms of function. You can dial up some gain or leave it clean, boost the signal or just...
  24. KC

    El Pescadoro in the wild

    Had this pedal for a few months now but now practice has cranked up again & I had it out for a spin last night and wow! As good as it sounds in the living room, it's so much better in a band context. The gritty sounds cut through the mix when you crank it but it cleans up really well with the...
  25. KC

    New telecasterish

    a Creston Electric to be exact, reclaimed spruce thinline with a P-13 in the neck, light as a feather & plays beautifully. I can get a real old-fashioned swing / blues sound out of the neck and a more classic tele sound out of the Lollar in the bridge; in-between is an interesting mix of the...