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  1. Nubs

    Sharing practicing or gigging with another drummer

    Ugh, forget I asked.
  2. Nubs

    Sharing practicing or gigging with another drummer

    I'm not getting into this yet again. Lefties exist. Deal with it. Your logic sucks.
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    Sharing practicing or gigging with another drummer

    I know this is a guitar forum, but I'd like to run down this band scenario with you all: What is your opinion on this? I moved to MD at the beginning of the year and finally found some guys to jam with back in April. I tried for years to get a group together down in Houston, but it never...
  4. Nubs

    Cream - Tales of Brave Ulysses

    Brave Ulysses = White Room Awesome band, awesome music throughout no question. But let's be real in saying the 2 songs are virtually identical, sans the lyrics.
  5. Nubs

    Alvin Lee

    My man Alvin! Love TYA and his solo stuff! I will completely admit his playing can be sloppy at time with missed notes, but the soul & feel are there!
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    iOS 16

    Thanks all for the replies. I have an iPhone 13 Pro, battery health shows a maximum capacity of 94%. Average screen on is 2h 31m, average screen off is 5h 22m. I don't really use it for all that much. A few photos & videos, Spotify mostly, some Reddit browsing, and texting and emails. I have...
  7. Nubs

    iOS 16

    Has anyone else made the mistake of installing this crappy OS? Ever since upgrading, my battery life is being drained unbelievably quickly. For example, I woke this morning to my phone fully charged 100%. I took the dogs walking as I do every day and put on my Bluetooth headphones to listen to...
  8. Nubs

    Chuck Berry / No Particular Place To Go

    This has been a theme song of mine for the past year or so. When it all gets too heavy, jump in the car & go with no particular place to go.
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    Puppies looking for a forever family...

    I agree with this. Nothing wrong with breeders, but I also would always rescue rather than pay for a dog. There are so many perfectly good dogs waiting for homes in shelters. We should be putting the irresponsible owners in shelters instead of the dogs! The real crime is dogs suffering because...
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    Any NHL fans?

    Uhhh no...
  11. Nubs

    Opinions on refinishing - changing the color of a guitar you love

    Wrap it like cars are being wrapped in vinyl. Cheaper, quicker, and just as nice.
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    Idiot logic

    Seriously, who codes this stuff? I'm on the phone with my mortgage company jumping through the dialing hoops. Please enter your phone number I enter my phone number The phone number we got is: xxx-xxx-xxxx. Is that correct? Yes Sorry, we can't find your account. Please enter your phone...
  13. Nubs

    My dream car.

    Got mine before the prices get ridiculous and they're gone for good:
  14. Nubs

    Cloud computing

    I used to think the same way, until I had to run a datacenter down in the Houston area. As an admin, I now much prefer cloud-based services to locally hosted ones. I simply don't want the responsibility for babysitting servers and am tired of getting blamed when they go down. Let the vendor deal...
  15. Nubs

    Demolition Derby, Yay or Naw?

    OMG there is a game I play which is easily one of the best games I have ever played in my 30+ years of gaming. It's called WreckFest and everyone needs to get it RIGHT NOW!!!
  16. Nubs

    Need a new wireless provider

    They don't provide service to my home. No internet/TV/phone/whatever. Crapfinity doesn't consider me to be "bundling" services anymore so they're charging me $25 extra/month because of it. I have tried explaining to them THEY DON'T OFFER SERVICE HERE, so why do I get screwed out of $25...
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    Buddy says he's 40 & I said:

    47 year old here...never been married, no kids. I had a few relationships, but I really am looking for something more long term. It has been so many years since I've been with someone, I'm not even sure I know how to act if/when she comes around. Being alone is a double-edged sword.
  18. Nubs

    Dallas Cowboys sign veteran QB to replace Dak

    He'll get them further than they've been. I can't even find a VHS tape of the last time the Cowboys won the SB :D
  19. Nubs

    Which is worse: perceived arrogance or false humility?

    I think a healthy mix of the two is really ideal. Like you said, coming across as either too arrogant or too humble is a turn-off. Being right in the middle is the best.
  20. Nubs

    Badlands Biker Bad Boy!

    I gotta get back up that way sometime again soon with the car. I was up there for Sturgis back in 2016 when I had a bike. Now that I'm a car guy, I'm more about drivin' than rallyin'.
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    New Shaker Day A couple of months ago I started jamming with some local guys, mostly acoustic. Since then, I have been experimenting with different percussion setups to suit the environment. A shaker has been a key piece the whole time and I decided it was time to upgrade from the egg shakers I...
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    Can you afford to live here?

    I would guess this is somewhat accurate. I lived in TX for the past 10 years and now I'm in MD. The cost of living here is definitely higher than TX.
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    New Fender models in 2023

    Another year of a crappy selection of lefties obviously
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    We REALLY need it up this way! Cornfields all around are getting tan. There hasn't been significant rainfall in weeks. Hope to get some soon!