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  1. shupe13

    Book of Boba Fett - Star Wars fans

    "First I have to pay a visit to a little friend". Can't wait for the next installment.
  2. shupe13

    NUSGD: Sometimes I don't even care what it plays or sounds like

    Is that a cholo eating a grilled ham and cheese samich?
  3. shupe13

    Motorcyclists: is this a thing?

    Get Back whip.
  4. shupe13

    Daughter’s first NGD.

    Sounds like an awesome kid.
  5. shupe13

    So, why do you post a like on someone's comments?

    I mostly "like" new gear posts. I enjoy celebrating their new stuff with them. I also "like" cool comments on said gear.
  6. shupe13

    Happy Easter to everybody!

    Happy Easter!
  7. shupe13

    Worst Song Covers of All Time

    Chris Cornell's cover of GnR's "Patience."
  8. shupe13

    Your current home rig?

    I use a Fender Mustang GT40 mostly. My 6505 half stack and Bassbreaker 18/30 are a little much.
  9. shupe13

    Quotes From Famous Musicians, let's hear'em

    During a Dick Cavett appearance, in 1969, Hendrix was asked about his own “unorthodox” take on the anthem. “All I did was play it,” he said, sounding cool and abstracted, “I'm American, so I played it . . . it's not unorthodox. I thought it was beautiful.”
  10. shupe13