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  1. Haboob

    Decal (body) goes on before or after clearcoat?

    Would it be better to put it on under the clearcoat? Or after clearcoat but before polishing? Or just after polishing? I imagine it will get affected by the polishing pad??? Thanks...
  2. Haboob

    Finish color - Decision and question

    Well after kicking this around for a while, and getting some fine advice from the guys on here, I deecided to do my 'Bakersfield/Buck/Don' build in the Silver Sparkle. Now question is which paint product to use, there are several choices in silver....although I haven't found that exact silver...
  3. Haboob

    Pickups for Bakersfield Sound?

    I want to capture the sound of Buck and Don in the early days...late 50s early 60s. Did a search and didn't see anything. Thoughts?
  4. Haboob

    Buckaroo color other than Silver Sparkle?

    My first build (just getting started) is an homage to the beloved Bakersfield sound, particularly Buck and the boys. I've been figuring on just doing a silver sparkle like the famous ones that Fender made for them in the 60s.....but as I get close to making the decision, I realize that I'm just...
  5. Haboob

    Body advice for build?

    Hey Guys - One of my upcoming builds will be a sorta kinda butterscotch thing. Are there places to buy (reasonably) an already painted, slightly reliced body, or am I better off just buying an unfinished blank and painting it? TIA
  6. Haboob

    Thru body vs Top Mounted?

    Just looking for opinions on the bridge (being a newer Tele player) I accidentally played one with the top mounted strings and I love the 'slinky' feel...maybe because as a lifelong Gibson player, I always liked to wrap the strings back around the tailpiece. Are there any 'expert' views on...
  7. Haboob

    So here's my story (and idea)

    The missus and I were in Bakersfield CA circa 2015 to see Merle play his hometown at the historic Fox Theatre. While killing time that afternoon I went to a neat little guitar shop I'd visited before (Front Porch Music).....just pickin away on some guitars and came across a Tele with...
  8. Haboob

    Best Tele player ya ever saw live?

    I'm new on here and I'd bet this subject has been done a thousand times, but I'll throw it out there again so I can add my .02 I grew up in Virginia and we used to wander into DC on the weekends to see music. I probably saw Roy Buchanan a dozen times and he was mind blowing esp for the late 60s...
  9. Haboob

    New guy from AZ

    Hi All - I've been playing guitar for way to long to mention.....a lifelong Gibson LP guy, but always had a secret thing for Teles.....even owned a couple from time to time :-) Favorite types of music to play - early on Rock/Rock Blues, especially anything of the British variety, later all...