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  1. ale.istotle

    World soccer games - no beer

    I have so many questions. It seems like this could have been seen coming from a looooong way off. Was there a prior agreement to sell in the stadium during the matches? Did they fit the concession stands with taps in anticipation of selling beer? Has the beer been delivered to the country? To...
  2. ale.istotle

    Your best anti-hero

    Someone has to mention Michael Corleone.
  3. ale.istotle

    Guitar Stand Rant
  4. ale.istotle

    Retire To Another Country?

    I don't think I'd like to retire to a different country. My day dream is to maybe go live in various places for a month or two at a time once I retire. Not full-on tourist mode. Get a short term rental and live in the place. I think it'd be cool to stay in NYC for a month. Santa Fe for a...
  5. ale.istotle

    Insurance Inflation

    Insurance companies owned by policy holders are called Mutuals. For the average policy holder they are still just insurance companies.
  6. ale.istotle

    Insurance Inflation

    Absolutely true that your premium covers uninsured and underinsured claims. This is how insurance works. They collect, by design, more in premiums than they expect to pay out. They monitor claims by area, demographic, car type, you name it. The companies that promise you a check fast do that...
  7. ale.istotle

    Guitar shop repair shame and proof I am an idiot :D /shame

    @blowtorch was killing me with the baritone paranormal cabronita with the label on the pickguard. I guess it's a keeper now. He posted the video with the pickguard label gone. Whew...
  8. ale.istotle

    Dark Skies

    I used to have a small refractor telescope, but am just too close to the city to see half of what I want to. There is a dark-sky park in northern PA that I'd like to visit, but you need to know the sky will be clear before driving up so I haven't tried it yet. Cherry Springs State Park fyi. My...
  9. ale.istotle

    Guitar shop repair shame and proof I am an idiot :D /shame

    This will never happen to me. Stickers and film go as soon as I know it's a keeper. Kind of a problem I have. In fact, I've seen some recent posts with film still on the pickguard or pickups and really, really want to arrive at the poster's homes to remove it.
  10. ale.istotle

    Been A Good Day......

    Up at 5:15. Read news, showered, walked dog, ate, voted. Now doing a mandated office day (physically in the office), so the day is just okay at this point.
  11. ale.istotle

    Did I make a boo boo?

    The experts (I am not one) will need to see pics of the headstock (both sides), neck heel, neck pocket, bridge and what is under the pickguard, etc to advise if it's a real 1985 MIJ. Is the binding painted on? Is that the main concern?
  12. ale.istotle

    "Delayed" Lottery...

    Probably so. Still, when you win you'll essentially go into the world's most posh witness protection program. You won't be able to go do anything you are used to doing without someone asking (or demanding) money. You won't be able to trust anyone either. The company I work at had a...
  13. ale.istotle

    "Delayed" Lottery...

    This jackpot is up to life-ruining money.
  14. ale.istotle

    If God had wanted us to keep playing upright basses,

    Do you pluck or bow it?
  15. ale.istotle

    Do you try to cut down on plastic?

    Packaging seems the biggest issue especially considering it has the shortest useful life. Big chart is from Statista. Useful life comes from here:
  16. ale.istotle

    Opinions of this Signature Neck

    I like it. The fret markers look completely at home on that guitar.
  17. ale.istotle

    Wine and retirement.

    Don't be discouraged by the naysayers. If you want to make wine, make wine. I made some beer back in the day, but never tried wine. Had a work friend that made both and he said the wine was easier to make. @trapdoor2 is absolutely right about sanitation. Place emphasis on this aspect...
  18. ale.istotle

    How much would a scratched off serial number take off the value of a guitar?

    I think if the serial number is your ex's birthday it's okay. You just need to keep a copy of her birth certificate and the photo of the two of you she tore in two in the case.
  19. ale.istotle

    The annual “is Halloween dead” thread how many treaters you get?

    Got about 15 total. We usually get 25-35. It was a light night and started drizzling by 7pm. Had fewer and smaller groups. Oh well. Had a few people over and had my skull glass.
  20. ale.istotle

    Do We Owe Hootie & the Blowfish An Apology?😀

    Last of 16 songs in playlist winding down. Solid pop. It makes sense they see themselves as a touring bar band. If I saw this band in a bar I'd be pretty happy. I suspect the hate is just a pile-on. Pop culture is fickle. The band isn't and never was cutting edge, but always solid stuff.
  21. ale.istotle

    Do We Owe Hootie & the Blowfish An Apology?😀

    Song 12. Did not expect a Led Zeppelin cover. Hey, Hey, What Can I Do. Kinda bland. Lacks the fire of the original.
  22. ale.istotle

    Do We Owe Hootie & the Blowfish An Apology?😀

    I'm 6 songs into the Apple Essentials playlist and honestly it's nothing but hits. Darius' voice is smooth as ever. Really solid pop. So far I'm thinking the hate is because it's too perfect and controlled. Everything is smooth, well produced. No sharp edges. Ti-i-ihme. Why do you punish me?
  23. ale.istotle

    Do We Owe Hootie & the Blowfish An Apology?😀

    I'm going to fire up the Apple Music Hootie and The Blowfish Essentials playlist and report back.
  24. ale.istotle

    Furnace diagnosis and repair

    I've got an old grainger furnace I think was made by rheem. The draft inducer fan is visible if you take the cover off. Mine stuck once years ago and I was able to turn it manually and the end of the shaft was visible so I lubricated it and never had another problem. You describe the fan...