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  1. TheOtherNeill

    T style with a flatter radius neck?

    G&Ls are great, but the Tributes are almost exclusively 9 1/2" radius. I think only the Tribute Deluxe (2 HB) has a 12" radius.
  2. TheOtherNeill

    Fender Princeton Reverb Tone Master

    Sort of, but not quite: the DR and TR are louder, but sound distinctive.
  3. TheOtherNeill

    Fender Princeton Reverb Tone Master

    I probably mentioned this in the original TMDR thread, but the fundamental difference here is that many of those modeling amps depended on online support and community for the fullest functionality, even if you could use them without it (e.g., my old Mustang GTX). But with my TMDR, Fender could...
  4. TheOtherNeill

    Nashville T-Type: Pickup Balance Question

    I tested that: switching and wiring check out. Next step is to really jack the bridge higher and see if that, with a lower neck, works.
  5. TheOtherNeill

    Nashville T-Type: Pickup Balance Question

    Thanks, @misterdontmove. I had read that Fralin article, and it is good. The bridge and neck here are the same polarity, with a RWRP middle. But again, both of those pickups are a matched T set, with an S-type middle. it’s still possible the bridge just doesn’t have “enough,” but it seemed so odd.
  6. TheOtherNeill

    Nashville T-Type: Pickup Balance Question

    Ok, so I need to correct one thing: the push-pull is the volume pot, not tone. But anyway, the volume reduces on position 5 (and 1) whether I engage the neck with the switch or with the pot.
  7. TheOtherNeill

    Nashville T-Type: Pickup Balance Question

    Thank you for this. I'll break it open and check.
  8. TheOtherNeill

    Nashville T-Type: Pickup Balance Question

    Hi, all: Was playing around with a Nashville-style T-type I am interested in. It has a five-way switch, and a push-pull tone pot to engage the neck pickup with the bridge in position 1 (i.e., not hum-cancelling: only the middle is RWRP). Issue is this: bridge sounds great, neck sounds very...
  9. TheOtherNeill

    What if I love the Custom Shop Twisted Tele pickups but....

    Bootstrap Pretzels are definitely in that ballpark. ETA: What @vanr said, though I'm more of an Original Recipe/Palo Duro kind of person.
  10. TheOtherNeill

    G&L Owners club

    You could try Pickguard Planet, though they tend to specialize in the Fullerton-made stuff (they were G&L's pickguard OEM for years). Also, G&L's website occasionally sells Tribute parts, including pickguards. If your BB is a solid-body, any ASAT Classic Tribute pickguard should work.
  11. TheOtherNeill

    What's your top piece of bucket list gear?

    Vintage tri-cone or a new Mule resonator.
  12. TheOtherNeill

    Anyone here been bitten by a venomous snake.

    Mojave greens are no joke--neurotoxic as well as hemotoxic. I used to do survey and other fieldwork, and working in scrub or tall grass in San Bernardino or Riverside County always made me nervous.
  13. TheOtherNeill

    Guitar Related Things You've Wanted but have yet to do?

    I always thought one day I'd be a decent player. Still working on that...
  14. TheOtherNeill

    Spinal Tap Sequel Coming!

    Even if Derek wrote it?
  15. TheOtherNeill

    Spinal Tap Sequel Coming!

    My first thought was, "if they do this, please--please--do the rock cruise bit, with late-stage Metallica haircuts." But yeah, the first was lightning-in-a-bottle perfection, and sequels to those never go well. I see someone already mentioned BB2000.
  16. TheOtherNeill

    Bootstrap bridge for classic rock?

    You won't be disappointed. The OR is a thing of beauty.
  17. TheOtherNeill

    Tough decision

    Another vote for G&L Tribute. The quality is definitely there: my only gripe with my avatar was a little more smoothing on the fret ends. Another possibility is a Squier Classic Vibe (not that you asked, I know), only because you mentioned the machine shop, which I take to mean you are a...
  18. TheOtherNeill

    Voodoo Labs Iso-5 Noise

    I've had an Iso-5 for a little over a year, and just yesterday I started to experience brutal hum when engaging the pedal powered by the 18v slot. Thinking it might be a patch cable, I swapped one, then the other, to no effect. Plugging a different pedal into that 18v slot produced the same hum...
  19. TheOtherNeill

    Shaving soap, mug, brush. Anybody?

    I went that route for a while. The main advantage is that getting hot lather is bit easier which, along with a good badger brush, absolutely will make for a better experience. But the shaving cakes left me a little prone to razor burn (somewhat sensitive skin), and I went with a tub of good...
  20. TheOtherNeill

    Player Plus Nashville Telecaster

    One other difference between the Deluxe and the Player Plus is that the Deluxe has a contoured heel; the Player Plus does not. Both are great guitars--it's really a preference thing.
  21. TheOtherNeill

    I think I understand the tonemaster amp thing now

    I think the first paragraph sums it up for me, though I think the TMDR is closer than many give it credit for. I don't gig (because I'm terrible), but I've let a friend who does use mine. He's a vintage tube guy, but loved the TMDR for exactly the reasons you describe, and is now thinking about...
  22. TheOtherNeill

    I think I understand the tonemaster amp thing now

    The resident Fender employee here explained that an effects loop would have produced (or did produce) latency issues with the signal. Disappointing to me, too, but I'm happy with mine. Slight disclaimer: I swapped the Jensen for a Neo Creamback.
  23. TheOtherNeill

    Your hairline/do you wear a hat?

    Bald guy here. I wear a hat at all times outside, to try to avoid having bits scraped off me later; indoors, I don't care much. I guess I always knew my genetics made baldness inevitable, so I more or less made my peace with it early. At least I got around thirty good years of hair: my father...
  24. TheOtherNeill

    NGD: G&L ASAT Deluxe

    Gorgeous! Also, the bridge on your Deluxe (and the Special) is a great design. I’ve been really curious about Fullerton-made Deluxes: how do you like the pickups?