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  1. J

    I loathe slotted tuners

    One of the best things about slot tuners is no skin cuts from sharp string ends...and of course they're easier to use (IMO)...
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    One of the most beautiful cars of all time 1940 Ford Coupe
  3. J

    Jim Campilongo appreciation from the New Yorker

    Great smile at the end!
  4. J

    Bone Voyage

    Gil, you're inspiring me again...always great to see a new guitar and thread from you!
  5. J

    1956 Fender Esquire (telecaster) Demo

    Very, very nice! I would love to have it...
  6. J

    pic request: Tele with no pickguards.

    Here are a couple I built. One with a mahogany/maple hollow body, the other in ash, with a belly-carve for comfort and weight relief...
  7. J

    Speaking of gas who else hates the new pumps?

    I've seen people wedge their gas-caps into the pump handle to hold it down. Won't work for me, all our vehicles have caps attached by cords...
  8. J

    Compensated Nut

    Go, Pelto...
  9. J

    Telecaster bridge saddle question/possible issue for MIM Standard Tele

    This is a pretty easy parts swap...maybe you should try it yourself?
  10. J

    Show off your tele here

    Two I with an ash body and Fender Nocaster pups, lots of twang, great for rock and country... the other with a hollow mahogany and maple body and Duncan pups, great for jazz and blues. Since this photo was taken I've replaced the rosewood neck on the blackguard with an all maple neck...
  11. J

    Never heard of Bob Dylan!

    This pretty much describes me. I've played gigs for over 50 years now and when I'm driving I listen to pop music stations, but not for is really impossible for me to listen for more than a few minutes, it just sounds like crap. I wish it didn't...
  12. J

    Dentists: Sticker Shock, what are you paying?

    I did get some free dental work about 30 years ago when I was on welfare for a while. Actually I wasn't on welfare, I was an agent of the government. As such I was given a certain amount of money each month and my job was to distribute that among the local businesses as an economic...
  13. J

    soldering iron. what wattage?

    I've used a 40 watt Weller for years on guitar work. Be careful not to get the pot too hot for too long, you can damage the insides with too much heat. That's one reason 40 watts is good - not too hot...
  14. J

    Dentists: Sticker Shock, what are you paying?

    Here in Canada we have free health care but still have that good old free-enterprise dental care. In the past few years I've had several root-canals at $6-800 each and a rebuilt molar with a porcelain crown for $1200...
  15. J

    In the Dog House (Bad FenderGyrl content)

    Well done...
  16. J

    Did you ever notice this about Area Codes?

    The phone at my grandpas farm back around 1960 looked just like our wall phone at home but it had no rotary dial. Instead there was a crank on the side. It was a rural party line with about 8 farms on it, each with their own ring, grandpas was two long followed by two short rings. I think the...
  17. J

    The Grey Fox

    I think that's a great movie. The sleezy character 'Jack Budd' was played by one of my neighbors - Ken Pogue...
  18. J

    Ever been to Vancouver Island?

    I've lived here forty years and still haven't had 'tea' at the Empress...gotta do it some day...
  19. J

    Ever been to Vancouver Island?

    A lot of people , including myself, say there is a noticeably different feel to everything when they first arrive on Vancouver Island. Some say that is because the plate that Van Isle is part of is actually not part of the mainland but was originally down near the equator and over thousands of...
  20. J

    Temperature Extremes. How’s your area.

    I was born in Winnipeg Manitoba, every winter there was usually a day or two of -40 F, and every summer a day or two of 100 F. I didn't mind the 100, it was the -40 that drove me away to the west coast...
  21. J

    Nitro Aerosol Can Lacquer in Canada

    I've used the Beauti-tone Lacquer from Home Hardware with good results. It certainly behaves like nitro and smells like it, but there is nothing on the can to indicate what exactly it is...ah, I see on the web-site that it is acrylic based. All I can say is it works well for me...
  22. J

    Micah Wylde Newell 8/11/2014

    Guitar player hands...
  23. J

    Greg's Guitars... am I missing something??

    He sometimes seems a bit repetitive, but he's still a damn fine player...
  24. J

    Keith Richards Replaced?

    It never occurred to me that Keith might have been replaced...but I've often thought that he must have gone through some heavy sh** to have changed so much over the years. It could be true - if there is one thing I've learned from observing popular culture for the past 50 years, it's to not...