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    When you play outside, you need a big amp.... move a lot of air.
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    "Helter Skelter" deconstructed part by part

    I guess this is also in the new Guitar Hero game: Enjoy.
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    "Gimme Shelter" deconstructed part by part

    Interesting breakdown of the tracks that make up the Stones "Gimme Shelter". Enjoy.
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    Ted Greene guitars for sale

    Saw these in the Lark Street Music ad. As I recall reading, Ted's Tele is routed paper thin in the back under the humbuckers. I believe Fender also used a number of Ted's blackguards as reference for the initial '52 RI back in the day. Most of Ted's guitars seemed to have a bunch of...
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    Springsteen: "Because The Night" '78

    There was a time when The Boss didn't have four guitarists on stage with him. Here he strettttttttttttttchs out a bit.
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    Andy Partridge with a Tele talking about his fave players

    Hendrix! Rory! Ollie Halsall! gLs2YRryimc
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    Three instrumental tracks from my band

    Recently my instrumental trio completed three tracks for our demo. You can hear them at: They're the first three tracks in the player all the ones marked '(trio)'. I used my Warmoth/AllParts/Lollar Tele into a Boogie Subway Blues.
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    Mick Jagger responds to Keith Richards' book?

    Full story! Please Allow Me To Correct a Few Things Imagine if Mick Jagger responded to Keith Richards about his new autobiography. By Bill Wyman Posted Friday, Nov. 5, 2010, at 7:15 AM ET Editor's note: On a recent morning, the journalist Bill Wyman received a UPS package...
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    1000W "The Champ"

    Like, wow. I really must tell you this story from years gone by. From the age of around nine, I was first introduced to valves (tubes), and at about age eleven I first clapped-eyes on an 807 tube. Now, please don't condemn me here (some people collect stamps, do train spotting etc!), but…..I...
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    Technics SL-1200 R.I.P.

    Full Story Just days after Sony announced that the cassette Walkman is history, another all time icon of the audio world has been put out to pasture. After months of rumors and speculation, Panasonic officially announced the end of Technics SL-1200 production in a statement to the Tokyo...
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    Marc Bolan Telecaster

    Huh, never seen this before. Paging Andy Summers!
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    Steve Albini on the music industry these days

    Full Story "This is a terrific time to be in a band. Every band has access to the entire world by default. I know quite a few bands that have been able to establish themselves internationally based on nothing other their web presence. It's an incredible tool. It's also revived the careers...
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    "The Four Reasons Fans Buy Your Products"

    The following illustration is an attempt to visualize four types of fans that buy for different reasons. Any given Artist may have fans in any or all of the buckets, depending on where they are at in their career. You’ll notice that I added a ‘value’ arrow that increases as you go up the...
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    Sidemarkers on a RW fretboard: can't see them in low light

    I'm the sort of guy who needs to see the side dots when I play. Every now and then I find myself at a low light gig (all red or blue onstage) and a rosewood fretboard guitar, and I really can't see the things. I remember reading that the Danny Gatton sig model had cubic zirconium side markers...
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    Ticketmaster: the preferred way to buy tickets

    This is what I've been saying for years. Lines? Standing around outside waiting? Cash? Ix-nay: Full Story So how did Bob Dylan's great "ticketless" concert experiment go at the Warfield? You know, the one where the 69-year-old rock and roll veteran asked his fans to line up outside the...
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    Anyone using the Neckup Guitar Support?

    I find playing sitting down to be uncomfortable with most guitars--guitar sits too low and off to one side if it rests on my right leg unless you use a strap and have it up around your chin, which is uncomfortable in a different way, and I never found the classical position workable either. I'm...
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    Just because you didn't have to pay for it...

    ....doesn't mean that you can give it away: Bloggers ordered to remove Radiohead material Fans sharing songs from Radiohead's In Rainbows album issued with cease-and-desist letters by recording industry groups Music bloggers posting parts of Radiohead's In Rainbows album have...
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    6000 pounds of sand and Moby's drum machine collection

    Drum machines have mojo. Take note.
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    Lollar does an WRH!

    Just got the new newsletter, looks like Jason's taken a crack at Fender's red-headed stepchild of a pickup: Lollar Version of Wide Range Humbucker Available Soon The Fender Wide Range style humbucker is an important part of many Fender guitars that incorporate a humbucker in their design...
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    Things are tough all over: oil spill in...China?

    Full Story The Big Picture feature always has excellent photography--too bad it's often a sad topic:
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    NAD: Mesa Maverick

    I told my wife I was heading over to the guitar store this evening to check out an amp I'd been eyeballing for a few weeks, she asked which store, and then asked if I could help her with something in the closet before I left. And there I found... Score! The mid-gain, Mesa's of the early...
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    Recording "I'm Not In Love"

    In the old days, people really worked to record a song in a new way: O2WksiotTjw
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    Things that irk me on the gig...from the band

    1. Musicians who don't bring their own power strip. Or, who bring a power strip with a four-foot power cord length. 2. Musicians who plug into my power strip and a) get upset when I unplug them after my set's over and I have to clear my stuff off the stage and/or b) cause me to get shocked...
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    NHTSA Toyota "sudden acceleration" conclusion

    Color me surprised! Despite ominous news reports of cars careening out of control, there's no substitute for data. And now it looks like many reported cases of so-called "sudden acceleration" in Toyotas are actually due to driver error. That's the preliminary conclusion coming from...