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  1. Paul in Colorado

    Was there a British "Wrecking Crew?"

    I was listening to the radio this morning and I heard Herman's Hermits doing "I'm Into Something Good." As I listened to it I wondered how many of the Hermits actually played on those tracks. Jimmy Page played on tracks by Them, The Kinks and even The Who as I recall. there was Big Jim Sullivan...
  2. Paul in Colorado

    P-90 Strats

    I'm thinking of turning one of my Strats into a single P-90 guitar. Has anyone else done it? Please post your P-90 Strat no matter how many pickups it has.
  3. Paul in Colorado

    Bridge Humbucker that Taps Well

    I'm rebuilding an Aria Pro II from the '80's that I got cheap. I'm turning it into a bit of a "Jerry-Caster" and I'm going with two Strat style pickups and a bridge humbucker. I'd like to find a humbucker that when tapped blends well with the middle Strat pickup so it sounds somewhat like a...
  4. Paul in Colorado

    The Latest Health Adventure

    I got the results of my bone marrow biopsy today. I have Myelodysplastic Syndrome. It's treatable, but requires seven visits in a row once a month for injections. Plus blood draws. It's good...
  5. Paul in Colorado

    Background Crackling in Meas Boogie MK I RI

    I'm getting my M/B MK I RI prepped to sell. It has one problem I need to fix before I part with it. When you turn it on it makes a crackling noise continuously. It doesn't seem to change much when you turn the volume. At one point I replaced the resistors on the input jacks with trim pots to...
  6. Paul in Colorado

    Breakfast Talk and Other Bad Ideas for Radio Call In Shows

    So a friend and I were riffing on stuff and we came up for an idea for a bad radio call in show called "Breakfast Talk." Kind of like Car Talk, but answering questions about meals, cookware and the like. ("Dude, what's better for omelets? Cast Iron or coated fry pans?" "What do you put on your...
  7. Paul in Colorado

    Tell Me About Those Blue Molded Caps

    I was watching an Uncle Doug video on You Tube where he works on a Recording King amp that has the blue Molded caps like '50's and '60's Fender amps. The Recording King is from the '40's as far as he can tell (though the title says it's a '30's amp). Anyway. It got me curious. What is the...
  8. Paul in Colorado

    Carvin Cobalt C980T

    If anyone sees one of these for sale, could you shoot me a link. I'm looking for a decent electric acoustic that I can travel with. These were Korean made acousitcs from the early 2000's or there abouts. I always wanted one but when Carvin started going down, they got rid of the import acoustics...
  9. Paul in Colorado

    MIDI Foot Controller

    I just got reunited with my Rivera S120-210 amp and TC G Major 2. I'm looking for a small simple MIDI pedal for changing patches. I have an old ART X-15, but it's serous overkill for what I need these days. I'm looking for something I can use at a gig.
  10. Paul in Colorado

    Single Pedal Close to the Reverb in Multi Pedal

    I recently picked up a Digitech RP 360 to have for practicing and I find that I like it enough to use on gigs. I especially like the spring reverb setting. It sounds pretty realistic to my ear. What Digitech Reverb pedal comes closest to the Spring Reverb setting in the RP? I think that there...
  11. Paul in Colorado

    Tonight's Playlist...

    At the community radio station where I volunteer, they were giving away some CD's. Duplicates, I think, or donations they didn't need. So tonight I stuck some of them in the CD changer and hit "Random." Fleetwood Mac - The Dance Joe Cocker - Greatest Hits Jimmy Buffett -Songs You Know By...
  12. Paul in Colorado

    A General Guitar Maintenance Question

    What is the best way to clean a rosewood fingerboard? When I last changed my strings I realized that my Strat neck is starting to get a bit gunky. I don't want to use steel wool. (Magnetism) A liquid cleaner and elbow grease with a rag? What do you do?
  13. Paul in Colorado

    What do you do more? Listen to Music or Play Music?

    I was going to go upstairs and play guitar, but I'm listening to the Irish Music show on our local community radio station and I put it off. It made me realize that a lot of times I'll put off playing as I want to listen to something. Both are good, but I think it's sometimes an excuse to not...
  14. Paul in Colorado

    Zoom A3 Acoustic Preamp Pedal

    I recently picked up a Zoom A3 Acoustic Preamp Modeling Pedal and it gets me about 85% of what my ideal acoustic pedal would do. But after not using it for a while due to doing mostly electric gigs, I plugged it in and I am unable to switch between the three effects. The screen that says "Select...
  15. Paul in Colorado

    Mountain Song - Further

    I'm trying to figure out the chords to the first part of this song, pretty much up to the 2:00 mark. I have bits, but I'm missing a few. Maybe someone with better ears could give me a hand here. Being Dead related it's not like anyone hangs on the root that much. ;-)
  16. Paul in Colorado

    R.I.P. Gary Duncan Quicksilver MessengerService

    Sad to hear that we lost Quicksilver Messenger Service guitarist Gary Duncan yesterday.
  17. Paul in Colorado

    BYOC Green Pony

    Has anyone tried or built one of these? It's kind of a blend of a Maxon OD-820 and a Klon(e). I was reading the description on their website and was curious.
  18. Paul in Colorado

    Best Place to Sell Amps?

    Where do you guys sell the amps you no longer use? Reverb? ebay? Locally? I have a few I need to sell off and while I'd rather not ship, I will if I have to.
  19. Paul in Colorado

    Best Simple Wedding You've Attended

    People go nuts with weddings these days. They spend enough money to buy a small country for their special day. But have you had or attended (or played?) a wedding that was simple, and maybe a little unusual, but heartfelt and festive? Tell about it. What made it special? How was it different...
  20. Paul in Colorado

    An Emotional Day at the Radio Station

    I'm a tech at KRFC-FM, our local community radio station. Today I was lead tech and mixing for broadcast. We had our regular live radio broadcast today. The band was called Five Month Journey. Older guys except the acoustic player who was the son of the electric guitarist. They had keys...
  21. Paul in Colorado

    Transfering Lyrics to an iPad

    I just ordered an iPad to put my lyrics on and also to use to control the PA mixer. Being an luddite when it comes to these things, how do I get the lyrics from my PC to the iPad? The less typing the better. Yeah, I am that clueless. :D
  22. Paul in Colorado

    Mandolin Orange

    I saw this group from about ten feet away last night. Two voices, three instruments and some of the most beautiful and powerful music I've heard in a long time. This was a make up show for a cancelation in March when they couldn't get to the show because of weather. It was worth the wait...
  23. Paul in Colorado


    I got a call from a friend last night. He's going to be auditioning for a band next weekend. He plays guitar backing up belly dancers in an ensemble and has played with a small group that plays in Old Folk's homes. He's never played in a rock band before. The group he's hoping to play with does...
  24. Paul in Colorado

    Playing On the Radio Today at Noon MDT

    The Colorado Green Band will be on KRFC-FM 88.9 Fort Collins today at noon for Live @ Lunch. Out of range? Streaming at and on their Facebook page in Radio-Vision. Enjoy some tunes, laugh and point, or just annoy your neighbors! :D