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    Gibson or Epiphone "Made in USA"?

    The USA Epiphone collection looks nice but I'm definitely experiencing some sticker shock. Most of these guitars cost as much as a Gibson, so why not just get a Gibson?
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    What is it about fuzz?

    Pedal addict here, but don't own a single fuzz. What's their appeal? What can do they do that an OD or distortion pedal can't?
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    Small body acoustic recommendations

    Hello, can anyone recommend a smallish body guitar? Something between a parlor and a dreadnought, like a Big Baby Taylor or Martin Jr. My price range is around $1300 new. Thanks in advance!
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    Taylor GT anyone?

    I’m struggling to find real reviews of this guitar. The ones from guitar magazines and sites all read like advertisements. Anyone here own one? How is it?
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    All solid wood Martin for under $500

    I recently discovered the Martin DJR-10 that sells for $499. It's about the same size as a Big Baby Taylor but is all solid wood. Why haven't I heard of this before and why don't they have more reviews on the retailer sites? Is there a catch? What am I missing?
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    Amp kit compared to the real thing

    At about a grand, the Fender '57 Custom Champ is alot more than I'd like to spend on an amp. I ordered a Champ clone kit from Mojotone that I can't wait to arrive. Anyone here own or played both? If so, how does the kit version compare to the real thing? Thanks in advance!