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  1. Lockback

    Vikings-Bills game.

    I think the best game I've ever seen was last year's Bills vs. Chiefs matchup which went back and forth like a ping pong match just in the last minutes of the game and into overtime. But, man, yesterday's Vikings-Bills game is Number Two on my list. Just a stunning game!
  2. Lockback

    Praise for the p90

    I bought this G&L mainly for the P90 neck pickup. Love it!
  3. Lockback

    Football the ultimate first world problem.

    Sports, like music perhaps, is a diversion from the drudgery of everyday life. We don't have to have either one but I welcome both with open arms. I happen to love NFL football and Major League baseball. I don't worship athletes (nor do I put musicians on pedestals) but respect their abilities...
  4. Lockback

    Which show would you rather go to -- Robben Ford or Joe Bonamassa?

    Yeah, it surprises me and, frankly, disappoints me a little. He's not everybody's cup of tea but I've rarely heard a bad word about him. He's technically an excellent player and a guitar historian who also just happens to collect and actually play those instruments in concert. He is unique in...
  5. Lockback

    MLB Part Deux

    I grew up loving both baseball and football. Over the years, baseball has slowly faded into the rearview mirror as the NFL has taken over my sports watching demands. But this year's NFL "action" has left a lot to be desired - seemingly more boring games and almost too much parity. The MLB...
  6. Lockback

    Took my family to dinner last night.

    That's obscene.
  7. Lockback

    New Fender models in 2023

    That's not bad advice at all.
  8. Lockback

    What Is Your Guitar Missing?

    Doggone it, you beat me to it!
  9. Lockback

    Moving to a condo. Add a headphone Jack, or sell my amp?

    I live in a condo community. I use headphones through my amp. That way the 80-year-old curmudgeon next door to me doesn't have to call the police. :lol:
  10. Lockback

    What's Your Favorite Time to play guitar?

    I've gotten into kind of a nice routine, although now that I'm retired, I tell myself I don't want to feel obligated to routines. Nonetheless, I usually play for about an hour every night after dinner, roughly from 7:00 - 8:00 PM. I almost always play one of my electrics but with my headphones...
  11. Lockback

    Are gigs (shows/concerts) really getting more boring and why?

    I've never been a concert guy. I am not a fan of crowds at all and back in the day, so many live shows simply couldn't hold a candle to the recorded versions of the songs. Recently, I've considered seeing both the Eagles (a few weeks ago) and Eric Clapton (coming in September). That is until I...
  12. Lockback

    We're all being suckered......

    Here's my situation. I'm ... 1) Fairly new to electric guitars 2) Retired and on a tight budget 3) Cheap 4) Not a gigging musician ... ... all of my 6 guitars are of Chinese or Indonesian origin. All are terrific instruments in my eyes and to my hands (4 electrics and 2 acoustics). I don't have...
  13. Lockback

    Happy Brubeck Day!

    Thanks for this. I'll put that on my list of things to read!
  14. Lockback

    Happy Brubeck Day!

    I was about 7 years old when Time Out was released. My father had just put together a HeathKit stereo system and bought the album (he was a huge Brubeck fan). I remember sitting on the floor of our living room positioned exactly equidistant between the two speakers after lowering the needle on...
  15. Lockback

    Time For A Brandy!

    Aw shoot, Mike. Pulling for you, buddy. We all have our struggles, particularly in our age group. I'll have a bourbon tonight and toast you, sir. Hang in there ... be fierce and positive!
  16. Lockback

    I take back every snarky thing I said about The Eagles w-Vince Gill

    Beautifully written review. I live in the Columbus area and thought about treating me and my wife to our first big name concert but when I saw the price, my Pucker Factor prevented me from grabbing my wallet. I'm a huge fan of the band and its individual members as musicians. Henley's voice...
  17. Lockback

    While my guitar gently weeps

    Damn good. A different version. I like it.
  18. Lockback

    Best TV theme songs...

    Peter Gunn Miami Vice
  19. Lockback

    Do You Have A Guitar Rotation?

  20. Lockback

    Do You Have A Guitar Rotation?

    I have four electric guitars; Squier 50's CV Telecaster, Yamaha Pacifica 112J, G&L Fallout Tribute and an Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plus Top Pro. I enjoy playing all four but only play one per day in a rotation. I'm not married to the concept. Sometimes I'll play my favorites (Tele and LP) more...
  21. Lockback

    Blind one album band ever?

    In my opinion, the OP nailed it. I think Blind Faith is the best album ever by a group that only recorded one. I'm sure there are many competitors, as shown here but in my mind and to my ear, Clapton, Winwood, Grech and Baker just nailed it. Magic on vinyl.
  22. Lockback

    Your Two Favorite Tom Petty Songs---->

    Into the Great Wide Open Good Enough (from the Mojo album) Tons of others but those two are my favorites to play along with.
  23. Lockback

    Need Advice: A Tiny Amp for Travel

    I have one and love it. Plenty loud for practice with decent tone.