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    Dad Post Punk - *Protomartyr*

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    Mark Lanegan RIP
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    Protomartyr - Half Sister

    Howdy TeeDee folks, Happy Halloween/Samhain
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    Dead Moon

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    Old Pickup I.D.

    I’m repairing a 1964 Mustang and was curious about these pickups. The neck is a DiMarizio, or at least the cover is labeled as such. It has 3-wire leads in a shielded cable. The bridge pickup has oversized slugs and a coil tap. The bridge reads around 14k or something at full, 6.6k tapped. The...
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    Lowell Fulson*

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    What was wrong with Funk?

    Dammit. I resisted urge to copy-cat post. I really tried. Funk is a godsend to people that have a beating heart. [music history narrative] [personal anecdote] ....and You can dance to funk and punk, so why the chili peppers hate? *cheer boo hiss*... enter electro funk classics:
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    Anybody want to talk about the REAL Real Estate?

    Anyone? New release.
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    Dramarama - Anything

    just cuz it's about that time.
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    Maestro Vibrola or Bigsby?

    I have an Epi 2020 Firebird that's great, but it needs a vibrato. I'm a Bigsby nut, so I know that will work and can be completely reversible. What I really want is a Vibrola though, even though the mod would be permanent and the tailpiece studs will be visible. Is there any reason to avoid...
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    Kikagaku Moyo

    Green Sugar
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    Daft Punk breaks up

    Aw man. Daft Punk playing at ma house...
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    Time Tough

    Toots and The Maytals, just because Time Tough
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    The Frightnrs - "All My Tears"

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    There are missing gaps between Clapton/Stones and the last Bonamassa album :D
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    DRRI dead, do I put it in trash and buy a Tone Master?

    Seriously though, I switched it on the other day and nothing. Checked the fuse, seems ok. The lamp doesn't come on, and yes the bulb is ok. I know that's hardly enough info, but busy week, but I can get it on 'the bench' this weekend. Any ideas where to start troubleshooting next? It's a 2013...
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    Post Your Favorite *Rock* Cello Songs

    Pretend you’re on a desert island and Gillian asks you for cello rock song recommendations. “Rock” is a juxtapose, post any music that isn’t Classical. Here’s mine.. Cursive - Some Red Handed Sleight of Hand, followed by Art Is Hard. (“Ugly Organ” is a classic)
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    *New* Land of Talk album

    Love ‘em, pretty much in constant rotation the past couple of years. New album dropped, not that anyone cares :)
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    I’m a honky tonk, long-legged, guitar pickin' man

    uh-huh, yes you can.
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    Sexy Tones

    We all know them when we hear it, what say you? What does it for you, really?? I’m kidding, we all know tone is in the fingers and underpant....uh never mind.
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    Cloud Nothings

    Wasted Days. A real pick-me-up on the morning drive to the cracker factory. I thought I would be more than this.
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    ...just yr basic New Guitar Day, times 2 (Epi & Gretsch)

    I sold that Double Cut Junior Harley Benton. Probably going to sell a few more. So I'm thinking 'what the hell' and bought two more. One step forward, two steps back. Because of shipping delays and randomly getting a preorder from a month ago, only by coincidence they are both out for delivery...
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    M.I.A. - Boyz

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    Miss Erykah Badu

    I love this woman. I told my wife this and she rolled her eyes. She told me the story or running into her in Dallas, said she was very down to earth. Great, classic, still fresh music.