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  1. O- Fender

    Not sure how she managed but she did.

    Since September my wife would say Santa was going to give me a lump of coal or she'd say I was going to get a lump of coal for Christmas. She even thought of getting a stone from the driveway and spray painting it black. On Christmas eve I was putting things away in my work area of the...
  2. O- Fender

    Rock and Roll is turning into bickering old men

    First, it was Sir Paul saying The Stones was a cover band. Now this: This morning I heard on the radio Nick Mason's response to Roger Waters complainant that Gilmore and Wright were always bringing...
  3. O- Fender

    The Go Go's. I was never a big fan but I like this.

    I like how it looks like they are having fun Meanwhile, my last video meeting was 20 minutes of: "Can anyone hear me?" "You're frozen, did we lose you? Dana...? Hello Dana?" "I'm hearing music, can someone mute it, please?" "Hello? Helllloo?" (dogs barking)
  4. O- Fender

    A pleasant surprise for me.

    Ordered a couple of books yesterday morning from Amazon. According to the website they were to be delivered on Friday of next week. That was fine with me. Nothing urgent and free shipping was my only concern. The order arrived this afternoon at about 2:30. That's about 28 hours from completing...
  5. O- Fender

    Neighbours. Sometimes Scary.

    A couple of weeks ago, I looked out the window to see a couple of police cruisers at a neighbour's house two doors down. Let's call her N2. She's always fighting with the guy three doors down. Let's call him N3. They have a 15 foot hatefence between their properties. I just thought things...
  6. O- Fender

    planning my next project. pine strong enough for 12 string?

    Like the title says. I have a 12 neck. I also have some pine. Will pine handle the tension of 12 strings or will it bend and splinter?
  7. O- Fender

    I can finally once again say I am having a great day.

    That is all. No need for tedious details. Let's just say that in the last few weeks, it kinda sucked to be me. All is better.
  8. O- Fender

    Forgive me people (pine esquire content)

    Hello. Haven't been around much. A couple of weeks ago I was cleaning up and realized I had way too many projects waiting completion. I broke down and felt I had to finish one... any one. I apologize that I didn't take more photos of the process. I was concentrating on completing. (thus the...
  9. O- Fender

    PSA: Always Use Surge Protectors

    City workers are redoing some electrical on my street. I walked in from work and noticed a very strong burning plastic smell. My wife said the power went off for about two hours. When it was switched back on, there was a loud pop. She couldn't figure out where the smell was coming from. I...
  10. O- Fender

    Hi Fi channel and TV show "Guitar Picks"

    Anybody else catch it? It might be a Canadian only channel. It's a show narrated by Kim Mitchell. It features guitar makers (from the big companies to boutique luthiers), guitars and collectors. I've also seen a bit on the inventor of a guitar workstation called a Techdeck. The channel...
  11. O- Fender

    Started a big build.

    For a quality guitar, you start off with great wood. So, after considering maple, ash and alder, I made the obvious choice; plywood. (**rimshot**) Obviously, I chose plywood for the same reason everyone does; I have it on hand. I'm doing renovations on the house and there's a lot of plywood...
  12. O- Fender

    From the mouths of youth...

    I drive school bus. This morning, as I'm driving, a couple of high schoolers were talking. The conversation made me laugh: Young Woman 1: How was your weekend? Young Woman 2: Watched The Doors. YM1: Really? YM2: I'm in music appreciation with Mr. Johnson. We were listening to The...
  13. O- Fender

    A letter came for my father in law. Variation of Nigerian swindle

    I'll try make this brief. A letter came today from some guy saying he works for a bank in Malaysia. The story is that there is an abandoned sum of US$280,000. It belongs to Muammar Gadaffi and deposited by someone with the same surname as my father-in-law. Then, tragically, the guy who...
  14. O- Fender

    Welcome to the laundry we got what you need.

    I don't know what to say:
  15. O- Fender

    I tried. I gave it more than a chance. (modern country radio content)

    I know there has to be good country music being made today. I think my problem is with radio. I set my car radio to a couple of country stations. I was going to give it a good chance. Well, it's been over a month. I didn't like it. Some songs would start off OK but then I'd want to...
  16. O- Fender

    Autotune. A bit of devil's advocate.

    This is inspired by several threads over the last few months. I had a bit of insomnia last night and my cable and internet were down, which is when most of my weird thinking happens. First, I'm not talking about people who have absolutely no talent and, thanks to Autotune, are able to be an...
  17. O- Fender

    Why does tv get a bad rap? (a rant)

    TV is known as a brain rotting wasteland but why? My wife and I were having coffee at a local place when someone came in and sat with his friends at the next table. I'm not sure what prompted him but he proceeded to discuss (loudly, too btw) that he swore off tv and got rid of his set a long...
  18. O- Fender

    Just realised I have an old habit and it shows my age.

    When the wife hands me a jar to open, I always do the old Six Million Dollar Man sound "Na-na-na-na-na-na" As you were.
  19. O- Fender

    Quit my job today. No brainer to leave, really. (just need to vent a bit)

    I'm not in bad financial shape, I needed a bit of cash flow so I got a job with a delivery company. The job required using my car and delivering everything, mostly food, around the city. I worked a Saturday ("Our busy night") and Sunday ("The Superbowl, our biggest night of the year") and a...
  20. O- Fender

    Shameless... and I mean SHAMELESS promotion of a webseries I've worked on.

    If this gets enough hits, this will get funding and I'll be one of the writers. In the meantime, I worked on it and I even get a brief cameo (I'm the cabdriver in the purple shirt). The creator/director of the show even granted me permission to say there is hot girl-on-girl action but it's...
  21. O- Fender

    Australia. One Canadian's opinion.

    I got back a couple of days ago from my 6 week visit to Oz. Mostly camping in a Wicked camper (with Iron Maiden's "Eddy" painted on the side) in state and national parks. The grass looks MUCH greener on that side of the fence. I know it's probably not but... I talked to a lot of people...
  22. O- Fender

    A Holiday story. Happened last year.

    Hi, the following is what happened last year. My mother died a while back and I ended up with her dog, Murphy (Jack Russell/Schnauser/Beagle). The dog picked me more than the other way around and I'm thankful he did. So, my wife and I were buying dog food and the local pet food store was...
  23. O- Fender

    Traveling to Oz, need opinions.

    How's it going? My wife and I are traveling to Australia for the month of November. We travelled there back in 2005 and we are going again. We're trying to decide on if we should pack a netbook. We're going to backup our photos from our dslr to a usb drive or upload photos. We will also...
  24. O- Fender

    Curbside score? Me? Really?

    It's garbage night. I'm walking the dog. As I'm passing piles of trash and recycle boxes, I'm thinking of the stories I've read here about great guitar finds. As I usually do, I'm wishing "If only someone would throw out a guitar." Someone down the street was throwing out a couch and a few...