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  1. Alex W

    Well, It's here, take out your wallets AVRI II

    I, too, am waiting to be able play one in person. We have a GC in town and so far they have not received one. If I ordered something like this new from online my first preference would be a place known for doing great setups on the guitars they sell. My second preference would be a great sale...
  2. Alex W

    Greatest Van Halen Song

    I can't claim to know all their deep cuts, but for me "Little Guitars" is their best song. I used to think the main staccato, syncopated guitar riff was using a delay pedal or something, but I eventually realized no, he's just doing all that with his fingers in real time.
  3. Alex W

    Tele resonance vs Strat

    My hunch is it comes down to the individual guitar and in your case it's the tele that's the more resonant unplugged.
  4. Alex W

    Well, It's here, take out your wallets AVRI II

    Since the AV guitars appeal to me primarily for the way that a 7-1/4" radius with vintage frets feels, I prefer to shop for one of these in person. You can research the specs all you want but there's nothing like holding it in your hands and playing it. I can generally tell immediately whether...
  5. Alex W

    What do we think of The 1975?

    Not my cup of tea.
  6. Alex W

    Squeeze on "Sunday Night" circa 1989

    If he were just a singer and not a guitar player or songwriter, he'd still be great.
  7. Alex W

    Squeeze on "Sunday Night" circa 1989

  8. Alex W

    Guitarists Who Inspire Through Something Magical Rather Than Extreme Speed Or Technique?

    Amen to that. His intro to "I Almost Forgot" is one of the most beautiful things I have ever heard. Love his work with Gillian Welch too.
  9. Alex W

    Guitarists should be judged by technical skill alone.

    Art and music are not sports, and to judge guitarists on objective criteria as if guitar playing were a track and field event is anti-musical. While it is natural to notice and even remark on a player's technical skills, ultimately I listen to music to be moved rather than impressed.
  10. Alex W

    The Cars and Elliot Easton

    I never got to see The Cars live myself. Great songs. I love Easton's playing. Always served the song. I love the way his solos seem to tell a little story with a beginning, middle and end.
  11. Alex W

    Need an amp for telecaster

    Princeton Reverb is a popular all purpose amp because it is small enough to carry, not too loud for home use, loud enough to use in live performance up to a point (i.e. it may need to be mic'd through the PA), and it has good tone. I mean, it's good enough for Mike Campbell so it's good enough...
  12. Alex W

    What do you as a Bad Dog member actually think of a Telecaster?

    I have way too many guitars, but the one that I keep out and play 99% of the time is the 52 reissue Telecaster.
  13. Alex W

    Ruins of Lost City - abandoned and haunted

    For a haunted place it sure looks like a great place to throw frisbee or play pickup football.
  14. Alex W

    New 17-string Fender bass debut...Who wants one?

    He's got a side project with Rick Nielsen, one supposes.
  15. Alex W

    NGD CV Custom Baritone, initial impressions

    Thanks for the review, especially for addressing the intonation and other fine points that make a big difference. I am not surprised about the B string getting flubby when tuned down to A. 27" is really just one fret longer than 25.5" Fender scale, so even tuning down to B is really relying on...
  16. Alex W

    Any maths or arithmetic people out there?

    He's pretty much onto the fact that there is no greatest number.
  17. Alex W

    Any maths or arithmetic people out there?

    Yes. I noticed that when I started out by googling the diameter of the earth, and then in doing the math I saw that it ended up getting subtracted out of the answer so the specific number didn't matter.
  18. Alex W

    Any maths or arithmetic people out there?

    The string length would be the circumference. I interpreted the following to mean that somehow the string would be 1 foot above the earth's surface all around it, like a hula hoop around someone's waist: Now, you raise the entire string one foot above the ground along its entire length. Thus...
  19. Alex W

    Any maths or arithmetic people out there?

    C= pi * D C1 = pi * D1 C2 = pi * D2 where D2 = D1 + 2 feet we want to know the difference between the longer C2 and the shorter C1 C2 - C1 = (pi)(D1 + 2 feet) - pi * D1) C2 - C1 = (pi)(D1) + 6.28 feet -(pi)(D1) C2 - C1 = 6.28 feet
  20. Alex W

    Any maths or arithmetic people out there?

    Here's a nice math thing related to guitars: The distance between frets is related to the 12th root of 1/2. (i.e. the number which, when raised to the 12th power, equals 1/2.) This is because we have a 12 tone musical scale, and by the time you reach the 12th fret the distance from the fretted...
  21. Alex W

    Your Top 3 favorite Bass guitar players

    Excluding the obvious ones a/w huge bands like Beatles and led Zep, here are my three. Ask me tomorrow for a completely different answer. James Jamerson Bruce Thomas Graham Maby
  22. Alex W

    1973 telecaster worth it? I really want it

    I agree with your approach. I set aside a little each payday to my personal toy fund, and I save up for every purchase. It makes me think twice before purchasing something, for one thing. Aside from avoiding ill advised impulse buys, it also means I have my powder dry when there's some great...
  23. Alex W

    1973 telecaster worth it? I really want it

    Maybe you're right. I am thinking more about market value over the next 25-50 years. Who knows, maybe they will hold their value that long. As an aside, I am mystified by the prices on Fender Custom Shop (and Gibson, and Gretsch) guitars. Online retailers have lots and lots of instruments...
  24. Alex W

    1973 telecaster worth it? I really want it

    IMO a 1970s guitar is just "old" without carrying "vintage" mystique, at least not much. Whether paying $3,000-$8,000 is worth it is relative and also personal. I personally don't get $8,000 worth of enjoyment out of any guitar. I might be tempted to spend that kind of money on an instrument...