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    Sessum pedalboards-anyone remember?

    Somebody needs to mow that turf!
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    The Game

    Same way we feel about having Big 10, PAC 12 and Notre Dame TV games forced on us for decades. No credit given to the toughest conference back in the day!
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    NAD…. FedEx still sucks.

    All home deliveries are handled by contractors. Drivers don't work directly for FedEx so they are paid less and have fewer benefits thus drivers don't give a [email protected]@t. Service has suffered greatly since this started.
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    Jimi Hendrix Live Footage at Royal Albert Hall, London Feb 24, 1969

    Joined by Traffic's Dave Mason, Chris Wood and percussionist Rocki Dzidzornu on Roomful of Mirrors! Mason on a Telecaster! I don't think I have seen all of this either. Nice find!
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    New member from Georgia

    Welcome fellow Georgian from another one in Alpharetta.
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    Black Crowes Stage Invader gets decked (Keith style)

    Sounds like y'all don't like the brothers from Georgia. More power to them I say. Don't screw around with people invading your space. Too many real wackos around.
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    Colin Hay - what a massive talent and funny as hell

    One of our members toured with Colin Hay for a while a decade or more ago. Sorry guys, I don't remember his name or TDPRI handle. It was that long ago. Wish I did. He had great stories and comments. It was Greg V. He last posted in 2009. So after some Google searches I found out it was Greg...
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    The most pleasant guitar-related sensation is…

    When you're "hitting' the note" (as Duane Allman used to say) and the band and audience is with you 100%. It's been a long, long time gone since those nights happened.
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    90% new agey female audience? Don't take your significant other and and be happy!
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    Have you ever discovered music in a movie?

    Stupid but funny movie "Trial and Error" led me to The Subdudes. Don't know why I never checked the out before. All the Time In the World was featured on the soundtrack.
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    So Sir Paul's best known basses are his Hofner and his Rickenbacker

    But the Humperdinker turned out to be a Charlie Christian pickup, not a humbucker.
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    P90s to humbuckers

    No such animal. Only mini-humbuckers will fit without routing the hole. Don't underestimate minis! They can pack a tight punch!
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    Should I use an 18" speaker cab for guitar?

    Generally speaking, 18 inch speakers can't be heard as well on stage so the tendency is to crank them and that makes them too loud for the audience. I worked with bass players that used the old Acoustic bass amps that would rattle your guts on the dance floor but didn't seem loud enough on...
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    HiFi Conversion to AA964 with 6L6

    What would happen if you just used a guitar preamp pedal with it? Maybe one of the Joyo or United Audio pedals could be used if you reconfigured the amp's input.
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    Fender Champion 100w soldering question

    Start with the input, Pre-in/Pre-out, & speaker out jacks. If that doesn't fix it check for any components that may have come loose from the circuit board. If you see any sign of heat damage check that area first by putting a meter on the components. That's all I got ...
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    If I Stop Posting, It's Because I was Eaten

    Is that Ian?
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    Hail to bill Kirchen.

    Only time I saw him was in 2001 when he toured with Red Volkaert. Spoke with both of them to get permission to video tape the show. Great show! Lousy cameraman - me LOL!
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    Older Fender Super Reverb Reissue

    ... and don't set your phone, iPad or computer close to the amp or on it. I keep my phone in my back pocket and have to remember to take it out when I sit on an amp and noises start up. Hey! Maybe I can use as a that trick to get a discount on a new amp!
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    My parents told me I fell off a turnip truck. That's a lie! It was a watermelon truck!
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    Led Zep - Since I've Been Loving You [cover & learning]

    Great job! The singer was fine with what she was doing. Kept me engaged and hit the notes. The crowd enjoyed it. That's all that matters!
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    “A Whiter Shade of Pale” Saturday Jam

    That's too cool for Saturday morning words! Good work!
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    Otis gibbs youtube channel.

    Happy to say I'm an old acquaintance of the guitar player that was mentioned by Reed's bass player in the first video, Kerry Marx. Met him in the early 70s when some friends played in a band with him back in South Carolina. He wasn't lyin' about Reed's band! Check out this video! Jerry Reed on...
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    Summer in the South: In praise of the tomato sandwich!

    Had a blockage that blew me up 20 lbs! Looked like I swallowed a south Georgia watermelon! On a GI soft diet the polar opposite of a normal healthy diet. Down 28 pounds from the high of 212. I feel good but still sense a knot or something. And now I want a tomato sandwich :mad:
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    Summer in the South: In praise of the tomato sandwich!

    I can't have tomato for now darn it all! I'm having gastro-intestinal issues that haven't been solved. All the stuff I love is off the menu for now. I'm in the bread, tomato, Duke's with salt and pepper group. Ain't nothin' better!
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    FN spell check and lack of sleep!