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  1. BluesGuitarMart

    What's the darkest song ever?? My nomination....

    This song has always seemed very dark to me, even though the lyrics themselves aren't all that depressing. I've seen Camille perform it live many times and it really brings on a bleak brooding atmosphere whenever she plays it. It's a cover but I'm not very familiar with the original.
  2. BluesGuitarMart

    Mike Campbell teaches American Girl #solo

    Great video! I love listening to Mike Campbell talk about songs and guitars, this is another great video I enjoyed of him talking about the recording of Handle With Care:
  3. BluesGuitarMart

    For All Those In Different Countries Not The US

    In Ireland our brick and mortar stores are generally not great, everything is sold at full retail price, guitars are rarely ever set up, Gibson's and Fender's if you even see them will most likely be 2-3 year old models (still at full RRP) and you have to ask a staff member if you want to even...
  4. BluesGuitarMart

    Ignore function is awesome

    There used to be a couple guys on here who were into the MGTOW thing and talked about it as much as possible, that’s the only time I used the ignore function and I’m glad I did, improved my experience a lot for two seconds effort.
  5. BluesGuitarMart

    I'm a very different person online than in-person

    My number one rule is I never, ever argue online. If somebody quote posts me to tell me I’m wrong I just don’t reply. I’ve learned that I’ve never seen somebody ‘win’ an online argument, so what’s the point in having them?
  6. BluesGuitarMart

    Perfect or relative pitch?

    That’s just ridiculous! May as well put my guitar away.
  7. BluesGuitarMart

    Stairway to Heaven is 50 Years Old . . .

    Van Morrison was 23 when he recorded the Astral Weeks album which blows my mind.
  8. BluesGuitarMart

    Your Address- Where are You?

    I just had a quick look to see if I could track myself down with just my TDPRI info. If I put my user name into Google with my location it brings up a local classified ad listing site, similar to Craigslist. If somebody really wanted to find me they could just watch my sellers profile and then...
  9. BluesGuitarMart

    If I could afford a Master Built, custom Fender....

    I'd go for a custom version of my Fret King, a thinline Tele body shape with a chunky V rosewood neck, a nice 52 style bridge pickup, a Strat middle and a splittable PAF in the neck. One volume, one tone, locking tuners, bone nut, compensated bridge with both through body and top loader options...
  10. BluesGuitarMart

    Moving on

    Been living in Dublin since 2007, thinking of moving to Kerry or West Cork, a cottage by the sea. Dublin is too crowded, too expensive, too dirty and with the rise of remote working it's pretty unnecessary to stay here when houses are much cheaper elsewhere and the quality of life is better.
  11. BluesGuitarMart

    Something Odd?

    We have a neighbourhood Facebook group where I live and pretty much this exact same scenario happened to somebody in my estate last week. Courier was driving to a house, guy in a van stopped the delivery driver and claimed to live at this certain house and asked for the package, delivery driver...
  12. BluesGuitarMart

    Let's see your watch.

  13. BluesGuitarMart

    I would like to introduce you all to my $1400 Fender Tuff Dog Chinacaster.. (I f'd up)

    As I said, I’m not in the US so I don’t know but I still don’t see why OP would offer more than GC would pay when he works for GC and could buy it from them. I think it’s very generous to OP to suggest he paid more than GC would offer out of the goodness of his heart, I’m sure he thought he was...
  14. BluesGuitarMart

    I would like to introduce you all to my $1400 Fender Tuff Dog Chinacaster.. (I f'd up)

    Seems unlikely to me he offered more than GC would offer for a real one, else why wouldn’t he offer the GC price and then buy it from GC using his employee discount? He said he looked online for what they were going for and then made a cash offer so I assume he offered what to him was a good deal.
  15. BluesGuitarMart

    I would like to introduce you all to my $1400 Fender Tuff Dog Chinacaster.. (I f'd up)

    Yeah I actually edited my post, didn’t realise it had a reply already. Maybe they are ok with it, just seems like if OP bought it on behalf of GC and then bought it from GC he could take it back to GC for a refund. But because he cut GC out he doesn’t have that option. I’m not in the US so I...
  16. BluesGuitarMart

    I would like to introduce you all to my $1400 Fender Tuff Dog Chinacaster.. (I f'd up)

    I kind of agree but I think lots of people are ignoring the fact this guy works at GC and was trying to scam the customer in his own way. He should have offered the GC price for what he THOUGHT it was and then bought it from GC at the retail price, instead he offered the guy a cash amount...
  17. BluesGuitarMart

    I would like to introduce you all to my $1400 Fender Tuff Dog Chinacaster.. (I f'd up)

    Not sure why you threatened to involve the police? I can’t see the guy did anything wrong, you were an idiot and offered too much for a guitar that wasn’t worth what you paid, what are the police supposed to do?
  18. BluesGuitarMart

    Let's see your watch.

    Totally agree, it’s really a horses for courses situation. Some would rather have a boring but accurate watch, others prefer a tiny little intricate machine on their wrist and don’t mind the inaccuracy. The other reason quartz suits me is that I rotate watches often and like just being able to...
  19. BluesGuitarMart

    Your cup o tea?

    In Ireland we basically only drink two brands; Barry’s or Lyons. I’m a Barry’s man myself but I’m really not all that fussy.
  20. BluesGuitarMart

    Let's see your watch.

    I only wear quartz now, I can’t stand inaccurate watches as to me that’s the same as wearing no watch at all. Currently I’m wearing a Trenton Watch Company quartz which is really just a Swiss made Ingersoll. Nice watch though, I’m very happy with it.
  21. BluesGuitarMart

    What's the longest break you've ever taken from playing guitar?

    I'm on a break at the moment, haven't really touched a guitar in about three months other than at a BBQ a few weeks ago when somebody pulled out a guitar and anyone who could play had a go. I'm totally sick of my playing, sick of playing the same things, sick of noodling on the minor pentatonic...
  22. BluesGuitarMart

    I've got an "ideal" guitar in my mind... but not sure if it exists... This isn’t a million miles away whilst at the same time having virtually nothing you wanted. :D It’s cool though!
  23. BluesGuitarMart

    Based On Tone Only. Your 5 Favorite Elec. Guitarists.

    Gary Moore (SGTB era) Clapton (Mostly the Layla era but I love Beano too) John Mayer Eddy Shaver Mark Knopfler
  24. BluesGuitarMart

    NHD. New harmonica day.

    Marine Band Deluxes for me, they’re kind of pricey but last forever.
  25. BluesGuitarMart

    Do y'all clean your coffee mugs?

    I don’t have ‘a’ cup, I just use whatever I pull out of the kitchen press and then it gets washed next time I do the dishes. I’ve seen way too many forgotten about mugs with furry green mould at the bottom to ever think about not washing my mug!