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  1. allesz

    Starving fuzz pedals

    I am a fuzz addict and love all of them, fuzzrite, bosstone and Fuzz face. Wile I love the fuzz face to be standard, I always like to remove the clipping diodes from bosstones, or put them on a switch; It turns the effect in a rootsy and spitty boost/overdrive. The clean up factor gets also a...
  2. allesz

    Are Your Pedals Collecting Dust, Or Leading You To New Ideas?

    Well I mostly use delay and One or two gain pedals. I got different and more "creative" effects, but I don't use them a lot and they are not on my Daily pedalboard. I also got a "noise" dedicated pedalboard, with two drives, one fuzz, multifx, ringmod and wha... But It gets used quite rarely...
  3. allesz

    Pickup Suggestions? Neck, especially.

    Another vote for the Twang King.
  4. allesz

    Squier Esquire pickup upgrade?

    The Guitar Is really a beauty, last week I couldn't resist and tried one in a shop. I think the pickup Is bland, nothing bad but also not that good... Left the shop without the guitar and no regrets... Maybe I would think about a used one for 200 euros... not full price. But the binding Is gorgeous.
  5. allesz

    Reversed control plate

    My tele's control plate is reversed, but I also swapped the two pots and rereversed the switch. If you just flip the plate, volume would be between the tone and the switch, wich would work in reverse... naaa
  6. allesz

    I don't "get" it vs. I just don't like it

    If I don't get It, I will hardly like it but, even if I get it, it doesn't means I will like it. Getting and loving are not totally the same, and they don't always go by a fixed order.
  7. allesz

    A little help-help-help choosing a new delay

    I had the Digidelay for years, prior to selling it to a bandmate and falling in the analog rabbit hole. It is a great delay and relyable. But I also think you did the right move with the Strymon.
  8. allesz

    Looking for a cheap compressor.

    I got the boss cs3, and really like it for clean, only cleans. Then I have a joyo compressor, it's green and it's a copy of a dynacomp (I think) with a blend pot. It's more subtle compared to the boss, I use it only with a fuzz face before, and really like the combo. Anyway It is really cheap...
  9. allesz

    Analog Solid State Amps With Great OD / Dirty Channels

    Apart from vintage gear, choices are pretty limited: I had a look at Thomann yesterday and, apart from some cheap Harley Benton products, you are limited to Quilter, Orange and Roland Blues Cubes; all other amps have some sort of modeling preamps. And it's FULL of tube combos and heads :-)...
  10. allesz

    Only 1 Pedal Allowed

    A delay Is the only pedal I could not be without, but give me a decent amp of course. Come on on on, it's the only pedal you need need eed... :)
  11. allesz

    Anyone gigging a 5W valve combo

    Congrats, and now play that single ended 5 class A Watts 'till they cry for mercy.
  12. allesz

    Analog Solid State Amps With Great OD / Dirty Channels

    Interesting post; I will keep an eye on It. I recently bought a, really cheap, Roland dac 15; It Is a single Channel amp and has a very nice Roland clean but, with his strange array of gain controls (gain - volume - master volume), I am able to get great and dynamic crunch sounds. It gets a...
  13. allesz

    Anyone gigging a 5W valve combo

    If you don't need clean and have a little PA in the club, I think you will have a lot of fun. I rehearsed and even gigged with a vht special 6 head and a 1x12 Cab for some time. In the end I settled on a DIY 15 watt 1x12 combo, and thinkin about 25/30 Watts, to get more clean volume and...
  14. allesz

    Talk me out of a top loader bridge for my AO 60 that has high string tension

    It seems that you find the answer, and I agree: beside scale lengt and strings gauge, action and neck relief can change a lot the overall feel. And strings of course contribute too. It's all about finding the right spot... on every guitar.
  15. allesz

    Let’s see those offset guitars!

    Hey bassman, you Cobra should be from the seventies or the end of the sixties. From my info all the Eko guitars 'till the eighties were made in Italy.
  16. allesz

    Let’s see those offset guitars!

    Eko Cobra II from the eighties. Gibson scale lengt, spruce body and very light, two factory stock Super Distortion. Sort of SG sounding, but the pickups are so hot.
  17. allesz

    NUSSAD Roland DAC15D

    Hey sorry, I didn't notice your replay. Glad you subscribed, it's a great forum. The more I use it the more I dig the preamp, you can get lot of shades of gain (but not metal) and still a lot of dynamics from picking and volume variations. I put on a warehouse gc8, the eq now works better (the...
  18. allesz

    New Guild Surfliner...discuss

    I really missed a guild superstrat with Floyd rose, thank you. :-) Khaler? About the Surfliner... It's not too bad, I see also some firebird elements that I like. I bet that, if you bang the strings behind the bridge, you will get some vibrato; and lot of other noisy effects.
  19. allesz

    minimalist bands

    And another one for Morphine! Little band but mondo songwriting. And also the Minutemen are a great example. A genius drummer btw. Can I get more pop and suggest the Black Keys?
  20. allesz

    Give me ideas for my Champ 600 conversion/ Mods... please

    Hey giogolf, I didn't see your question about the tone control behaviour. The classic Champ single tone control Is more effective at lower volumes. But It helps cutting excess of treble at high volumes. It may be limited, but It eats Just a little gain from the preamp; a full TMB tone network...
  21. allesz

    Your favorite analog delay…

    I Just love delay threads... well, of course I am a delay junkie. The ad9 Is one of my favourite delays. Warm but not too muddy, analog HiFi from Japan, It has to be right. But I got many (also a couple totally DIY): mooer Ana Echo - great sounding, cheap and analog (more "grit" compared to...
  22. allesz

    Choose one

    Number 8 Is beautiful. I bet the lingerie models aged worst than the guitar :-)
  23. allesz

    Give me ideas for my Champ 600 conversion/ Mods... please

    Can't really tell about the different champ versions. But for home use is nice to have a tone control. At full volume It would be a different story.
  24. allesz

    Pirate strat

    Paulownia? Wow! You deserve extra points for making It so sexy. Bravo.
  25. allesz

    Can't choose, opinions requested

    I see four beautiful teles. Find the best sounding combo and sell the remaining parts, or a full guitar. It will take some time, but I bet It will be fun and entertaining.