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    Fender champion 40

    I have a Champion 40 that I put a Jensen C12N speaker in. It sounds so much better now.
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    Happy With 65 Princeton Reverb Stock?

    I had a 65 Princeton from Sweetwater with the 12 " C-Rex speaker. I put a Jensen P12Q alnico speaker in it. Made it sound more like a fender amp should. I really liked it a lot.
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    Bedroom Players? what Amp or fx unit do you use?

    My Fender Super Champ X2 with a Jensen P10Q speaker does it for me in the play room.
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    Speaker upgrade fender champion 40

    I put a Jensen C12N in my Champion 40 and it sounds great. But what I really like is a Jensen P12Q alnico speaker. They are expensive though. I put a Jensen P10Q in my fender Super Champ X2 and it sounds like the old black face amps used to sound like.
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    1959 Stratocasters with rosewood and 10-hole 3-ply guards

    Ive seen them in the wild but don't have a picture of one but I was into music in 1959. Used to go down I believe on 5th ave to Hewgleys music in Nashville and look at and play the new ones and dream about buying one. I did end up with a 59 but it had the 11 hole guard. kept it 15 or so years...
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    How to Fatten Up Tone on a PRRI

    My Princeton Reverb with 12 inch speaker came from Sweetwater. It came with a 12 Cannabis Rex in it. I think it sounds good. But what ever you do let the speaker you have break in. If you start changing speakers with out breaking them in it would be like a dog chasing his tail in my opinion.
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    Meet Chickee the domesticated chicken!

    Chickens are cool. I like them.
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    The first muscle car?

    I had a 1972 Gremlin with a 304 V8. It was fairly fast but no muscle car. LOL
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    I think I broke our Singer's Acoustic I owe him one?

    You know what to do so get on with it.
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    What is the latest album you have bought ?

    The Beatles white album remixed.
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    Pre-CBS Fender Guitars Top of the Line

    I believe Carl Wilson of the Beach Boys played a white Jaguar. The Ventures used a Jazzmaster in 1960 then two of them. There was a jazzmaster in gene Vincents band. There were many who played them back in the day. Fender made a signature Jag for Johnny Marr...
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    Pre-CBS Fender Guitars Top of the Line

    Our lead guitar player bought a new Jaguar in 1965. It sounded great and was one of the best playing guitars I've ever played. My Johnny Marr jaguar plays and sounds pretty darn good.
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    Too old to RocknRoll; too young to die

    I'm not too old to rock and roll but I'm way past the age to die young.
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    George Harrison's Fretless Guitar

    photoshopped ??
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    Want a fretless guitar?

    I don't believe it. Maybe some one who actually could, ask Paul.
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    George Harrison's Fretless Guitar

    I'm not sure I believe the story with out more evidence. Im a huge Beatles fan as well. After doing some research, I still don't believe it. Maybe some one who could get close to Paul should ask him.
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    No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

    Changed out the box in my house about 15 years ago. Me and my neighbor did it. He is a retired electrocution. Cost me around $250.00
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    Upset about an Onion article - time to give up.

    What if the Hokey Pokey is really what its all about.
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    "Hear I sit, all broken hearted..."

    The joke is in your hand, not on the wall.
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    "Hear I sit, all broken hearted..."

    He who writes on bathroom walls rolls his sh.t in little balls. He who reads these words of wit eats those little balls of sh.t.
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    "Hear I sit, all broken hearted..."

    We heard that as kids in the 50s but we soon out grew it and moved on to other things.
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    Princeton Reverb With Reverb & Tremolo Deleted

    I will just keep my reverb and tremolo thank you.
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    Cat blankets.

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    Cat blankets.

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    Cat blankets.