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  1. DLReed

    Triangle Big Muff

    Not too much to say about it other than it sounds good to me. Very smooth on the neck pickup in the Telecaster. I have an SG, off camera, with a super distortion. Probably works best with that for me. Tuned down a whole step to play along with Fu Manchu. The Triangle sounds better (to me) than...
  2. DLReed

    The Sword

    I guess it's been a couple of weeks since the announcement but The Sword have broken up as a band. They took a hiatus for a bit a few years ago and then began playing shows again more recently. It seemed a new album may have been in the works, too. They are one of my favorite bands and it's...
  3. DLReed


    I’ve put together my newest skateboard. For the past week and a half I’ve been nursing a heel injury (from skateboarding) but in the meantime thought it was a good idea to get a new setup. Coming back to skateboarding after a few years, I noticed that a lot of people have been skating wider...
  4. DLReed

    Reverb Pedals X 5

    Ultimately, I chose the Holy Grail. However, they are all really good!
  5. DLReed

    Fender '64 Pickups

    I completed an install of Fender's Pure Vintage '64 pickup set on a Player Telecaster. It is a change that I've been looking forward to making because the Player pickups are a bit harsh to my ears. According to my measurements, the Player Bridge reads 9.61 K while the neck reads 8.17 K. The '64...
  6. DLReed

    NPD TrueTone Jekyll & Hyde

    I am a pretty big fan of The Strokes and since I read that they used a Jekyll & Hyde I've kind of been searching for one. I found this used on Craigslist. It was listed in a different area than I am from but I emailed the guy on the off chance that we could meet closer to me. It turned out he...
  7. DLReed

    Staining a laurel fingerboard

    I stained the fingerboard of my epiphone les paul junior because the laurel was just too weird looking. It was on the darker side of many laurel fingerboards I've seen but it just didn't look great to me. I don't have any before pictures clearly showing what I was dissatisfied with but here it...
  8. DLReed

    Unconventionally sized pedals

    Many pedals are of a uniform size and shape - what are some of your favorite pedals housed in odd boxes? I recently got the Spring King and, just today, the Big Muff. They both look awesome and sound great together. The Spring King is on sale at Sweetwater right now, by the way.
  9. DLReed

    A Squier Week

    I've had a good guitar week. I've seen quite a few posts about the Classic Vibe 50s Telecasters and how they are a great value. The local guitar shop I frequent did have one about a year ago that I tried and liked but I didn't make my decision fast enough. It was gone the next time I visited...
  10. DLReed

    In Spite of Ourselves

    I see John Prine mentioned quite a bit here on the forum and I have to be honest that I don't believe I've heard any of his songs. I didn't know this was a cover, in fact, until I noticed the songwriting credits. I do love Viagra Boys and this is evidently a John Prine song that everybody is...
  11. DLReed

    You Make Me Real

    Since I can remember having favorite guitar players, Robby Krieger has been one of them. However, I've never attempted to learn any of his songs from the doors. I think I will start with this one: Is it true that he only plays with his fingers? He gets such a cool, biting sound all the time. He...
  12. DLReed

    The gang's all here

    It would be interesting to view photos of all of your gear together:
  13. DLReed

    Peavey Blazer 158

    I love the Transtube series of Peavey Amps - I found a Peavey Blazer 158 near me that I picked up the other day since I've never tried one of them. This is just like the Rage, but with Reverb. It has an 8" speaker and two channels. I decided I wanted to make it over a little bit: This is what...
  14. DLReed

    2020 Epiphone Les Paul Junior

    I picked up a new Epiphone Les Paul Junior from a local shop a few weeks ago and have had some time to mess around with it. It sounds really great through the DSL5. I play along to a lot of Clutch and Black Sabbath songs and am able to get a nice growl out of it. The neck is the 50s rounded...
  15. DLReed

    Joyo Vintage Phase

    I am enjoying the recent arrival of a Joyo Vintage Phase. When I use it in my chain in front of the amp it is really subtle on the Ultra Gain Channel of a Marshall DSL5CR. If I plug it into the effects loop there is more phase but there is a significant drop in volume. However, if I am using the...
  16. DLReed

    Too cool for me...

    I ordered a 2020 Epiphone Les Paul Junior a few months ago from my local guitar store and it came in on Friday! It is everything I hoped it would be. For me, a great guitar is one I can pick up and play and not think about it at all. This does that for me. It plays easily with no discernible...
  17. DLReed

    Ah Ha! moment

    For the last couple of weeks the idea of buying a compressor pedal began creeping in my head. I knew the thought wouldn't pass without me taking action so I picked up an MXR Dyna Comp. I am enjoying the effect it is having on my tone so far, although, I would be hard pressed to put into words...
  18. DLReed

    Spring Reverb

    Weird question: Does onboard spring reverb get "springier" over time? I purchased a Blues Junior IV and the spring reverb isn't really as drippy as I was hoping it would be. It comes with a RubyTubes tank which is nice sounding but I can't get the Ventures vibe going with it. I put a ModTank in...
  19. DLReed

    Did I break the reverb?

    Whilst playing through my Peavey Bandit 112 my girlfriend wandered in and sat down. I thought it would be funny to startle her so I brought my foot down on top of my amp to give it a good old shake of the springs. Well, it worked and she was sufficiently startled. However, the reverb seems to be...
  20. DLReed

    Effects loop delay/tremolo

    I've been experimenting with a Boss DD-3 delay and a Boss TR-2 Tremolo in my Peavey Bandit's effects loop. With both pedals on in either order of send/return there is a weird "ghost" delay sound that kind of pops in the background. When I am muting the strings I don't hear it (I get the slapback...
  21. DLReed

    Marshall DSL5cR

    Just wanted to share my thoughts on the Marshall DSL5cR. I've been playing it for about a month and have stumbled on to some great sounds. With my SG, which has a Super Distortion, it is quite mean sounding on the ultra gain channel. I use the gain only about a quarter of the way up and that is...
  22. DLReed

    Truck Drivers

    Are there any current or former truck drivers here? I have long considered obtaining a CDL. What do you think the future of truck driving is? How did you obtain your CDL - A driving school or on your own?
  23. DLReed

    Is this important?

    I needed to install a new output jack retainer clip and when I took the output jack out, this appeared. I assume it is just a spacer/washer?
  24. DLReed

    My Beatles

    One of my favorite bands, The Strokes, just released a new album. I was thinking about it and they were my Beatles. They released their first album the summer before I began my senior year and the video for Last Nite sparked my interest in actually playing guitar. Not to mention, I grew out...
  25. DLReed

    Bike Ride

    Spring has come early in Northern New York. I've been able to get out on my bike a lot the past three weeks. Today felt a lot like a warm late fall day and since the trees haven't started budding yet, it looked a lot like it to. IMG_3693 by DLReed posted Apr 12, 2020 at 5:12 PM IMG_3694 by...