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  1. TeleAndSG

    Now I need (not!) a Tone Bender style pedal to complete the classic trio

    They arrived today. A take on the Guild Foxey Lady (a Big Muff with a mids switch), and a take on the Fuzz Face. I'm just getting familiar with them but so far I really like them :D
  2. TeleAndSG

    Opinions on the Friedman Smallbox pedal

    I'm intrigued by it. Has anyone in here played it?.
  3. TeleAndSG

    What do you think of this video?

    On April 25, 1975, Judas Priest performed, on the BBC two tracks that would appear in their 1976 classic album "Sad Wings of Destiny". This was a new brand of Heavy Metal, faster, darker, more aggressive, and less blues based than the one delivered by Black Sabbath, Deep Purple and, yes...
  4. TeleAndSG

    These pickups sound lovely

    These are Bootstrap Original Recipe for Tele pickups. Lots and top end sparkle. They must be great for jangly music.
  5. TeleAndSG

    Has anyone played Fiesta Pickups?

    They are the "stock" pickups in several 920D Custom Pre-Wired Pickguards. There are some really nice demos of their Strat single coils, but so far I've heard no demo of their Tele pups, their single-coil sized humbuckers, nor their full-size humbuckers. Thanks.
  6. TeleAndSG

    It arrived today :)

    Very nice pedal. A different beast from my Green Russian clone, but in a good way. Like a Green Russian, It will cut in a live situation better than a Triangle, a Ram's Head or a standard RI Muff (which are all very mid-scooped). The tone bypass voicing is also a nice feature. It gives you a...
  7. TeleAndSG

    Which is your favorite Big Muff variant?.

    I own a Green Russian Muff clone, which I love, and today I pulled the trigger on the massive sounding EH Op Amp Muff reissue. I may buy EH's reissue Triangle Muff, (based on the 1969 V1 circuit), which seems to have a very sweet sound for solos (nice upper mids, slightly rolled off top end...
  8. TeleAndSG

    NPD: Tremolo

    I know, it's one of the oldest guitar effects, but I've never spent time with it before. It adds a lovely texture to your signal.
  9. TeleAndSG

    They arrived today ...

    Very nice pedals :)
  10. TeleAndSG

    It arrived today ...

    Eagerly waiting for it to be installed in my amp ...:)
  11. TeleAndSG

    Bright and clear 8 inch speaker for overdriven setting?

    I want to swap the stock speaker in my Laney Cub 8 for something brigther and clearer in overdriven settings. The Jensen C8R comes to mind, but I would appreaciate if you share your experience with other 8 inch speakers. Thanks.
  12. TeleAndSG

    New pickups

    I just dropped these in my PRS SE. Very low output, very dynamic, sweet sounding, with a bit of single coil vibe. .
  13. TeleAndSG

    Any love for DiMarzio Air Classics and/or PAF 36th Anniversary pickups?

    Hello. I bought a DiMarzio PAF 36th Anniversary brigde HB and a DiMarzio Air Classic neck pup for my Korina PRS SE Singlecut. Iˋm waiting for the guitar tech to call me, so I can pick it up and play it!. I would be grateful if you share your experiences with these pickups. I donˋt own a ´59...
  14. TeleAndSG

    Pedals that stack well with a ProCo RAT?

    I´m thinking about getting a relatively neutral pedal (MXR Distortion + or a EHX Sould Food) and stack it into a ProCo RAT in order to get a different flavor and tighten the bass a bit. The TS9 into the RAT combo is not too bad, just a bit too "middy". Which pedal would work best in your...
  15. TeleAndSG

    RAT pedal suggestions, please.

    There are so many of them: the RAT2, the Whiteface RAT, the You Dirty RAT, the Turbo RAT, the Fat RAT, the Solo. I would love to have one and stack it with my TS9. ¿What are the main difference between these models?.
  16. TeleAndSG

    No Muff nor Tube Screamer owners club?

    Just asking. The TS9 stacks beautifully well with Green Russian Muff type pedals :)
  17. TeleAndSG

    NPD, sort of

    Three new fuzz pedals for the quarantine. I received them about a week ago. The silver pedal is Chicago Stompworks´ take on the Green Russian Big Muff Pi. The other two come from Day N Age productions, a builder in who sells in Etsy. The black pedal is his take on the Meathead Fuzz, but with...
  18. TeleAndSG

    Thoughts on the "civil war era", green Russian big muff?

    I ordered a pedal inspired on this particular Big Muff. I liked the soundclips, but I haven´t tested it with my rig. What are your thoughts on this muff version?. To me it seems very rounded, less fuzz character, more distortion like, it has less gain, and more balanced in the eq, so it´s...
  19. TeleAndSG

    New pedal day: Xvive Sweet Leo

    This overdrive, designed by Thomas Blug, is supposed to take you from Vox AC territory, to cranked Tweed, and in the more extreme settings, a fuzzy distortion with a lot of sag. I don´t own an AC or a tweed amp, but it´s a very fun pedal to play with lots of tonal options. Love it.
  20. TeleAndSG

    Opinions on the 8 inch Weber Signature Ceramic speakers?

    Hello. I have a 5-watt 6V6/12AX7 amp. It sounds very nice, but the stock Celestion Super 8 seems to be lacking in low end. I´ve read that Weber Speakers are the best way to go for Champ-style amps, and I´d like a fuller sound from my amp (not necessarily louder. The stock speaker has a SPL of...
  21. TeleAndSG

    NGD: PRS SE Singlecut Korina

    Picked it up today. It definetely needs new strings. It´s slim and relatively lightweight. E
  22. TeleAndSG

    Anyone in here has ever played a Fender Modern Player Telecaster?

    Hello. Anyone in here has ever played a Fender Modern Player Telecaster?. I´m looking for an H/S/S configuration in order to get both cleanish and crunchy sounds out of my 6V6 five watt amp. The guitar´s bridge humbucker can be split, and I like that possibility. However it´s made of pine...
  23. TeleAndSG

    Comments on Laney Cub 8

    Hoowdy. Log time no see. I recently picked up a Laney Cub 8, an 8 inch speaker, 5 watter with one 12AX7 preamp tube, and a 6V6 power amp tube. I cannot tell if it is Laney´s version of the Fender Champ, but I really enjoyed the possibility of turning the volume knob up to 6, get a nice crunch...
  24. TeleAndSG

    The Velvet Underground And Nico.

    After being extremely impressed by White Light/White Heat, I’ve purchased albums by this band as soon as I see them in the CD store. Their eponymous third LP is excellent by all means, but is different. It does not include John Cale, who definitely gave their music a wacky, but very enjoyable...
  25. TeleAndSG

    Ibanez GRG121DX vs Jackson JS22?

    I will play both at guitar store in a few days. But I would like your opinons. Basically, both have Mahogany bodies in natural finishes, and bolt on maple necks. Beside pickups, the differences are: fixed bridge and pine fretboard in the Ibanez, vintage tremolo and Rosewood fretboard in the Jackson.

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