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    Screws....Can we talk?

    Is there a particular supplier you can recommend to buy screws suitable for guitar work? I disposed of all my guitar building supplies a couple of years ago when I moved into a smaller location. I thought I was done with this stuff, but inevitably, I need something I no longer have. Hardware...
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    A battery question

    I've got a weird issue with a rechargeable battery in a Tele I assembled. The battery I used is a 9 volt rechargeable lithium ion battery that powers the built-in wireless. The original battery seemed to fail, so I bought some new ones on Amazon. The new battery has a socket in the bottom that...
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    250K vs 500K

    I have questions regarding pot values. I understand that if a guitar is designed to use 250K pots, it will sound brighter if 500K pots are substituted. What I'm wondering is specifically relating to volume controls, if a 500K pot is used instead of a 250K control, will it make the pickups...
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    A question about fretwork

    I bought a guitar online not realizing that it had medium jumbo frets. Returning it's not an option. Changing the neck is not an option. It's a bound set-neck guitar so I'm presuming a refret with vintage fretwire would be prohibitively expensive. Before I decide cut my losses and sell it, I'd...
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    Valuation on older Fender bass cases

    I have an older Fender hardshell bass case that I'm thinking of selling but I'm having some difficulty putting a value on it. I've done a bit of online searching, and from what I can tell, it's likely a late 70's case (black tolex, Fender logo with small "Made in USA" script and "R" symbol, and...
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    Need advice on a tube swap

    Hoping for a quick response while I'm in the midst of diagnosing a problem with a 70 Twin Reverb. I have distortion only in the Vibrato channel. I assume that means the phase inverter V6 tube is good. I've done some tube swapping that seems to verify the 12AX7's in V1, V2, V4, and V5 are all...
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    Does anybody know what this thing is?

    I just found this for sale in the online classifieds, but there's no description other than 15" Gibson. Does anybody recognize the brand or type? My interest would be in whether it's capable of being a bass speaker. Thanks for your advice.
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    Carver's Magnetic Field power supply amp

    I looked to see if guitar amps existed that use Bob Carver's magnetic field power supply, but couldn't find a common reference on Google. I wonder if the flat, clean response is too sterile for an instrument amplifier. If not, why hasn't somebody capitalized on the low weight, compact size...
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    Battery charger effects on guitar electronics

    I've got a Thinline partscaster with one unfinished thing to resolve. I've been building in wireless transmitters into my partscasters, but I'm looking for some advice with someone who has more electronics expertise. In the past, I'd install battery boxes, so I could remove the rechargeable...
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    A quick tube question

    I have a 1970 Twin Reverb that developed an issue quite a few years ago. A tech diagnosed it as a failing power tube, so I removed the inner pair of 6L6's and have been using as a two power tube amp since then. I've decided to restore it to a four power tube amp, and plan to order a replacement...
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    A non-standard headphone question

    I hope I'm posting this in the right place.....The subject seems to partially fit a number of forums, but in some ways defies classification. My question concerns headphones. I'm moving to a new home where I'll be sharing space with another person for the first time in years. I want to ensure...
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    output tube matching

    I have a Twin Reverb that has a matched quad of TAD 6L6WGC-STR's. One tube has become faulty so I'm currently running it with two output tubes (the outside two). Can I buy a matched pair to run on the inside, or is it important to replace all four as a matched quad. And, If I just buy a pair...
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    +/- cents vs Frequency

    Darned if I can tell where this belongs, but let's try the Effects Club.....I use a Petersen Strobo-Flip tuner. It reads out +/- cents in the display, but not frequency. One of the sites I learn from online will sometimes mention that the recording is tuned at non-standard
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    Anybody interested in Star Trek: Pickard?

    I've been seeing promos for this latest offering in the Star Trek genre. I'm intrigued and will probably make a point of watching it, since I was a fan of The Next Generation. It's an interesting turn of events for Star Trek which had taken a downturn since the last couple of offerings...
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    Counting it in

    I've been looking at a lot of live videos of bands in the last few days. It seems that many bands have developed a standardized way of counting it in or cueing players when to start. I noticed that when the Beatles were in the studio, quite often it was John that counted it in. What I found...
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    Problems with my muff

    I hope this is in the right section since there doesn't seem to be a pedal service section. Mods, if this belongs elsewhere, feel free to move it. I have an older Big Muff I want to repair, but the nearest tech is a two hour round trip away. I'm hoping somebody here can advise me. I...
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    Matching output tubes neccesary?

    I've got a 1970 Twin Reverb chassis that I've been running with two TAD 6L6 output tubes in order to reduce the power. I'm happy with it as is, but have considered adding the second pair of 6L6's in order to sell it. One of the second pair is faulty, so I removed the two inside tubes as a quick...
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    Battery question

    I have a question regarding batteries. I have a 9 volt dual battery box in one of my partscasters, with the two batteries wired in parallel to supply power for the built-in wireless. Is there an issue with using different battery types together - for example, one rechargeable lithium-ion 9V and...
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    Phasing issue? How to solve?

    This concerns a Tele build with two Proline P90's. I have the guitar set up and intonated, so it's playing reasonable well. The only issues now are pickup-related. I managed to get the balance in output fairly close by playing with pickup heights, but something still sounds wrong. Either...
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    Taming-down a pickguard colour

    Any thoughts on tinting pickguards? I fought this battle about three years ago, and after getting multiple misfills on my order, I finally coffee-dyed a brilliant-white pearl pickguard. It sorta worked, but faded over time. Now, I've had to order a new guard and I just received another(!)...
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    Refret inquiry

    A question about fretwork.....I was always under the impression that refretting a maple board was more challenging than a rosewood fretboard. However, I've just had someone decline to refret a neck because it has a rosewood board, and they say rosewood boards are more prone to damage when old...
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    Looking for some info on Zero Glide nuts

    I've got a Duosonic-bodied/Musicmaster neck hybrid that's needing some nut work. I've been tire-kicking the idea of installing a Zero Glide nut, but I've looked at the products and have some questions. I'm hoping somebody here has some knowledge on them. The Zero Glide string spacing guide says...
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    Q-Filter wiring

    I'm adding a Bill Lawrence Q-filter to one of my Teles. The only diagrams I can find show the Q-Filter with black and white wires. Mine has two white wires. Does it make a difference which way it's wired, or will it work either way? This is the diagram I've been following...
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    Channel-chaining question

    I have a question regarding channel-chaining older Fender amps. I have a 1970 Twin Reverb. Recently I bought an effects pedal (rare occasion for me) that sounds terrible (noisy) when it's patched between the guitar and amp even though it's supposed to be true bypass. However, it sounds pretty...
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    P Bass pickup question

    I'm wondering about P-Bass pickups. My understanding is that they're split-coil humbuckers. Would it be practical to run the coils in parallel rather than series? Would there be enough of a difference in sound to warrant wiring a switching system to select one or the other?