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  1. BWNadeau

    MIM 50's Lacquer neck?

    Please feel free to move this if it should be in the building forums, but I'd like opinions on the Vintage 50's Lacquer neck? Now that I've confirmed the authenticity of that '64 body, I grabbed it, and I'll be looking at a neck. I can pick one of these up locally for a decent price, but was...
  2. BWNadeau

    '64 AVRI body - legit?

    I'm considering grabbing this off the bay - I had one and didn't look under the hood, so I can't be sure. Just want to know if it is a legit body. It looks right, but...
  3. BWNadeau

    My favorite day of the week - NGD ;-)

    I figured with all the AVRI '64 love in the air lately, I may as well jump on the band-wagon and see what the fuss is about. Picked this up last night for a great price - excellent condition apart from one or two tiny edge dings.
  4. BWNadeau

    NPD - fine finding older gems.

    I got a chance to pick up an original version Hermida Reverb box last night for a pretty sweet price. The condition is pretty much mint, and it sounds amazing! I've recently switched over to Tweed style amps (for the life of me, I don't understand why I didn't go that route years ago), and...
  5. BWNadeau

    How to use a 1000th post - with a Tele build thread, of course! ;-)

    My newest project is underway. I had to side-line it last fall due to some issues with the house, but a friend has my new T build rolling along if anything he's building wouldn't be ;-) I wanted to go very classic with this, so here's the spec list: Body - 1-piece swamp ash (about...
  6. BWNadeau

    NAD - SFPR

    I had some luck on Kijiji (CL) a few days ago - found an older gent selling what he had listed as a '73 Princeton Reverb. It turned to actually be a '76, but it's pre-push/pull, so it doesn't make much difference. This amp has one of the nicest cleans I've ever played - it has surprising...
  7. BWNadeau


    Picked up a beauty last night - 2014 Fender Classic Players Baja 50's. 2-piece butterscotch blonde with what appears to be a reasonable clear-coat poly finish - doesn't seem anywhere near as thick as the 1990 Standard I have at the house. I've read the rave reviews these have received over the...
  8. BWNadeau


    Here's a pic of the new addition - it's the one I left with instead of the Coppercaster ;-). I played a lot with the bridge pup, but ended up yanking the stock one and putting my Budz 542 in there. I'll probably replace the Duncan with my Budz Firebird too - the Duncan sounds great, but is bass...
  9. BWNadeau

    Avri 52 copper - going rate?

    I'm looking at a '97 avri 52 coppercaster. It's in mint condition with the full compliment of case candy - seller is asking $1300 Canadian. I've checked out a few sites and prices seem to be all over the place - some going new for less than a thousand, some asking $1500+. Anyone have some advice?
  10. BWNadeau

    Would you do this swap?

    I run one amp, and one amp only. Right now I'm running a '68 Drip Edge Vibrolux Reverb that has been professionally Blackfaced. I love the sound, but I play a broad range of music, and it lacks the headroom I like to have. I have an opportunity to swap it for a mint condition Maz38 Reverb...
  11. BWNadeau

    Soapbar bridge plate?

    Anyone have any experience with this?
  12. BWNadeau

    Soapbar Bridge Plate?

    Anyone have any experience with this?
  13. BWNadeau

    Diamond Balinese (Blankenship FATboy) or Valvetech VAC25 W/R

    I unloaded my DRRI last night. In all honesty, I could not bond with the amp at all, and am looking for more headroom anyway. A Carr Rambler probably sits at the top of my GAS list, but at 3 grand, it ain't hapennin' anytime soon. There are two interesting contenders that have popped up on...
  14. BWNadeau

    NPD - Compact Tone Press

    I received my small box Barber Tone Press today. Three letters sum up my impressions thus far - WOW! The pedal is great - it has what I would consider a perfect blend of features for my needs. It does a sweet country comp that lets you blend the og sound back in, just like the old Tone...
  15. BWNadeau

    NAD - DRRI - and +

    Wanting to get a sweeter clean foundation for country music, I opted to buy a DRRI this weekend. I got a 1 year old one with little use on it - dead mint with a Fender slip cover included for $400 off retail. I also have the receipt, so it has 4 years of transferred warranty left. I was happy...
  16. BWNadeau


    I think I've just set a personal record for longest time between NPD' wonder there's money in my bank account at the end of the month now...:cool: I just picked up a Bearfoot Honey Beest in a swap on TGP. I unloaded a sweet Pale Green Comp to get it, but it wasn't doing what I want...
  17. BWNadeau

    Which would you go for? ASAT / Baja

    I have two guitars on my GAS RADAR right now - both are listed locally, but on opposite directions, so comparing won't be easy. One is a Baja - vintage blonde, stock, and great condition. It'll cost me 5 and a half bills. The ASAT is the pre-ASAT Special model. It has the MDF pups with black...
  18. BWNadeau

    NAD - The Doctor's in the house!

    I tried a Dr Z Maz 18 a couple years ago and it's the one amp I've tried that stuck with me - the tone and touch was unlike anything I'd tried to that point - or to this point. Unfortunately, it was a bit more than I could tie up financially into one piece of gear at the time. Well, some...
  19. BWNadeau

    NGD a year in the making...and worth every minute of the wait!

    I got an email this morning from Mr. Brian Tele build was complete and ready to go. I hopped in the car about .4 seconds later and hit the road. Got there, plugged it into his old beat-to-**** Delta Blues and went to tonal heaven! Unplugged it is the loudest, most resonant Tele I've...
  20. BWNadeau

    New Tele Day

    I've been trying to thin the herd down to just what I'm going to use lately. I'm not much on Strats in spite of 2 solid years trying to force myself to like playing them, so I decided to cut the last one loose today in search of a nice Tele to install benders in. I traded off my G&L Legacy...
  21. BWNadeau

    72 Deluxe alternative wiring question

    Hey guys - how's it goin? I'm performing surgery on a 72 Tele Deluxe Ri right now. I'm putting different pickups in it - a firebird at the bridge and a full-size split-coil humbucker int he bridge. What I'm looking at doing is the spin-a-split coil tap. Anyone know of a schematic that...
  22. BWNadeau


    I've been trying hard to fall in love with my Strat, but I simply can't get into playing one for some reason, so I've been shopping it around, trying to swap for an ASAT or Tele. I do like the tonal versatility of the Strat, but hate how it feels and I'm not a lover of pulling the strings flat...
  23. BWNadeau

    NPD X2

    I went by the Solidgoldfx shop today and tried a few pedals with Greg. The new location is very cool, and their set-up is gonna be even more efficient...not that there were any issues to begin with. I ended up coming home with 2 new boxes - both dirt. One - the Super Drive. This pedal is...
  24. BWNadeau


    I picked this Tele up off Kijiji a couple days ago. Got it for 2 bills - some finish damage on the body and some fret sprout, but excellent project potential with a pretty nice neck. It's a 2002 MIM standard. Gloss finished neck, vintage frets, and drilled for a vintage bridge plate. I put a...
  25. BWNadeau

    Before and after...and after...and after...

    I got my Strat back today. I did really like it in Oly white, and I swear I didn't knock it over on purpose. That being said, I'm not losing any sleep over how it looks now. It started it's life as this: Unfortunately, due to a combination of a lack of attention and carelessness on my...