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    Vintera Mod 50s roasted Tele neck?

    Anyone on here own one? I’ve been thinking of snagging one for an older 52RI that needs a neck replacement. Any reviews, pros, cons, or experiences?
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    Itt's a sad day indeed
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    What to do with an electric motor from a treadmill?

    Odd topic of the day maybe. I've been pondering this for a while and it occurred to me today that there are probably people on TDPRI that would know about these things. Backstory: had a treadmill give up the ghost. Disassembled it, took what I could to the salvage yard/recycler. All that's...
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    Alternatives to Fralin Blues Special?

    Can anyone recommend a cheaper equivalent to a Fralin Blues Special? Had one of those years ago and loved it. Can't seem to find any good deals on a used one. Seems like there are a ton of winders out there these days. There's gotta be something awfully close to the BS that's a little cheaper...
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    Roasted maple on Butterscotch?

    My '94 52RI needs a new neck. Played a buddy's guitar with a roasted neck and I liked the feel, and I also like the idea of them. I tend not to get too hung up on form over function, but I also don't want to end up with an ugly duckling. Has anyone here seen a roasted maple neck on a...
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    Arion pedal repair?

    I have two Arion SCH-1 chorus pedals. Neither are working (one does partially). Anyone know a place I can send them for repair?
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    NAD: 68 Custom Vibrolux

    Okay the actual NAD was last week. I found a virtually unused floor model at a dealer and negotiated a pretty nice price on it. So far I'm really pleased with the amp. I think Fender did a GREAT job with these. Years ago I owned the white-knobbed Custom Vibrolux Reverb in the 90's. Hated it. I...
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    Tube wear from multiple on/off cycles per day?

    I sometimes go through phases where I will have time to play for short periods and I find myself turning my amp on and off maybe three or four times in a given day. How hard is this on tube life? Is it harder on preamp tubes or power tubes? Obviously I realize this is going to contribute to...
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    Source for Callaham compensated saddle height screws?

    I just put some Callaham enhanced compensated saddles on my Tele but the tops of the height adjustment screws protrude through the top and are a little uncomfortable when my palm hits them. I realize that one possible remedy is a neck shim but I'd rather not go that route. I emailed Callaham...
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    Hipshot 3-hole American Tele bridge?

    I'm curious about this bridge - anyone here have one or try one? I'm aware of the Callaham and Glendale alternatives but this one doesn't seem to get much talk.
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    Fishman Soloamp/SA220 users?

    Impressions? Thoughts? Thinking of picking one up for a duo gig I'm doing (female vocalist with me accompanying on acoustic and harmony vox). Would probably run a small mixer into the front to allow for the added input requirements.
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    Updated American Deluxe Tele coming out soon?

    I just heard from a source who might just be reliable that there is a new, updated American Deluxe Tele coming out soon. Has anyone heard this? Or has everyone and I'm just late to the party?
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    Stew Mac chrome plated brass saddles on newer (post '08) American Standard Bridge?

    Has anyone tried the Stew Mac chrome plated brass saddles (which some believe may be the same saddles from the popular Gotoh modern style bridge) on one of the newer American Standard bridge plates with the non-offset intonation screw? As I understand it, the Am Std bridge plates are brass...
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    P/G bender lockout?

    I have an American Standard B Bender. I play a really wide variety of music, and there are times when I wouldn't want to have to worry about moving around and activating the bender. Someone should invent a gizmo that allows you to lock or unlock the B Bender. I was thinking of duct tape but...
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    Public Service Announcement: Fender parts sources

    I recently emailed Fender looking for a specific and hard to find part. The response I got from them included some helpful links to some vendors, so I thought I'd post them here in case they might be helpful to anyone looking for parts sources. I have no affiliation with any of these vendors...
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    Source for Amer Std B-Bender Saddles?

    I just bought a used 1996 American Standard B-Bender. As my luck would have it, the height adjustment posts in the B saddle were stripped and broken off by the previous owner. Of course it has to be the B saddle which is open in the back to allow passage of the B string from the bender...
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    Mineral spirits or naptha?

    I see several threads here that mention the use of naptha for cleaning gunk from a gunky guitar. Are mineral spirits essentially the same thing? Or not? I have mineral spirits here in the house but no naptha. The guitar in question is a mid 90's standard American Tele, so it probably has...
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    Disassembling factory (P/G) B-bender mechanism

    Does anyone know if there are instructions or illustrations anywhere that describe how to disassemble and reassemble a P/G bender mechanism? I just picked up a B-Bender Tele and I'm toying with the idea of sending it to Marty Bell for a refinish. I have average mechanical skills but I don't...
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    Where can I get my body repainted or painted over?

    I have a mid 90's 52RI that I'm not emotionally attached to. I bought it used, the original pickups are gone, and it has been refretted so it's not like there's any point in preserving its original state. I'm considering having it repainted a different color. And before you might offer the...
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    Help! Need quick ideas for cleaning strings!

    I have a fairly early gig tonight which means there's no time to hit the music store. I always bring two guitars. I just changed the strings on my #1 and then checked my #2 guitar and it has pretty ratty strings from an outdoor gig we did a couple weekends ago. But I'm out of strings...
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    Small setup adjustments = big results

    It never ceases to amaze me, and I was reminded of it tonight - what might seem to be a small setup adjustment can make a huge difference. I have a Tele that I had raised the action on some time ago. I was playing it earlier this evening and I noticed that even though there were no strings...
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    Dead spot in pickup switch - can it be fixed?

    I recently bought a used Tele that has the whole Kinman solderless pickup and switch assembly. Not the way I would have gone personally and based on previous experiences I've had with Kinmans I was ready to tear the whole thing out, but for some reason these pickups seem to sound right in this...
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    Coffee in the morning

    It's a wonderful thing. Even better whilst perusing the TDPRI :wink:
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    Wow - Glendale American Standard "Blackguard" bridge

    I recently picked up an American Deluxe Tele in a good deal. It came with a Callaham bridge and saddles on it. Last week I snagged a Glendale American Standard "blackguard" bridge and just installed it today. The difference is astounding and very noticeable. You know how it is, you read...
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    Pickups that "reveal mistakes in your playing" is a myth. Prove me wrong.

    Every now and then I see a reference to a certain pickup (mostly Bardens) as having a "hi-fi quality that will reveal mistakes in your playing". I'm sorry but I think this is one of the most ridiculous and laughable internet myths that I've seen. I've owned Bardens and several other...

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