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  1. Vocalion

    What are the best/most memorable pick slides?

    I was listening to The Who song, Quadrophenia, earlier and found (as I always do) Pete's pick slide at the end of the tune to be a very exhilarating payoff. Do you guys have any other favorites?
  2. Vocalion

    Guitars are just tools, right?

    I get why many don’t baby their guitars as I do, but it still surprises me to see something like Elvis Costello taping down the pickup selector on his custom Jazzmaster.
  3. Vocalion

    How can I fill in this tiny ding on the neck without having to refinish the area around it?

    I recently picked up a used Epiphone Les Paul Special in perfect condition apart from a small but noticeable ding near the upper shoulder of the neck behind the third fret. Given the budget nature of this guitar and the poly finish, I am not inclined to have that spot on the neck properly filled...
  4. Vocalion

    All I want to do is play my Tele on the couch at the end of a long day

    While winding down before bedtime, I love to lean back on the couch and play before packing it in. The problem I have is that I’m sitting on a leather couch, and the end pins of my guitars dig into the cushions. My current solution is to pull a blanket up against me to keep the end pin from...
  5. Vocalion

    Gimme Five: What are five pedals you think you'd have fun playing but don't expect you would actually commit to having on your pedalboard?

    Here are the five that come to mind for me: ZVEX Fuzz Factory – Who doesn’t love a great fuzz? I’m not sure that I’d be able to control or find remotely useful all of the squealing and splattering sound coming out of this one, but I’m sure I’d have fun trying. Neunaber Immerse – My reverb needs...
  6. Vocalion

    The Beatles' entire Apple rooftop performance is now on audio streaming services

    I was always amazed that the audio captured on the rooftop was usable at all, let alone of high enough quality to be used in part on the original Let It Be album. This new version that is streaming sounds amazing. Includes all of the band's patter but none of the "man on the street" interviews...
  7. Vocalion

    Are we guitarists the absolute worst about buying stuff for our stuff? Who is worse than we are?

    "Years ago, I asked a friend what kind of case she planned to buy for her shiny new flip phone. She paused, a little offended. “I don't like to buy stuff for my stuff.” I couldn't help thinking that this article was talking about me. Picks, strings, effects, cables, amps, etc. I buy my guitars...
  8. Vocalion

    Finally some love for all of you lefties out there

    This has been a public service announcement.
  9. Vocalion

    You say you’ve never seen Paul McCartney at The Cavern with David Gilmour on Telecaster?

    You’d better give it a watch before it gets pulled down.
  10. Vocalion

    Five Watt World discussion on the guitars of Get Back

    A discussion of Beatles gear? Yes, please!
  11. Vocalion

    What five people in the history of guitar would you most like to personally thank if you could?

    From luthiers to songwriters to players and everyone in between, we've all got people we think of as being an important part of our guitar journey. Who would you most like to thank? Bonus points if you think you would actually enjoy meeting the people on your list. My list: George Harrison -...
  12. Vocalion

    Guitar elimination tournament: Which of your guitars survives?

    Imagine that you already own all of the guitars that you'll ever have. Now imagine that you need to eliminate them, one at a time, until the tournament ends. You might be left with most of your guitars or you might be left with only one. Which ones would you prioritize keeping? Ground rules...
  13. Vocalion

    New Art Day! Pete Townshend his guitar

    I can't imagine a picture I would better enjoy hanging over my electric guitar stand. I've wanted a print of this ever since I saw it in an ad in Uncut magazine, but it was always a small fortune to buy it through the Sonic Editions website. I recently found that the picture was made available...
  14. Vocalion

    A new video for John Lennon's Look at Me. Did John remove the finish on his Martin D-28?

    As part of the promotion for the deluxe reissue of John's first solo album, Plastic Ono Band, a new video has just been posted for the song Look at Me. For most of the video I was trying to figure out what dreadnaught John was playing. It looked like a D-28 (one of which he acquired before the...