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    Looking for a 3rd Dirt / Overdrive Pedal

    No need to get into particular styles, just looking for some opinions on preferences. I got a birthday coming up and have a couple Benjamins in cash back points taunting me. I'm looking for something to slot before, in between or after a Wampler Euphoria and Xotic SL Drive. Also already on...
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    VHT Special 6 head "whistles" only when turning tone knob

    I recently bought a NOS GE 6V6 for the amp and while it sounds great I notice what sounds like a microphonic tube noise but only when turning the tone knob. I notice a bit of ringing when tapping the tube with a chopstick but not when playing at moderate bedroom volume. I put another 6V6 in (a...
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    "It would be great if you could sit in"

    Said my long time former bandmate/brother in law. I'm going to be in town to visit and he has a gig. I did it a couple of years ago and had a blast. A bunch of old friends attended, saw people I had not seen in decades. I know how to lay back enough when I'm not 100% on material, so I think...
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    Taking half the song before getting to the chorus

    I don't do it often but have several times. I've tried reworking a few over time and they just feel wrong to me. I know it's not sensible for a pop music production but since this has become a hobby I really don't care. I wrote this one probably in the late 80s and redid it several years...
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    Earvana Fender Shelf Nut question

    This is the Earvana Fender Shelf Nut 1-5/8" 12" radius drop in I ordered for my Allparts neck spec'd the same. On the bottom side under the high e string is a raised square extension that makes no sense to me. Is this a Mfg defect or something I can't find reference to online?
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    Anyone running a Fralin "Magic Cap" with 50's wiring?

    I recently redid both of my Teles with the 50's wiring and really like it. Got rid of the treble bleeds and love the interaction between volume and tone controls. There is a lot of useable stuff in between. But one guitar had a .047 cap and think the loss of useable tone and volume is too...
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    Strat build based on an infatuation with a 335

    Years back surfing guitar pron I stumbled across a custom 63 or 64 ES-335 in Greenburst that I couldn't get out of my head. I had MJT custom paint a Strat body and have been dinking around with it ever since. Current incarceration has chrome pickup covers and reflector knobs. Not sure I'll...
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    I've wired so many different variations I've forgotten what is "standard"

    I know the "original" was a 3 way switch, no tone to bridge. But over the years I've tried a number of different SSS variations. I did one recently with no tone to middle (EJ config), not totally sold on it but sticking with it. 2 other Strats are wired where both tone controls function in...
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    Finessing that binding high E slot

    I've gotten functional at making my own nuts but keep running into the same issue with the high E slot. My nut files are gauged the same as my strings (i.e., .010 high E) and even after some tweaking with everything from welding tips, sandpaper and waxed dental floss still get binding on the...
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    I know its been discussed, but Allparts neck radius vs nut slot radius

    The clever "is this already being discussed" feature here populated with a few threads but I didn't see any reference to Allparts necks, so maybe this is a PSA. I bought a 22 fret 12" radius Allparts neck for my Parts Thinline. Assuming the nut slot was also 12" radius I bought an Allparts...
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    Placeholder Lyrics

    A progression and melody you like and randomly mumbling out some phonetics that marry well to the tune you're after. Some stick, you write them down. Some good enough to pursue a theme that feels like a song that's out there in the ether waiting to be deciphered. Scrambled Eggs. I find myself...
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    Any opinions on preamps/mods from Revive Audio?

    I've been meaning to add a preamp to my humble 1 man home studio for a while. Currently I'm feeding everything though my Avid Eleven Rack into PT10 on a dedicated offline Win 7 laptop. Just looking to spice up the front end for vocal mic, acoustic guitar and bass DI. I looked long at the...
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    Weller SP40NUS tips. Is this a disposible iron?

    I bought this iron cheap from Amazon and am striking out finding the appropriate tips. Everything I cross reference (and even ordered) is not even close. This one is a screw in, no side screw to hold it in, and 4mm in diameter. Before I toss the whole thing and buy an adult soldering iron...
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    Is a 3 ply pickguard permitted with sonic blue/roasted maple?

    Or do the Strat gods frown upon such things? Out of boredom and financial responsibility I swapped a few necks around and removed the rosewood board neck from this build. I actually think the swap benefits both guitars. MJT sonic blue body (which favors Daphne to my eyes) and a lightly...
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    Figured Allparts necks?

    I have an Allparts neck from the early 2000's finished and sold by someone else that has a light flame to it. I have since used quite a few Allparts necks in my projects, all really good stuff but no figuring. Is there some secret source to these rarities or is it a luck of the draw thing? The...
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    Return of the non-slotted brass saddles

    Well, almost. I tried some boutique saddles on both of my parts Teles (traditional solid body and a thinline) and found myself returning back to basics except leaving the aluminum E/A saddle because I like how it sounds. One would think there should be virtually no difference between a slotted...
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    Tinting/finishing a bound neck

    A particular Allparts bound Strat neck has caught my eye and I'm trying to understand what's involved in finishing one of these. Rosewood board, very white binding. My usual practice thus far has been tinting the maple with Stewmac amber then rattle can clear lacquer, shellac or Tru-oil...
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    MJT and USACG

    When USACG went under it was my understanding Mark Jenny bought them and their equipment and moved the operation to Carthage MO. Now I see USACG site up and running and located in the same town as Warmoth. Any clue what gives?
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    How likely am I to find a compatible RWRP middle pickup for a 59 Pure Vintage set?

    I have a set, would like it to have hum canceling in the 2 and 4 position. So I'd need an A5 pickup about 5.9k, with the proper north/south polarity and wind direction. I suppose I should order a compass once and for all. Anyone know the exact spec I'd be looking for? Would Bootstrap or...
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    Anyone fit a Fender Thinline pickguard on a Warmoth Thinline body?

    It's crazy but this guitar has been through so many incarnations I can't remember if I've ever tried that match. I think I did then butchered the pickguard to shape a trussrod cover and then put my original back on. The original is a Warmoth with P90 cutout, I'm entertaining putting this...
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    Ok, I may have had Roy Buchanan on my mind

    When I wrote and recorded this one. The Tele may get a little painful at the 3 minute mark. Soundclick link
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    Treble bleed Strat, yay. Tele? Nay.

    It's funny how the treble bleed works for me on one and not the other. It's almost like the tiny roll off of volume on the Tele functions as a secondary (or primary) tone knob. I know the same can be applied to a Strat, but my brain (and ears) just don't hear it that way.
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    Bootstrap Extra Crispy-anyone using 500k pots?

    I got an Extra Crispy bridge pickup waiting to be installed in a Thinline that has an Allparts minihum in the neck. That guitar currently has 500k pots and my initial thought is 250K pots will make the Mini way too dark. I do have a 300k laying around. Not sure how this combo will work out...
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    Mohawk Blush Retarder-any time limit?

    I ran into some lacquer blushing while clear coating my current project. After some research I decided to try out Mohawk Blush Retarder. I gave it a couple days but it didn't go away. It'll probably be a week before I receive it. Never having used it before I'm curious if its effective after...
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    Empirical evidence that I am a mosquito magnet

    So here its December and we've had a hatch of mosquitos from hell. A big cloud of them on our front porch yesterday that must have followed us in while putting up Christmas decorations. I woke up around 1am scratching like crazy. I wandered off and found some hydrocortisone and counted 12...