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  1. Tuxedo Poly

    American Professional II

    These seem to be imminent. Internet searches find them but pages have been deleted. Google cache helped. Pickups are V-Mod II Características Guitarra eléctrica Cuerpo: Telecaster Material del cuerpo: aliso Mástil de arce en forma de "Deep C" Diapasón: arce Radio del diapasón: 9.5" (241 mm)...
  2. Tuxedo Poly

    Help locating missing resource item

    Looking for the bridge pickup base plate material post by Bill Lawrence with no luck. Used to be here but that is reporting forum error the requested page could not be found.
  3. Tuxedo Poly

    Full Screen Ad

    Possible forum hijack by full page ads URLs
  4. Tuxedo Poly

    Fake Flashplayer

    Frequent popup. url is htp://
  5. Tuxedo Poly

    American Std Ltd Ed Sonic Bl & Dakota R 'Channel Bound'

    These have started to appear in UK and Germany. Compound radius channel bound neck. Anyone have a channel bound neck?
  6. Tuxedo Poly

    NGD +2

    A blend of ancient and modern styles. Partscaster BSB, Finished it today.Two piece swamp ash body 5 1/4lb, One piece quarter-sawn maple neck satin finish, CS Texas Specials, Gotoh bridge and vintage tuners. Makes a very nice, raucous noise. Squier John 5. Arrived very well set up, love...
  7. Tuxedo Poly

    Finished Tele Bodies Available in UK

    Can anyone in the UK help with a supplier of reasonably priced (under £200)good quality finished Tele bodies apart from Axesrus, NW guitars, Allparts and WD. The Axesrus range is very limited in woods and colours, NW Guitars have mainly HEAVY Ash (3.2Kg) and Allparts/WD prices are silly.
  8. Tuxedo Poly

    Control plate ok as a common ground?

    I notice that some wiring diagrams show a soldered wire link between the vol and tone pot ground commons, others don't. I guess that as the pots are fixed to the (metal) control plate this makes a good enough electrical link between them but is is better practice to connect with a soldered...
  9. Tuxedo Poly

    Hi From Merseyside

    Just assembled a black and white tele copy from parts with help from some of the many useful posts here so maybe I can help anyone else out doing the same sort of thing.