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  1. Gris

    Best wood grain finish color?

    Here is a close up of what the black in grain effect looks like.
  2. Gris

    High E Falling Off Board Up Near Body

    The neck pocket is tight (already tried that). The nut is fine. The string only falls off higher up towards body. I was thinking relocate bridge - only because it’s a Strat.
  3. Gris

    High E Falling Off Board Up Near Body

    What is the ‘best’ way to fix? A - shift neck B - relocate bridge C - get narrower saddles D - other
  4. Gris


    We have tried a zillion different 10” & 12” speakers in our old BFPR. For low volume clean playing we liked an old Jensen P12P in there, but for all around playing we liked a Tone Tubby 40/40 ceramic. That’s what in there now.
  5. Gris

    Best wood grain finish color?

    If you don’t mind a little extra work, I highly recommend first staining with an almost black (Jacobean etc), then sanding that off (it will remain in the grain), then doing some sort of light brown). That way the grain really pops. But if you’re gonna use tung oil or something like that you...
  6. Gris

    '64 Deluxe Reverb Speaker Upgrade With The Celestion Ruby

    Weber 12A150W is a great spkr in a Deluxe Reverb.
  7. Gris

    Clean boost.

    Chili picoso is best truly clean boost I’ve used…
  8. Gris

    Vintage Jensen p12p info needed

    The P12P was my go-to speaker for years. I’ve only got one left. It’s on top in my 2x12 tweed Bassman. I like them better than the P12N. I wouldn’t be afraid to run two in a bandmaster.
  9. Gris

    Looking for a bright glassy, low output “50’s wind” Strat pickup Klein 59’?

    I have Klein 59s in neck & bridge of my RW board Strat, Klein 57 in middle. They are all awesome, but think the Klein 57 may be my fave Strat PU ever. Wouldn’t describe any of them as ‘glassy.’ Woody is prob a better description. Haven’t tried the 58, maybe I need too!
  10. Gris

    Blackface Piggyback Amps...anyone own all of them?

    I’ve owned them all. Liked the Bandmaster better than Tremolux, but loved & kept the BF Tremo cab. I also loved the BF Showman, but it was a clean machine. Big piano sound bass notes. In fact my keys guy played an old first gen Fender Rhodes thru it that came from Chrissy McVie.
  11. Gris

    Boss Blues Driver or Tube screamer?

    In case it hasn’t already been said enough - TS9 & 808 are totally diff beasts. Love my 808 clone til death do us part, but I’ve never bonded with a l TS9. But I use my 808 for warm hair, not SRV tone. Also a real BB circuit is bright & cutting, which can be very useful in a much diff way than...
  12. Gris

    Another dirt/boost order thread

    I like the dirt with best ‘tone’ last and a clean boost after everything as a true clean boost. Whatever sounds best for you tho.
  13. Gris

    5F6A Settings

    I’ve been running the amp jumpered with bass at 0 or close to it, the treble up hi like 8+ and mids like 4… presence 1/2 way up. I have AY in V1, AX thereafter. I’ll ty AU in V2. Haven’t messed with any caps or resistors yet. Still experimenting with different spkrs. I like the 50 yr old...
  14. Gris

    P-90 Noise. Worth it? Take the POLL!

    Yeah, but underwound A3s are heavenly! My P90s have less output than my Teles….
  15. Gris

    Yellowstone revisited.

    OK like most of these series it takes a while for the actors to inhabit their characters and bring the thing to life. I do believe that started to happen in episode four of 1883. Tim McGraw is quite the actor!
  16. Gris

    5 Classic Tele songs I should learn?

    Working Man Blues
  17. Gris

    To Mod or Not To Mod...? Classic Series 60's Tele

    Yeah, just put in an A5 7.5K ish bridge PU and yer done
  18. Gris

    To Mod or Not To Mod...? Classic Series 60's Tele

    Yeah, just put in an A5 7.5K ish bridge PU and yer done
  19. Gris

    Yellowstone revisited.

    Is there an 1883 thread?
  20. Gris

    Can you get a Tele to sound like a Strat?

    The Strat will also play different (less string tension) if you set it up with a floating trem.
  21. Gris

    Tell me I don't need a 2nd Princeton!

    Rear view of my Princeton Reverb. It goes both ways 12” or 10”, I prefer a big sounding 10”
  22. Gris

    Help me choose more dirt.

    Rat sounds great w Super Reverb. The orig change a Fender to a Marshall pedal.