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  1. no doz

    Do you do Black Friday sales?

    i went to microcenter today and got a nice 512gb SSD harddrive that's listed at $120 for just $20. they also tossed in a lil 30gb usb flash drive for free. gonna mount the SSD drive into an enclosure that i have and use it as an external drive for storing some VST audio libraries on, pretty...
  2. no doz

    favorite "full frequency" overdrives??

    ayy i really appreciate that circuit post @loopfinding , thanks so much! i already built an ODR-1 and a RAT, the blues driver is the next one up. i saved that schematic you posted, i'll refer back to it and all the info you gave me while i'm experimenting with the build. thanks again thanks for...
  3. no doz

    What will YOUR guitar tone be when you’re 76 ? (Neil)

    could have been born at any time in human history and i got to exist at the same time as neil young. blessed as it gets
  4. no doz

    Guitarists should be judged by technical skill alone.

    speed's only worth the context it's placed in. i'd argue that it takes a substantial amount of dedication to the instrument to truly understand what not to play
  5. no doz

    Built a Jazzmaster, not really liking it

    offsets are my fave and i pretty much unanimously shim the neck whenever i'm working on jazzmasters. i prefer the full-pocket stewmac shims (the .50 degree shim seems to get used the most, but sometimes i need to go as high as one degree). it can take some trial and error but i've found that...
  6. no doz

    Ask it here.

    this forum is such a wealth of knowledge and it feels really comforting to have this resource / community immediately available whenever i'm out of my depth on an instrument related issue or just desire an outside perspective. i also appreciate the diversity in age, location, experience, and...
  7. no doz

    What PICK do you use?

    snarlin dogs brain picks 0.53
  8. no doz

    What's it like, turn out wise, in venues theses days?

    there are plenty of kids interested in live music and by all accounts live shows are doing VERY well right now. i could argue that now is a better time to be a guitar band than any other period during the last 10-15 years i think a perceived dip in gig attendance can generally be attributed to...
  9. no doz

    Thinking about adding a mic preamp

    i like the hairball audio stuff, absolutely love my lola
  10. no doz

    DIY P-Bass Build

    excited to see how this turns out! my diy p-bass build resulted in my absolute favorite instrument, hope yours is the same
  11. no doz

    Would this annoy you or make you wary? CL content

    if i sense sense anything weird i'm usually out, not worth the trouble selling anything cool? i'm the ideal CL NYC patron lol
  12. no doz

    favorite "full frequency" overdrives??

    i looked into all the pedals mentioned in this thread and ultimately decided to go the DIY route and build myself a couple of clones so i can experiment with a bunch of these on the cheap rather than waiting for the right used deals to pop up. i picked up PCBs for an ODR-1, a king of tone, a...
  13. no doz

    Dumb trade?

    does he have any draft picks he can throw in, maybe retain some salary?
  14. no doz

    Infamous Relatives? You had one

    familial rumor has it that we're related to the two women who were the subject of the documentary grey gardens. same surname & place of residence
  15. no doz

    MLB Part Deux

    it's felt really special to be in NY while aaron judge is chasing 61. i was a kid during sosa / mcgwire / bonds so to get to experience that energy again as an adult has felt really magical, especially since he's a homegrown player that's repping my city & my favorite team
  16. no doz

    favorite "full frequency" overdrives??

    love where your head is at. i have a fuzz face but have never tried crushing the output into the tweed like you suggested, gonna play around with it tonight! i think i'm definitely gonna grab a rat or comparable hard clipper soon, i think that raspy thing would give me a flavor i don't currently...
  17. no doz

    favorite "full frequency" overdrives??

    i've got a boss eq that usually lives after my overdrives, super useful for sure. haven't considered a loop since this is for my studio board and i don't do a ton of live tracking, but i love the idea for live performance use. i'll check out the VT999, thanks for the suggestion!
  18. no doz

    favorite "full frequency" overdrives??

    i actually think it says a lot about the capability / versatility of a piece of equipment when lots of players with a really diverse range of core sounds all seem to appreciate it. ODR is definitely #1 on my list right now for sure, thanks!
  19. no doz

    favorite "full frequency" overdrives??

    so many great suggestions in this thread, thanks so much everyone! gonna spend my sunday morning with some coffee looking into all of these, really looking forward to it exactly what i was referring to actually! huge fan of their boards. probably gonna grab a few PCBs from them based on some...
  20. no doz

    favorite "full frequency" overdrives??

    my go-to amp is a 5E3 so this feels especially helpful, gonna look into all these. tysm! i love the way that my tube screamer / klon tighten up the low end for sure, but would love to find something that's a little less pronounced around 700-1K. adore that sound for leads but something a lil...
  21. no doz

    favorite "full frequency" overdrives??

    a reality that was def lost on a 16 year old me haha
  22. no doz

    favorite "full frequency" overdrives??

    i played a festival over the summer that fuzzrocious had a booth at, i stopped by to take a look and actually had this pedal in my hand. if only i talked to you sooner!! lol
  23. no doz

    favorite "full frequency" overdrives??

    i haven't tried a rat since i was a kid, hated it then but i also had no idea what i was listening for back then. haven't crossed paths with one since, but it might be time to give it another shot. thanks!
  24. no doz

    favorite "full frequency" overdrives??

    that new prince of tone MXR just released definitely piqued my interest, had been considering a KOT clone also. will def look into these, thanks for the suggestion!
  25. no doz

    favorite "full frequency" overdrives??

    good to know! was considering building one for myself and was eyeing a version with a low cut control added. fully open it's stock ODR-1, any less and the lows start getting reduced. will definitely go that route if i decide to grab one, thanks! i've got a rangemaster clone that i like a lot...