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  1. RWB

    Blackface Piggyback Amps...anyone own all of them?

    Yes, why indeed? I wonder if Fender asked themselves the same question before discontinuing the Tremolux in 1966 but carrying on with the Bandmaster. It might have been due to sales of one over the other but I don't have any proof of this. I didn't realize until recently that the Bandmaster...
  2. RWB

    Does somebody know more about this Vintage Fender Champ BF? Probably 1980-1981 due to the owner.

    Apparently this version of the Champ was produced starting in 1964 as the familiar blackface version, changing to silverface in 1968, and back to blackface for 1982 with different script and silver grill cloth. The circuit was basically unchanged during this time. My own Champ has 1981...
  3. RWB

    Vintage Hot Rod 52 Question

    I've had my Vintage Hot Rod '52 Tele for a little over 10 years. The body and neck dates are end of January and beginning of February 2007 respectively so it was early production. The pick guard is gloss except for the familiar scuffed area from playing. I recall that Fender imagined it as a...
  4. RWB

    How are the Jerry Donahue CIJ Telecasters?

    I've had my JD Telecaster for just over 27 years, back when it was called Made in Japan instead of CIJ. I still love this guitar and have played quite a few gigs with it. There is nothing wrong with a basswood body.
  5. RWB

    Allen amplification always!

    According to his website he has sold the business and the new owners will take over sometime in May.
  6. RWB

    Fromel mods good or bad?

    I installed a Fromel upgrade kit into my 1998 Blues Jr last year and I'm happy with the results. It included some reliability items (power supply caps, cooler output tube bias, Switchcraft input jack) as well as tonestack and reverb circuit mods. I've used it recently at rehearsals and it sounds...
  7. RWB

    Fromel Mod Kits any good?

    I installed the Fromel Supreme mod kit in my 1998 Blues Jr in August 2020 and I'm very happy with the results.
  8. RWB

    1 Tele, 2 Teles, 3 Teles, more!

    Agreed. I bought my first Tele in 1995 and now I have nine of them. This includes an Esquire but I think that's fair.
  9. RWB

    question about vintage ampeg reverberocket

    Back in the mid-60's when I was first in a band, the local music store had a few Reverberockets for weekend rentals so that's what I used. I haven't played one since but I sure loved them then.
  10. RWB

    Just finished reading “The Telecaster Book”

    I have a copy of the A.R. Duchossoir book from when it first came out. About five years ago, I heard Albert Lee at a local concert. It never occurred to me that he would come out to the lobby after the show for autographs and general mingling so I missed a wonderful chance to have him sign my...
  11. RWB

    That Guitar you Never should have sold!

    About 25 years ago I traded in a very nice Yamaha 12-string in order to buy my first Telecaster. I was sorry to see that guitar go but it kick started my love of Teles.
  12. RWB

    Hooray - She did it!

    Congratulations! It was quite a few years ago when my three daughters graduated high school and then went on to complete university. I was so proud of them. Still am to this day!
  13. RWB

    Fender selling thermometer cases

    I bought a '51 Nocaster about 14 years ago that came with this case. For me, it's great for carrying to rehearsal (a two block walk) where anything else I need can be carried in a shoulder bag. For gigging (remember that?) I use a rectangular case so I can include a list of stuff (strap, cables...
  14. RWB

    10.5 year DRRI Review

    "Many don't realize that the DRRI has been in production longer than the original DR and SF versions - combined!" I don't own a DRRI since I still use my original 1965 DR that I bought when it was about a year old, but I remember all the so called expert opinions when the DRRI was introduced...
  15. RWB

    52 Hotrod potentiometer mod questions

    Mine is a 2007 model that I bought about 10 years ago. After a little setup it quickly became my favourite guitar for playing with the band I'm in. During this no-gig era I've been using other guitars for daily practice and noodling. A few days ago I brought out the 52 Hot Rod again and quickly...
  16. RWB

    Questions about my Vibrolux Oxfords

    Those 10" Oxfords are the same as the ones in my 1970 Vibrolux Reverb that I bought in 2004. They sounded great. I replaced them with new Webers mainly because this was to be my gigging amp and I wasn't sure how the originals would hold up. I might have been a little too cautious and might...
  17. RWB

    vibrolux speaker chase

    I bought my 1970 VR about 15 years ago. The original Oxfords sounded pretty good but since I wanted this to be my gigging amp I installed a pair of Weber 10F150T speakers for reliability. They sounded great but are a bit on the heavy side for this aging back. Last January I bought a pair of...
  18. RWB

    Blues Jr.

    My 1998 Blues Jr has been great for occasional small gigs and rehearsals but I figured I should replace the aging power supply caps and cool down the bias. I ended up buying an upgrade kit from Fromel Electronics that included F&T caps, a different bias resistor, and maybe a dozen more...
  19. RWB

    What amp has been the best match for you and your Tele?

    For band gigs, I've relied on my 1970 Vibrolux Reverb almost exclusively for the last 15 years and always with a Tele. It just works. For home playing I have a couple of smaller amps (Champ, Traynor YGM-3) that are good. Hopefully everyone gets back to playing live in 2021!
  20. RWB

    Anyone else not playing guitar at all?

    Although our band hasn't played since October 2019, I've been playing a bit every day to keep my fingers working and because it's still fun. Lately I've been going through a book of Beatles songs where I've learned a few chords I didn't know before. Even the few songs I don't care for can be...
  21. RWB

    Fender Muddy Waters Telecaster

    According to the data sheet that I printed when I purchased it, the body is indeed ash. They were introduced 8/2000 but I don't know when they were discontinued.
  22. RWB

    Fender Muddy Waters Telecaster

    I bought my Muddy new in 2003 and still have it. The only thing I've changed is the single ply pick guard. It plays well, sounds great, and has a nice overall feel. As I recall, all the parts for this model (including body, neck, pickups etc) were U.S. made. Final assembly was in the Fender...
  23. RWB

    Any opinions on the Fender Custom Vibrolux Reverb Amp?

    I had a Custom Vibrolux Reverb that sounded great after I replaced the shrill stock speakers with a pair of Weber 10F150T's. Then I happened to find a 1970 Vibrolux Reverb that made the CVR redundant so I sold it. No regrets.
  24. RWB

    Vintage many of yours have original or really old tubes?

    I have a few vintage Fender amps. Most of them came with a mixture of modern and vintage tubes. As long as they worked OK and weren't noisy or microphonic I left them for the most part. I bought my 1965 Deluxe Reverb almost new back in the day. It had Marconi 6V6GT tubes from the factory. Just...
  25. RWB

    Hum from Vibro Champ

    That's great to hear, and who doesn't like a happy ending? Just curious about the replacement cap can you installed. Was it a 20/20/20uF unit?

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