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  1. AJBaker

    Compensated saddles

    I was fine with the vintage brass saddles, but when I tried the compensated ones they just worked better. No regrets with the change.
  2. AJBaker

    Favorite Guitar Brand: Epiphone

    I've had quite a few over the years, and they're mostly good guitars at a reasonable price. The best by far is one of the old Masterbilt acoustics (AJ-500). Made with all solid wood, hide glue and a proper tenon joint it just has all the elements of a good acoustic and it sounds MUCH better...
  3. AJBaker

    Heater on or off at night?

    We have a mix of a wood stove and electric radiators. I actually let it the radiator run at night (or with a timer set it for the wee hours of the morning) to warm up the living room for when we get up. This actually makes some sense because electricity is a lot cheaper at night.
  4. AJBaker

    Is there an idiot-proof way to send video from Android to iPhone?

    If it's to one person, just send by whatsapp.
  5. AJBaker

    To compensate or not to compensate?

    I used normal straight sales for years with no problems. Then, on a whim I tried out slanted saddles, and it turned out to sound better and more in tune.
  6. AJBaker

    Do You Play Solo Electric Guitar?

    I have the same Ibanez Artcore. For a long time it was my main gigging guitar, great instrument, especially for the price.
  7. AJBaker

    Do You Play Solo Electric Guitar?

    I've been doing it for years! Here's a very old video of me: The trick is to know your instrument, and actually USE the knobs and switches. An electric guitar can scream and take up a lot of sonic space, but it can also be delicate and subtle, and just support the vocals, but just turning...
  8. AJBaker

    Favorite lyric? A line from a song that stands out to you.

    "All the world's a birthday cake, so take a piece, but not too much." The Beatles, "Too Much", the Yellow Submarine album.
  9. AJBaker

    4-way wiring options

    You can give it a go, but I reckon it won't be as useful.
  10. AJBaker

    Tour de France 2022

    I live in the Val d'Illiez, they'll be cycling through my town tomorrow. I don't care too much for the sport, and a bunch of roads here are going to be closed for the race, which is a bit inconvenient... I might still go watch, looks like they've set up a bunch of beer tents :).
  11. AJBaker

    Lonesome ES 335

    Very nice! A good 335 is one of those 'perfect' guitars, and I think it's one of the prettiest designs ever.
  12. AJBaker

    Anybody else gig-less and seriously depressed?

    Fewer gigs for me too. The pandemic put a brake on things, obviously, and just before it hit I had started training to become a school teacher. In hindsight, it was definitely the right time to find non performance employment opportunities... Now, I'm working as a teacher and still finishing my...
  13. AJBaker

    Anyone gigging a 5W valve combo

    There are several ways to answer this question... 1. It depends. If everyone on stage is restrained, the audience is actively listening to you (not chatting) and you ONLY need dirty sounds, then maybe 5w is enough. 2. No. 5w is 5w. If you want to have any fun with the band, you're going to...
  14. AJBaker

    Star Trek Strange New Worlds.

    I like the Orville. It is a spoof (or rather a pastiche), but it blurs the lines by still telling great stories with enough seriousness. I saw the trailer for SNW, and if almost seems to be leaning on the Orville a bit too much. We'll see...
  15. AJBaker

    Star Trek Strange New Worlds.

    Then I can tell you that TNG and DS9 are DEFINITELY worth a watch (though the first one or two seasons can be a bit rough... Maybe start with season 3 of TNG). I think I'll give strange new worlds a go, sounds like it's ok.
  16. AJBaker

    Star Trek Strange New Worlds.

    I love Star Trek, but I haven't seen Strange New Worlds (yet). I grew up watching Voyager, and later on Enterprise, and I loved TNG and DS9. This year, I got my wife into it as well! We saw most of TNG (I skipped parts of Season 1 and 2), and we've almost finished watching DS9. When Discovery...
  17. AJBaker

    Spanish folks - your top tips for Paella please

    Please reread what I wrote. First of all, I don't know Penelope Casa, I had never heard of her (I'm not American, I live on the Swiss/Italian border). I'm not defending or supporting anything she wrote. I just tried to look up if she actually says that chorizo is supposed to go into paella. In...
  18. AJBaker

    Spanish folks - your top tips for Paella please

    So, this thread inspired me to try a paella for the first time! I boiled some vongole (small clams) and shrimp in a pot, and in a big iron frying pan I cooked some onions, garlic, and then some tomato. I added some san andrea risotto rice, then poured the cooking water from the seafood plus...
  19. AJBaker

    Spanish folks - your top tips for Paella please

    I found some excerpts from Penelope Casa's book on Google, and it seems to me that she says that Valencians don't mix meat and fish in one paella, and that chorizo definitely doesn't go into it. If she happens to have a version with chorizo, then I might call that an American innovation (like...
  20. AJBaker

    Spanish folks - your top tips for Paella please

    I wouldn't place too much stock on a UK version of any recipe. I've for example seen carbonara made with mushrooms, peas and cream over there! (The sauce should ONLY have eggs, cheese, and cured porc).
  21. AJBaker

    Club Italia: Italians... not just from Italy

    Funny how the 'please don't touch' signs are only in English :-).
  22. AJBaker

    Spanish folks - your top tips for Paella please

    Interesting reading the replies here. I love cooking (and I'm quite good at it, if I do say so myself :-), but there are MANY things I know nothing about, like paella. If there's one thing I know about many cuisines (especially in Europe), is that less is more. With Italian food, for example...
  23. AJBaker

    Telecaster Electro socket

    They're a good design, but I've never seen the need on my baja. The stock socket is perfectly stable, and all my cables fit.
  24. AJBaker

    Shielding yes or no?

    That about sums it up for me too. I've done it in the past, and it's nice knowing that everything is in a nice shielded box, but I haven't noticed a huge difference.
  25. AJBaker

    4-way wiring options

    I like having the series position be in the 4th position (the usual position). That way, I play positions 1-3 as if it were a normal tele, and I save position 4 as an extra boost.