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  1. 4pickupguy

    Best sounding synths..

    Been down a keyboard rabbit hole for a while now. Vintage Vibe electric piano and moving on to synths. I know, it largely depends on what you use a synth for as to what works best, but in my limited travels I always gravitate towards analog stuff. Moogs, Arps, Sequential Circuits, Rolands etc,…...
  2. 4pickupguy

    Someone please educate me on using VST keyboards live. Equipment and chain, host apps etc…

    I want to use Moog’s Model D app and a couple of others with a midi controller keyboard live. What all do I need? Do I have to use an audio interface like my Scarlet? (Not liking that idea) If so, are there any midi controllers that have this interface function built in for live use? Not getting...
  3. 4pickupguy

    5 new sounds from your strat with one switch? Yes please!

    Just ordered one of these 10 way strat switches. Doesn’t change the appearance or ‘scar’ your guitar in any way. Looks as easy as a 5-way to wire up. It’ll be going into my MIJ strat. It helps to have the pickup closest to the neck tapped 15% so it wont be muddy and to tame the volume spike...
  4. 4pickupguy

    1962 Tube tester found in barn…

    A guy brought this into work today. Was in a barn on some property they bought. everything except the socket labeled ACORN appears to be in decent shape.
  5. 4pickupguy

    ….um, …thanks Barry, thats a take,…

    Starts at about 3:30 mark…
  6. 4pickupguy

    Detroit Rock City

  7. 4pickupguy

    I hit 60 and feel the hand of time on my shoulder… anyone else feel a “musical urgency?”

    Life is certainly short. Seems like yesterday I was a teen ready to concur the world with his friends.. Completely different life ago.. You start and raise a family, eek out a ‘career’ in a chosen field and battle life’s onslaught. Then, the kids have kids of their own, priorities change, life...
  8. 4pickupguy

    Memories Of Humerock
  9. 4pickupguy

    The Window Seat Home

    (Headphones recommended) ;)
  10. 4pickupguy

    Ok, I would pay $700 for a OD after all….

    After seeing Simon Jarrett of Kingsley Amplification on TPS I was just gobsmacked by his Juggler V3 preamp. Its a multi-stage Dumble ODS style preamp meant to hit the front of a power amp. It took me watching the videos several times before I understood how it works. It is a no brainer that...
  11. 4pickupguy

    This is a compressor taking a strat out of the “plinky” zone!

    Wow. Such a cool demo. Just a Donald Fagen caliber fusion groove, clean strat, straight home. Super simple. Compressor just taming the transient out of what I (constantly, sorry) call the plinky zone. I HATE the plinky zone. That spot where you need simple clean strat but don’t have enough amp...
  12. 4pickupguy

    This should just about do it.

    We all need to do this, see if we can get them to raise their ticket prices even more. Personally I’d have to be paid this amount to attend either of these, but hey, I say we all do it lol! Somethings gotta break before the function of music changes back to actually being something people care...
  13. 4pickupguy

    Ok, this little psycho-acoustic trick really works! Mixing through the miracle of self delusion!!!

    Many of you probably already know this and do this, but, I just discovered this little trick. I saw it on this video and just applied to two songs I recently posted and it cleaned up the lower mud tremendously. I applied the trick to the bass drum and it cleaned up the low end accumulation...
  14. 4pickupguy

    R&B Throwback Saturday #2 “Here We Go Again”

    Been having fun straying a bit out of my comfort zone on some 90’s NJS tunes lately. Here is one by Portrait. (Great Album by the way) Chrissy Keys/Vocals Fletch Guitar/Bass/Drum Programming Todd Vocals
  15. 4pickupguy

    R&B Throwback Saturday..

    Headphones recommended.
  16. 4pickupguy

    Ok, this is little funny and a lot mind blowing

    Yes, I am one of those for which Neon is hard to play. Love the tune though. Then theres this guy:
  17. 4pickupguy

    Circular songs. Progressions that don’t resolve?

    There are certain songs that have a circular progression and they drive me nuts. Its hard to describe. I will give one example and hope people know what I am trying to convey. Here is my first example. I am hoping that this bugs other people and its not just me. If this makes sense and you can...
  18. 4pickupguy

    I really like the sound of the Halo in demos.

    Particularly the Halo mode. I have no funds to lavish on more pedals but I really like the modulation and stereo image of this mode. I need to set down with my rig and see if I can’t get there. Anyone bought one of these yet? Reviews?
  19. 4pickupguy

    We wrote a age inspired song…

    It’s about a couple who have spent a lifetime together and can feel time’s unending march.. The Clock In The Room: He opens his eyes, its 5:00a.m. still feels tired as the day begins stairs at the ceiling and lays in bed still holds her...
  20. 4pickupguy

    When rock swings, its the coolest. Post your fave rock that swings!!

    My wife was listening to this and commented “man that tune swings hard, Eddie had great swing feel”. Rock can swing harder than jazz sometimes. Help me out here with some rock songs that swing.
  21. 4pickupguy

    The Clock In The Room

    The Clock In The Room: He opens his eyes, its 5:00a.m. Still feels tired as the day begins Stairs at the ceiling and lays in bed Still holds her close like a newlywed All is quiet, save the clock in the room. Pets the dog and he's down the hall Thier lives told in pictures, on every wall Feels...
  22. 4pickupguy


    I had no idea that Yes as a band was as dysfunctional as were. Very checkered past of squabbling, infighting, lawsuits etc. A crying shame because when they were ‘on’ they were ‘way on’! Even in 69’ live recordings they are one of if not the best sounding live acts ever! Super good band. The...
  23. 4pickupguy

    If the Milkyways stars were grains of sand….

    There are an estimated 400,000,000,000 stars in the Milkyway. There are approximately 2,534,400 grains of sand in a gallon. An average residential swimming pool is 25,000 gallons. It would take a little over six swimming pools to hold a Milkyway worth of sand/stars. (157828.28 gallons) The...
  24. 4pickupguy

    Finally!! First band rehearsal since the zombie apocalypse!!

    Finally!! First post zombie apocalypse rehearsal!!! We got together for the first time in literally years and have a new singer who is very good and no slouch on guitar !! Though we were lacking any dynamics, it was surprisingly tight sounding! Resurrected some old chestnuts and introduced a...
  25. 4pickupguy

    B-52s were such fun to watch…

    …and Kate Pierson was the heart of the sound, all were great tho.