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  1. netgear69

    Tips on relicing?

    Age the wood Put some wire wool in a jar of white vinegar let it ferment for 24hr put a tea bag in a jar of hot water Brush the tea onto any bare wood areas let it dry Brush some of the vinegar on the same areas don't soak it on have the brush almost dry do it in stages or the wood will go...
  2. netgear69

    Tips on relicing?

    Put a couple of coats of this stuff on the saddles where you have straight through the chrome
  3. netgear69

    Tips on relicing?

    That looks better starting to look more natural Your saddles have gone orange because you have gone past the chrome into the copper of which they are made of
  4. netgear69

    Tips on relicing?

    The wear on the front body contour looks a bit precise get some 400 grit paper and blend the edges of the paint down until you are nearly through to the wood like years of natural arm movement
  5. netgear69

    The weight of putting a dog down

    It is a sad time been there twice i can totally sympathise It does effect some people massively infact the only time i ever saw my father cry was when the dog had to be put down good on you for giving your pets a great life
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    Side Dot material ideas

    bamboo skewers work well with dark woods easy to shape to the size you need cocktail sticks (tooth picks) work well also
  7. netgear69

    what gives....

    I just checked in the search section top right clicked on some old posts back in 2015 the links are working for the threads maybe it is just certain threads that are dead
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    Water slide question on a Poly neck....

    If the decal is made out of decal paper you can use anything over it nitro /poly/acrylic etc If the decal is made out of vinyl nitro will melt it easy way to find out is test on a scrap piece of wood good luck
  9. netgear69

    help for pickup's wiring for an old custom telecaster

    You will find the wiring here
  10. netgear69

    Relicing Experience?

    This one looks cool I do belive it took the fella over 60 years to relic it
  11. netgear69

    Just Bought a Player Telecaster! (aka Please Help a Newbie)

    If the pots are split shaft which are not great on them barrel knobs face the gromet along the split or it will just bend the shaft that should fix the up and down motion The crack in the finish on the neck pocket is probably where someone has forced the neck in pretty lazy at quality control...
  12. netgear69

    Lets build something that looks like an L5 archtop

    Great stuff interesting to see how an archtop is made
  13. netgear69

    Fish and Chips

    It has to be cooked in a deep fat fryer none of that air cooked ninja rubbish
  14. netgear69

    Guitar case and cigarette odor

    febreze for fabric works use the whole bottle takes about a week keep spraying it in there leave it outside with the lid open
  15. netgear69

    Gunk on a maple fretboard ala Mike Campbell -Why?

    That looks unhygienic like a tramps sock
  16. netgear69

    NGD - 1991 Stratocaster Plus Ultra in Sunburst

    Looks great ...i think the cat wants to get in the case for a nap
  17. netgear69

    Difference between “used” and “light relic?”

    I have never seen anyone playing a telecaster with the ashtray on spend your money on some new strings
  18. netgear69

    Telecaster - Roasted Ash body & maple neck - 1st Build

    Looks like it is going to be a great build the body looks amazing Did you buy that neck direct from ALLPARTS without seeing what you was buying ? them minerals stains are unacceptable that should be marked up as a 2nd
  19. netgear69

    Advice needed for 2007 Tele, USA, 3 Tone Standard repair to finish

    The damage is in the dark area of the burst so i don't see why people are reluctant to take the job on if it was further up the body into burst then yes it would be a hard job From looking at the picture there looks like a ripple crease in the clear coat above the chip from the trauma poly...
  20. netgear69

    pawn shop guitars

    Old 12 strings look cool but if there is ever a guitar to avoid it is an old 12 string unless you have forearms like popeye and fingers of steel or you plan on letting leprechauns limbo dance under the action
  21. netgear69

    Headstock decal printing quality

    A good crisp image depends on the pixels from looking at that image it looks like the resolution is really low go to image size in your software and bump the resolution up until you get something acceptable
  22. netgear69


    I used to have a digital piano it was a heavy beast of a thing with weighted keys which sounded great with headphones not so good through speakers replaced it with a 88 key M-Adudio usb into the pc running it through stand alone or VST software hammonds synths grand pianos sounds amazing...
  23. netgear69

    Aging in the Classic Series 50s White Blonde Lacquer

    Looks good as it is not too keen on the very orange neck though
  24. netgear69

    What router bit do I need (and other build-related questions)?

    Certain companies have removed some chemicals from them hardware store bought paint removers if you look online you will still find the nasty stuff to brush on Have to agree with oldunc belt sander is not a great option The heat gun will remove it if you are careful put some double masking...
  25. netgear69

    1966 Precision Candy Apple Red: Should I spot clear coat (or other intervention)?

    I would leave it as is and what a cool looking bass that is