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  1. 1stpitch

    Songs that repeat lines over and over and over...

    ...and over and over and over. I have recently decided that I just don't like this kind of song, regardless of the genre. It's irritating, feels like the songwriter was just lazy, or uncreative, or some combination of things. I just don't like them, even of the music is good, and/or the rest...
  2. 1stpitch

    Move over for Emergency vehicles

    The Driving Rant thread (Driving Rant - Stoned or on the Phone) reminded me of this. I am seeing that more and more people refuse to get out of the way of fire trucks and ambulances. This used to not happen often, but seems to me to be common today. I'm not sure this is corelated to cell...
  3. 1stpitch

    Does a reissue count as a birth year guitar?

    There's no way I would ever spend what it would take to buy a guitar made in my birth year, but, there are tons of reissues out there for affordable money. So... does a reissue really count? I know it's a personal decision, but what is the general consensus of opinion, if there is one?
  4. 1stpitch

    NGD: American Special HSS Strat

    Picked this up locally today. 2010 model. Played very little, has very little fret wear. I love the neck already, but don't love the pickups just yet. Bridge humbucker is good, but neck and middle haven't won me over yet. First thing to do will be to pull the pickguard and see if the...
  5. 1stpitch

    How many Esquires end up getting a neck pickup installed?

    @JDB2 pondered in the Your #1 Telecaster thread, "I wonder what percentage of Esquires end up with a neck pickup." He got me curious as well, and thought it deserved it's own thread. So... have you put a neck pickup in your Esquire, or have one that a previous owner put one in?
  6. 1stpitch

    NGD: Not a Tele

    This 01 MIM Strat got added to the collection. I ran across it in the local ads. A little bit of fret wear and some pickguard scratching is all the wear it shows.
  7. 1stpitch

    My Blue Chip TD40 arrived today

    Shipping was fast; I just ordered it Wednesday. I've only spent about an hour with it, and all on Telecasters. Here is a quick first impression. It is much quieter on the strings than Tortex picks, but seems to be just a bit louder than celluloid. It is slick when I first pick it up, but...
  8. 1stpitch

    CAGED system - what are the pros and cons?

    My current teacher wants me to learn the CAGED system. I don't want to. It seems to me more of a gimmick or crutch or a way around learning the guitar the "right" way. So is he right? Do I need to learn it?
  9. 1stpitch

    NGD: Player Telecaster HH Surf Pearl

    Oops, I did it again. I've got a story, and it's a really good one I think, as to how I ended up with 2 Surf Pearl Telecasters in 2 days, but at this point it seems like it would just be trying to rationalize an obsession. Anyway, I didn't have a Tele with a bridge humbucker, and now I do...
  10. 1stpitch

    NGD: Surf Pearl Player Telecaster

    I snagged this one today. It's a 2021 model that is virtually unplayed, but has a couple of dings from shipping damage. I needed a "take out of the house" Tele and this fit the bill. For now... I was thinking I would put on a white pearl pickguard and a Strat neck pickup, but the plain white...
  11. 1stpitch

    NGD: American Professional II Telecaster

    So I had managed to collect 6 Mexican Fenders, a combination of Strats and Teles, and decided it was time to "move up" to an American. I was looking for a good used American Standard with little to no fret wear. I wasn't having any luck finding one in a color I wanted in the condition I...
  12. 1stpitch

    Tombstone decals in vehicle windows

    OK so the "Dead... or Passed?" thread ( triggered one of my pet peeves, and rather than comment about it there, I thought I'd start a new thread for the separate topic. I don't get these people who drive around with the tombstone decals on...
  13. 1stpitch

    Who does a really good refret in SC, GA, NC?

    I have an ES-335 that needs a refret, and I want it done right. I'm in central SC, but am willing to travel a few hours, like to Atlanta, Charlotte, etc. I just can't find a competent, respected fret guy. I tried a place in Augusta that was supposedly that kind of place for a fret level on...
  14. 1stpitch

    Contoured heel - any structural problems?

    I'm thinking about buying a body with a contoured heel. When looking at it, I can't help but think there could be some twisting or warping of the neck going on over time due to uneven tension at the joint from the strings. Does anyone know of any issues with them, or tests that have been done...
  15. 1stpitch

    Recommend a router bit for pickup cavities

    I've got a plunge router, but all I've ever done is some edge trimming, so cutting a pickup cavity is breaking new ground for me. I do plan to rough out the cavity with a Forstner bit in the drill press before routing. What kind of bits should I be looking for? TIA.
  16. 1stpitch

    NGD: MIM FSR Telecaster - BSB

    I don't usually do this when I acquire another guitar, but this one is actually a Telecaster. It's a 2015 Mexican FSR. Picked it up locally, and you have look pretty hard to find any signs of use. Got what I think was a pretty dang fair deal on it, and was going to flip it, but thinking now...
  17. 1stpitch

    Electrosocket install on round body

    Hi. I started a Telecaster build recently, with zero prior experience, as well as learning to actually play a guitar at the same time. This site has been an indispensable resource and an inspiration. As valuable as looking at old build threads has been, I hesitate to do one myself, mainly...
  18. 1stpitch

    New old guy, new player

    Hi folks. I'm learning to play at 60+. I've always liked Teles, and I just have to roll my own, so I've begun scoping, planning, and ordering parts for a Tele build while I learn to play. This site has a wealth of info, and I look forward to learning as I go. 1stpitch