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  1. TIM5150

    NAD. My new little home amp.

    I’ve after one of these for awhile. I’m hoping it does the job. I haven’t tried it out yet but soon. It’s just been serviced and should be ready to rock !!
  2. TIM5150

    NAD. Finally a keeper.

    After going a lot of amps over the last few years. I found one that’s going to hang around along time. I bought it as a birthday gift to myself. I should’ve splurged a long time ago. It’s a beautiful thing, everything is very usable and sounds great. Very full bodied and 3-d sounding. Lots of...
  3. TIM5150

    Epiphone Les Paul Special I opinions

    Does any one here own one of these? I've been thinking about getting one of the yellow ones, or maybe black. I've always wanted a P90 guitar and the price is right. Any opinions? I know they're just a cheap beginner guitar but they look cool and sound pretty good on some YouTube demos.
  4. TIM5150

    Run Like Hell

    This song is the reason I had to buy a Tele. I can't get it to sound right on my Strats. I have found a few others uses for my Tele since owning it, like the Police,but I've always thought of country music when I thought of Teles. Boy,was I wrong.
  5. TIM5150

    Here's a pic for ya Tele fans

    I'm more of a Strat guy,but this is a great picture.Gotta love it.:wink: I wonder what type of pups he used? and does anyone know what songs he used a Tele on? I've never seen him with anything but a Strat.
  6. TIM5150


    After reading a topic posted below,I guess rebiasing my new DRRI isnt that easy.This is my first Fender amp and I love it,but was going to try some different output tubes just to see if it would help the tone(not that it really needs any help).All my other amps are Marshalls and they all have...