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  1. Chiogtr4x

    What are you asking from Santa this year?

    More/steady gigs! Thanks, Santa!
  2. Chiogtr4x

    Maple vs Rosewood. A poll.

    George Harrison had a bottle of Rosewood Syrup. He put some on his scones the morning of the rooftop show
  3. Chiogtr4x

    Just how durable are telecasters?

    I just sold my 2004 Standard Tele ( bought new), to get a lighter, Thinline. But me Tele was rock-solid , sounded great, stayed in tune...and transported a lot ( local gigs, in back seat) in a gig bag. No worries, if you handle reasonably!
  4. Chiogtr4x

    The "I thought I had to have" thread

    It's been a while now, as I really stopped doing dumb stuff with $$ towards guitar/gear ( you 'get smart' finally, when you run out of money, and have to sell off stuff- at least my experience) I know back in the '90's I feel like I kind of 'ruined' a few guitars or did not make them any better...
  5. Chiogtr4x

    Best sounding Silverface

    Just my own experience, amps I played : ( I kind of skew towards a big, powerful clean tone as I use that, then use an OD to break things up, the way I like) - i had to sell, but for years I owned a '68 Deluxe Reverb that was 'huge sounding' ( relative to its portable size) * it has JJ 6V6's...
  6. Chiogtr4x

    Long May You Run Chords

    I learned everything I know about motorcycles from Jon Backlund threads! - really!
  7. Chiogtr4x

    First lesson in 20 years. How to know whether to continue…

    I have officially given #30 lessons (over 2 years, on SKYPE) to an older guy who loves Classic Rock /folk/blues like me But every time we get together it's like 'Groundhog Day!' He doesn't retain anything ( even though he can record sessions) and his hands always hurt, forming chords and...
  8. Chiogtr4x

    Long May You Run Chords

    So, a bike, right? ( I know nothing)
  9. Chiogtr4x

    Long May You Run Chords

    Saw the Stills-Young Band ( and this song played) live in '76 ( I think) - for some reason, not processing that they were actually playing together. Thought the guys were only playing separately- 'duh!' Would later do this song in an acoustic 4-piece College group ( I was 'lead guitar'- not...
  10. Chiogtr4x

    Magic. Not ELO

    Did not know that, so I was close Thanks
  11. Chiogtr4x

    Change one letter in a band name and you change the entire concept

    Nuns and Roses Guns and Moses ( or Nuns and Moses- worship group!)
  12. Chiogtr4x

    Magic. Not ELO

    I always thought, that the Pilot "Magic" song was sung by a singer/band that really did not speak English ( at least as 1st language), as their native tongue- might be European? Just the pronunciation... But really no idea, just a guess. Always liked the song- takes me back to College!
  13. Chiogtr4x

    Are Thinline Semi-hollow Tele's Neck-heavy and Unbalanced

    Had mine for exactly a year today It is ( all stock) and fantastic! I'm no longer in a Classic Country band ( was for 10 years), so I had just stopped playing my ( heavy, but very nice) 2004 Standard Tele, and sold it to get the Thinline. It is both 'warm and brilliant, super-comfy, and great...
  14. Chiogtr4x

    Gigging stops gas

    I'm definitely guilty of say, 'pedal GAS' or other cheaper accessories ( not really buying guitars, as too much $$- but tempted...) when not doing a lot of gigs- I get distracted by a shiny toy sometimes! But when busy, it's more like "Just grab something with fresh strings & play!"
  15. Chiogtr4x

    Change one letter in a band name and you change the entire concept

    Blood, Sweat, and Rears Blood, Sweat, and Bears
  16. Chiogtr4x

    Change one letter in a band name and you change the entire concept

    The Moors Los Locos ( have not checked to see if these were already posted)
  17. Chiogtr4x

    Favorite Musician Using Telecasters

    Some of my faves: Robbie Robertson ( in the '60's) Mike Bloomfield Steve Cropper Danny Gatton Reggie Young David Bromberg ( when playing electric) Me! I LOVE playing this ( year old today!) Tele Thinline - really fun guitar!
  18. Chiogtr4x

    Do you do Black Friday sales?

    We don't buy much stuff period, and then usually online. $$ is tight now, plus we have to keep things simple in a small apartment. I have experienced some good guitar gear deals online in past years, during Black Friday/Cyber Monday. But will pass, this time, maybe next year!
  19. Chiogtr4x

    Have you ever had to use your "backup" guitar during a gig?

    From say 1988 to maybe 2001, I always did gigs with 2 guitars and 2 combo amps ( stacked, the #1 one, on top of backup) Then it hit me ( aging!) that I never used backups, and rarely broke string So since 2002, just 1 guitar (whatever I feel like playing), 1 amp ( same), and recently Joyo...
  20. Chiogtr4x

    Do you play or noodle ?

    I gig ( acoustic or electric) pretty often ( say 2-3 gigs a week avg. when busy), and at home I pretty much always have a guitar in my lap. With an acoustic, I kind of cycle over endless John Prine, Dylan, Dead, Neill Young. Bluegrass and acoustic blues/folk songs I know- some I do at gigs, but...
  21. Chiogtr4x

    Rare Hank Williams Video 1952 - Cold Cold Heart

    What is this guitar? At first I thought it was a Martin D-28 or 18, but it doesn't look like a Martin logo on the headstock Is it maybe a Gibson J-50? ( a J-45 in 'natural')
  22. Chiogtr4x

    Y'all loan out guitars?

    Of most of the folks I play with, run into ( all of us in multiple bands and often sub in each other's groups), not that it has happened in a while, but I'd lend any of my guitars or amps to anyone I know. We are all casual, but pros/responsible. I have all good/cheap stuff, and can live...
  23. Chiogtr4x

    Tom Waits - Way Down in the Hole

    Performed 5 ways with 5 difference artists- fantastic! ( for each season) Everything about The Wire was just captivating, "can't take your eyes off..." Maybe the best series I've ever seen ( that, and Homicide ) We are in Va., and not far from Baltimore- done some gigs, recording, and...
  24. Chiogtr4x

    Greatest Van Halen Song

    Maybe it's just the nostalgia of the moment, but hearing my first VH song on the radio, " Running With the Devil" was a mind blower! The song is an explosion, and Eddie's rhythm guitar is sparse, but grooves. This one is my favorite. I also love "Hot for Teacher" - the drum intro ( Alex...
  25. Chiogtr4x

    White Pick Guard? Or Black Guard the way Leo and God intended?

    White. With that color body and R/W board, IMO

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