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    Truss Rod Adjustment on your Fender Ultra Lux Telecaster?

    My Ultra Luxe Tele's String Ht feels way to low for me. I loosened my Truss rod 1/4 turn . It actually sounded like it popped when I released it just that little bit . I had to use more force then I figured I would . I like a low action , but this one seemed way to low . Actually not so much...
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    Anybody have experience with Drop Guitar Strap Adjuster ?

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    Ultra Luxe Telecaster (Under the Hood)

    I've included some extra photos . This guitar is really hard to photograph with all the reflections. I'm sure someone who knows what they are doing . Could get some good shots. The plastic covering on the neck pickup required removing the pickguard to get it off . I was some what pleased but...
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    Fender Ultra Luxe Telecaster Just received

    Purchased from Willis Music in Kentucky . $2159.00 Shipped Total price . Weighs 7lbs 2oz So the lightest one they have by over 1.5 lbs . They had just received it along with 3 others Monday Morning . They gave me a very fair price. From what I see searching I saved $300.00 from what other...
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    Fender American Ultra Telecaster (Who's playing one?)

    I have a debate between Fender Ultra Telecaster and an American original 50's : Both save me $500 off New price . Can't get both . I am mainly interested How the Ultra neck is ? And if it's a perfect Sessions Telecaster like I hear on The U Tube Videos . The American original 50's is...
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    Whitfill Telecaster Cheaper when purchased Direct ???

    I've spec'd out a Black Guard Relic Telecaster at 2500.00 All the online Dealers are asking $3200 for it . I may even be able to get a roasted neck. All I have to do is wait 4 months vs getting it delivered by this Saturday. Or I could go all out and still not be at $3200.00 So I am...
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    Does anyone Own one of these ?

    I ran into this on FaceBook . Guy says it weighs just under 7lbs . That it's a limited Run Fender 2016 US13074607 What's throwing me is that it's been online for 3 months . It's Listed for 1300.00 9.5 to 14 Radius 1.685 Nut 58 Vintage Pups ALL NITRO FINISH with some minor nicks on the top...
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    New and would like some opinions on Teles DUH !!!!

    New Member : Name is Rick : I live in Michigan USA I played out for years . All kinds of Music But I'm a Beatles era Player . It's why I started : These days mainly at home or in a poll barn band for gatherings : Using a DrZ Cure along with Reverb Deluxe , Blues Junior and AC15 upgraded with...